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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

aiyo.. no more reader...

Sad to see this every morning when I log on to Google Reader... I will not be able to 'glance' through all my 'favourite' blog post anymore come 1 July, 2013!!!  I may need to go into individual blogs (which then I got to book marked it) and well, it does create traffic to the blog, but sometimes you know.. not many that I enter to read...

Now that I read here, I know I can download all my subscriptions into a place, and later transfer it to somewhere else... but where?

So far, I only got 1 solution, which is NuffnangX which I should gradually move over too... So, if you one using reader to read your blog subscription, guess now you got to move over to something else before it went retirement...

sad.. sad..


  1. I am so outdated.. i didn't know Google Reader's gonna retired soon.. luckily I saw this post of yours...

    sigh... i only read from reader... i dont have time to go through all blogs..specially when surf using the phone. now..what's next..

  2. I semua tak tahu,,,i cuma tahu read blogs,enjoy blogging je,,,,hahahahahh

  3. I'm using wordpress.com,hence not impacting me, but this is a good feature. Wondering what is the exact reason google want to take it down.

  4. Quite sad actually, one of their best tools now not available.



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