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Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh Monday Blues.. on the 14th

This morning did not start off well... Besides Princess wailed a bucket, I'm also attacked by bad throat and nose getting very uncomfortable.  I got to be at work today, having the responsible to contact some people to confirm their meeting with our consultants.  I've been talking on the phone for quite a few days, and I hope the voice is not too bad for the other party.

I've been busy at work, so baking can only start during weekend, and only on SUNDAY!  I started baking yesterday, trying out a few batches of chocolate chip cookies, and I'm glad to say I can take orders now for the cookies, and since I'm now working in a complex where I have access to Pos Malaysia, outstation customers can also have it!!  

I hope to achieve 50 containers sales this year, and it will be a great help for all my readers to help me spread the words.  The price for the cookies is at RM25.00 and it weigh approx 300g.  For all outstation orders, I only charge RM10 for the postage.  Hopefully, this will have more people able to taste my cookies.

Can you help me spread the words please... 

Thank you!


  1. Tomorrow is always a better day. You take heart and take care.

  2. I'm down with flu and sore throat too. Take good care. All the best to your sales.

  3. Could your cookies will be good until CNY?
    My wife also plan to make some cookies but afraid that it might get spoilt during the CNY.
    So plan to make it during the last week...

    1. SP.. depends on what you made.. For the cookies, I store in carefully, and it can last for a month or more! But usually, my cookies cannot last that long coz ppl eat non stop.. hehehe..


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