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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pregnant without the man.. what to do... #1

It's very alarming when I've read so many 'ladies' being impregnated, and later the man decided He is not going to be responsible for the baby.  I've heard stories of abortion, and so forth happening... but guess, when one is not able to find support and help, abortion is one option which no one wish to take.. but no choice..  

Some people may say, why not give birth to it, but if you are a woman with not support emotionally and financially, carrying a baby for 9 months (or maybe sometimes 8 months) is not easy!  Saying it's always easier than anything.  I'm not in support of abortion, but I do respect people decision in that manner.  I did once told someone, in any situation if I'm not hit 30s, and I'm impregnated, I may consider that too.  You think it's very irresponsible for a mother to abort a child, but do you think 

Now, back to being a single mother, it's not an easy journey.  I've heard lots of 'gossip' behind my back, and of course there were a lot of considerations at that time.  I don't do thing impulsive, I always have plans ahead, and try to make things happen than waiting for it to happen, therefore the pregnancy came as a 'surprise' when I was just over 30!! Damn!

When I first got to know about the news, it was already in the gynae clinic as I was there for other test and NOT a pregnancy test!!!  I'm all alone, don't know how to react, just nodding my head and I can't recall a single word the doc told me on that day till now!  I came home holding my fear, tear and all sorts of mixed feeling... My concerns:-

1)  Is the man going to be responsible?
2)  How will my mum take it?
3)  My work?
4)  $$ enough mou?
5)  To stay back at home or move out?

and blah blah blah......

I'm going to write in 'slow' mode on dealing with this matters, and hope it can be a 'reference' for those who is in the situation... 

Stay tune...


  1. Dear Cynthia,
    Everyone knows what you have gone through from your blog and we sympathize with you. All I would like to say is that you have a lovely daughter now. What happened is already a past tense which you cannot erase so there is no point dwelling on the past. Just move on and don't talk about him or what he had done to you anymore. Focus on bringing up Breana :)

    1. I guess trying to stay Anon nymous do good to you hah... FYI, I'm not dwelling on the past, but would like to share on how to deal with it if anyone in the same situation!! If you want to read on, you most welcome.. if not, I'm sorry but I'm not here to ask for your sympathy!!! I'm all ok with it...

  2. i am your regular reader and your friend but I don't know how to put it across to you in a proper manner without an outburst from you. we all care a lot for you but we'd rather you focus your energy on your career and Breanna. Repeating the past over and over again will not do Breanna or you any good .
    I'm sorry, I'm coward,I'll stay anon BUT... always a friend at heart !

    1. Thanks for the concern.. I'm all good... actually the reason it makes me write about this was recently another friend who is in the same situation and I'm feeling that hey, it seems a lot of people got into the situation and worry stuff that a most common person will do...

      I am trying to put this down, just in case anyone need a reference..

      If you know, I moved all my previous posts over to a secret place, as I don't want people to know in detail anymore since I'm so all over it.. now it's more a sharing experience post than a post for myself...

      Anyway, thanks..

  3. life goes on..we are proud that you are a strong person.

  4. Hi Cynthia,

    I think its fate that I have gone through the period of time with you. We might not be always there for you but we do care for you and Breanna. Now left the issue where to celebrate Breanna's birthday soon!


  5. I think it's a good idea to share your experience with the single mothers out there. I'm always in awe with your limitless energy. As a single mother, you still manage to find time for so many things. Taking care of your daughter, baking, blogging and on top of that a full time career! You just radiate all positive energies. To be honest, when I first read your blog, I thought it's just a website for all your rantings. Then you went on to achieve greater things and life just gets better for you. Your honesty and frankness make me enjoy reading your blog even more.

  6. Life still go on..You need to be strong and I believe you can DO it,Cynthia.

  7. Cynthia, great! This post will sure help who are lost in the same situation.


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