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Thursday, February 7, 2013

First step... Get a right Gynae

As pregnancy is not a 'fun' journey if you didn't take it well. In any situations you are in, get a right gynae that is willing to LISTEN to you, and share your worries and understand your financial situation.  For me, I did mentioned to the doctor I'm not married, and may or may not end up be one.  Therefore, my gynae did sit down with him to analyse the costing to which I can afford.

Well, if you are financially tight, but still can't get the comfort of visiting a public hospital, he actually offered that I can do all my check ups in his clinic (coz he operates a AM & PM clinic) and later upon delivery, he will write a letter for my admission to the public hospital but I told him I'm still OK financially do deliver in a Private hospital.

Next, ensure that ONLY necessary tests are carried out and not being 'bomb' with many many scans and test.  Some tests are costly, therefore if not necessary, ask the doctor if you can skip it.  I think I only do the "down syndrome" and "sugar" test thus far during my preggy journey.

Be happy always.. if you have no one to talk to, then choose the doctor!  He or She is paid to LISTEN to you and you may share your worries with him/her.  Stay positive for the sake of your child.  No matter how sad you are or how frustrating you are, just keep yourself happy.. Indulge in things your like, and live life to the fullest.

Talk to the baby... let the baby know who you are, and feel the baby movement.  Each time when you visit the gynae, ask to scan the face / hands and try communicating with the little one.. when you are filled with the feeling that life is great, and wonderful.. you will not start to think too much of the 'man'!  Tell the baby that you will be there, even with no other one.. 

Stay with positive with caring friends!!  Family members are important, but heart to heart friends are same too!  With friends surrounding you and giving you the positive vibes and keeping you accompany, you are more or less no time to think about the 'bad' part.  I'm one lucky one that has got both family and friends to care for!!!  I seriously want to thank these bunch of great friends around me!!  I know some of you are reading... so a BIG Thank you again!!! 

For record...
My each visit to the gynae cost around RM60 to RM90.
I think I paid about RM300++ for the down syndrome test and another RM200++ for the sugar test.
I need to be on a sugar level 'observation' and I got the machine loaned from the hospital that I'm going to deliver.  FOC.  Only need to buy the consumables costing about RM50 if I am not wrong..Oh ya, I paid RM150 for deposit to loan the sugar test machine and got it back on the same day when I returned it.
Did a 3D scan and come with a CD costing around RM150..

I shall talked about the preparation in welcoming the baby next.... buying only essentials... 


  1. Well, good info I'm sure I will need that one day!


  2. By all means, the baby is the closest to mummy throughout the whole pregnancy. Talking to the baby will definitely soothes the mummy's feeling. My wife told me that pregnancy is a wonderful period, full of miracles.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year! May you have an awesome year!



  4. I don't even remember how much it cost me last time for each gynae visit but I must agree, finding the right gynae that you feel comfortable with is really important :)

  5. hope you can find a gynae which you feel comfortable with and hope you have a healthy baby :)

  6. True...they will be with us for the rest of the 9 months.

  7. wow cheap you see gynae me when see cost RM100 always!!



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