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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!

First day of 2013 came and went off.. in my family, we always have the tradition to celebrate the eve in my aunt's as the first 2 days of the new year we have 2 person in the family that hatched!  

This year with no exception, we just celebrated like usual, had dinner with family members, and then later we adjourned to my aunt for cake blowing and drinking session!  

Today, we marked another milestones as mum and daughter!  My princess finally going to her Kindergarden,  and as expected, she cried a bucket!  She wanted me to stay with her this morning, and when we arrived at the Kindergarden at 8am, I left only at 9.15am!!!  I was there standing seeing and listening to her plea for me to stay!

And you imagine, of all the people there, my princess wanted only the 'kakak' who is there to take care of the Day Care Centre!!  Guess she got so comfortable having 'kakak(s)' all the time, she prefer a kakak than the teacher.

For the school, I have all the praise for it but only 1 thing!  The teacher(s) are not connecting with the child!  I was there for more than 20 minutes before the teacher in charge got time to walk to Princess and to pass her some kind of stickers to warm her up!  By then, Princess was all nervous and bored!

I hope tomorrow it will be better for both of us, as I need to rush to Putrajaya for some visa work to be done.  Tonight but continue to psycho Princess to be good in 'school' again!  


  1. It is usual..
    my mum told me that i am a cry baby..
    don't know whether is true or not?

  2. tell her auntie joyce got pressie for her this Saturday :D if got time i'll do the 'reserved' bracelet and necklace for her too

    Bribe her be good girl in kindy n keyword for this reward is CANNOT CRY :D

  3. Cynthia, take it easy. This is just a phase. Stay positive and strong.

  4. Nice post! If it's any consolation, my little girl has been crying for the past few days too.

    Her teachers are quite nice and her crying periods have thankfully, become shorter as the days go by. Hang in there, ok?

    I have tried all sorts of methods but in the end, she will cry, "I WANT MUMMY!!!". Sigh...


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