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Friday, January 18, 2013

Is it too long?

I picked up Princess yesterday evening and the daycare teacher asked if Princess sleep late at night.  I explained no as we usually head to the room by 9pm, and latest by 10pm, we doze off!  I asked why and it seems Princess got 'tired' and 'sleepy' after lunch, and during the 'enrichment' class!  

Can you guess my first reaction?  I was told they got a nap after 'school' how come now is 'enrichment' class?  Then I further asked on what time do they get to 'rest' after the class, and was told about 3pm++ and the teacher says by then Princess don't want to nap already and she will be wide awake!! I was like.. hmmm... so long 'study' time, can the child really absorb?  She told me they do some reading, and then will let her do some colouring, and when she does her colouring, she doze off on the table... oh ya, I can relate to that.. colouring is some how a boring things to do though... hehehe...

Anyway, it keep me thinking on this... Is it too long a time frame for a 4 years old to go on 'reading' from 8am to 3pm, with maybe an hour break in between for lunch?  Will it do any benefit for her to continue with it?  I don't have the intention to 'stress' my girl even if she will be going for a Mandarin medium school in Primary, but stress her now all the way there may have a 'backfire' effect!

I really like this school, as it's big with good compound and space.  Not under those air-conditioned area double storey house kind of place.  This school has been established for a long time, and with good word of mouth among the neighborhood... I don't want to pull Princess out from the school, however I don't want to stress her too much too.. 

I told the teacher that Princess is used to having a 11am++ / 12pm++ nap in her playschool previously, and therefore explained why she gets tired by the time it's after school.  I told the teacher that they have to give her time to get used to the timetable again.  Actually, she has not even get used to the teachers at the moment.  I'm feeling very guilty to put my girl through all this actually... I don't know why she cries every morning, I don't know how she fare in school, I don't know the rationale for the school to have her enrichment class while under the daycare.

I understand that the school will want to categorise the children in their reading ability, which I admit my girl don't really fare very well there.  She is one that learned by living, and for her to learn on books, I always find it difficult since young. So now, another challenge which I think I will only deal with it later.. not now!

headache.. headache.. headache....

I'm sorry for all the 'complains' but seriously, I'm somehow at the wits end to go through school life with my girl now.. haiz... 


  1. How was princess doing this morning? Perhaps, you may need to let her sleep earlier. May be adjust your time to an hour earlier.

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  3. Enrichment classes are very common now. I'm also wondering whether this will do any good to my kid. And since he will be spending the next 20+ years studying, why not let him enjoy now? Then again I'm worried what if he cannot catch up when he enters primary since most of his friends would have attended enrichment classes. Seriously the kids are streesed up nowadays because of too many kiasu parents around. And seriously, even the not kiasu ones are pressured to become kiasu because if they don't, their kids will be left out. But the way I look at it, they will eventually learn the things that they needed to learn, why must we have (force) them learn so much at such a tender age?

  4. 3 pm, so late! How to sleep at night after that? They can adjust the nap time to after lunch...and enrichment can start at 3.

    Sometimes, kids cry because they are not "treated well" at a kindy or nursery - maybe you should ask around, try another...or better still, go to one where your friends send their kids so your princess will have company with her. Much better that way.

    Never mind if it is not so good academically - only kindy, stil a long way to go...you will have enough time to worry about that! Just let her get used to the school environment and enjoy it first!

  5. Cynthia, if I were you, I will find somewhere my children are more comfortable with. If he/she is happy, they will learn better. Furthermore, she's only 4 years old. Don't 'stress' her out. Still a long long way.. When they're happy, you will see that they learn way better and exceed your expectation. You can easily find somewhere more suitable for her. Don't narrow down your choice even if you think that's the best. The best environment is when they match the needs. (from my own experience).

  6. Pure reading and drawing from 8am to 3pm? I hope there are some fin filled activities and play in between. As STP said, I think the nap should be given earlier.


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