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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Proud Mummy this morning!

I must pen this down as a great milestones my girl achieve after attending school for 1 month!!!  At 31st January 2013, she finally walked into her school without me following her, and waving goodbye to me at the gate!!!

Last night, she has been saying she want to walk into the school on her own, and I just need to stop outside. This was a continue story of last Friday, when she went to school, and it's raining.  With no choice, I have to dropped her at the covered pathway, and asked her to walk into the school on her own.  Never did I expect that she 'offered' to do that again this morning!

So, I was 'brainwashing' her to be 'early' as then I could arrived at work early, and leave office early.  So, she has this 'mindset' that if she did not delay me, she will definitely see me in the evening to pick her (sometimes, I was stuck at work, not that I'm late to work... hehehe).  Guess she decided that letting her walked in the school, she will be more prepared to attend class, than waving bye bye to me in the classroom.

I 'double' confirm with her this morning, if she is OK to walk into the school on her own, and she nod!!  OK, let's see how she did it... She still need some help to carry her bag down 2 steps from the gate to the walkway, therefore I helped her there, and she just waved me bye-bye!!  She walked straight with no turning back and I left the school with a BIG SMILE!

Oh.. guess tonight will be her reward night again... but nevermind, as long as it works best for both of us!  We are no longer need to struggle to get to school / work!


It's a long weekend here in KL, as we are not working tomorrow and I will need to continue my baking...

The chocolate chip cookies are in production for sales.. and the love letters were gift for family and friends made by my mum and my aunt!  We both has different production center this weekend!

Happy weekend!


  1. Have to reward Princess edy.

    Wahh...different production line. Very efficient.

  2. that is indeed a good news..
    are those kuih kapit? I love those..
    Yesterday I just bought 10 tins..

  3. So glad to hear this. She is finally making this happen. She deserves a reward tonight. Give her more hugs and kisses too.

  4. Clap clap to little princess. Mommy can breathe a sigh of relief. Yes, must reward her for a job well done!

  5. Good, good! Told you it will be ok sooner or later, just be patient. All the best in your business venture - hope all selling like hot cakes. Qong Xi Fa Cai!

  6. Finally you made it. Now mummy can bake more cookies. All the best to your cookies business.

  7. Glad that princess is doing well now in the morning...


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