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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Method laundry detergent

If you have remember, I've won a giveaway by Claire, and I've received the range of products in my house.  I've first opened the laundry detergent, since I need to wash my clothes, and according to the instruction with 4 pumps on heavy load, I did what it said..

When the load of clothes finished (btw, I purposely put in WHITE clothing) I smelled a nice aroma of the detergent, and my clothes smell good too!  But I'm not convinced of using this product further yet... coz the end result has yet to be seen...

I usually hang my clothing at night at the yard, only have wind to blow them dry.  With the recent weather of rain, some of my clothes may smell 'awful' after the 'drying' process BUT not this batch of clothing!!  I like it when it still smell great, and not wrinkle too much too!

I've started using this bottle each time I washed my clothing, and the rest of the family still trying to finish up the existing brand before we consider a switch.

This bottle of amazing product cost RM28 for 25 loads, which work out to be RM1++ for each wash.  Well, of course, if I'm going to switch I will just use the refill pack.. LOL!  In addition, now that the Malaysia company has got a online purchase website that I don't have to go carry those heavy stuff all the time.. another + point!


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