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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The bait for NO CRY...

Yes, it's been a peaceful Monday & Tuesday because of the above... But not exactly the one... We went lunch with my uncle last weekend, and walked pass a 'stall' selling a 'toy' baby stroller (it meant for the toy doll not my princess) and my princess immediately jumped at it and wanted that!  Since it's a Sunday that we are out, I used that opportunity to tell her NO CRYING to school for 2 weeks, and she will get this as her reward and NO CRYING if she wants to play with it at home!! 

She requested the stroller, a baby (with pacifier) and a bottle too!  She is just so 'mummy' and I guess this is what you get when you got a daughter la.. and one who stick to you 24/7 and not seen a daddy at all!  She sometimes will just 'talk' like me, and I can hear words like.. 'be good girl ah', 'no crying', 'you want to go kai -kai' sort of words... 

If she can tahan till next weekend, this little stroller will be hers.. and to continue to 'tempt' and 'train' her, I will promise her the baby doll and the rest... Well, I guess this would be the better alternatives of keep telling her NO CRYING when she is not LISTENING right?  Everyone will need a little 'motivation' and 'reward' and guess this would be something I can use

Hopefully after she got used to the 'no cry' episodes, she will not revert to one...

Am I right as a mother doing that?  I don't know.. but at least, I've got 2 peaceful days... :p


  1. eh not bad lah she stop crying! she knows she needs to "work" for her reward!! it's ok to give a reward, everyone needs motivation :)

  2. I guess sometimes when one is at one's wits' end, one would resort to anything to tackle a problem at hand. If she does not cry and gets the "prize" at the end, you can use it to impression upon her a lesson - that in life, one needs to "work" for something - nothing comes easy and good things come to people who are good. Then you get what you want - her not crying...and she can learn valuable lessons from the episode too!

  3. It is too long for her to wait for 2 weeks, may be one week no crying, buy her the stroller, another week no crying, buy her the doll, then third week, buy her the bottle. Ok, by that time, she should have outgrown her crying stage. Good luck.

    1. I second this idea!

      At least your little princess will look forward the end of each week without cries :D

  4. Give her some time,ya. Love the colour of the stroller.

  5. I agree with Yan. Don't know whether she can withstand for 2 weeks or not. Get her something to encourage her, and slowly she will get over it :)

  6. Hi, blog hopping thru...

    Yea, I have seen this toy stroller before, very girly stuff =)

    Btw how old is your princess? Hopefully this tactic works~

  7. No harm trying. Hope it works this time and as long as she's not crying.

  8. :) Finally you found something that stop her from crying! relief relief.. Hope she will get the stroller.

  9. Love the bait..ahhahah. I am sure Princess will be good in order redeem her prize.


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