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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hana-Ichi Japanese Restaurant

Payroll came in.. and I got my monthly salary... Thinking to splurge a little to 'reward' myself and my brother (he has been helping me to 'pick' or 'send' Princess) we decided to try this new restaurant in Sri Petaling, namely Hana-Ichi Japanese Restaurant.  

Those who know me, will know I'm a fan of Japanese food especially raw!!!  So we went there for their sit down 'buffet' yesterday which was on promotion at about RM38++ (definitely less than RM40) however to my 'horror' surprise, Princess will need to pay for child fare (as she is now above 85cm)!!! aiya... 

Anyway, we did not regret for going there... the Sashimi was fresh, and melt in the mouth!!  I ordered a few round of that!! and best, the Sashimo was fried to perfect!!!!  OMG, just eating these 2 are enough to make me go again and again...

My brother being one of the opposite of me.. went for tempura, terayaki and tepanyaki!!!  Well, if one that he ordered twice, you know it just give good review as he is one 'picky' ones!!!!  We both ate till FULL!!  

Princess had a bowl of cha-soba, few spoon of the fragrant garlic rice and of course her favorite ebikko sushi!  Oh, she had a bowl of edamame too!  

I don't have any photo for this meal, as my camera now is on travel to India (mum is holding it) however I recommend you that this is one place if you decide to go for something Japanese.. 

The only thing that we do not like last night is the Sushi rice (too sour) to our taste and we feedback to the owner on that.  She mentioned that previously customers mentioned that the rice has no taste, therefore a change of the recipe!  But this time... for me.. it's just too much...

We will be heading there again tonight as I am meeting a friend.. and gonna try their bentos!!!!  Let you know if it's good ya... 



  1. RM38++ is a bargain for Japanese buffet. I like to go for raw foods too.

  2. Go again and again? the food must be superb!

  3. Ur handphone can click click ma

  4. Rm38 for buffet...that is not that expensive.

  5. That is so affordable! I love Japanese too! And by that I meant FOOD! :P

  6. RM38 for buffet, that is not expensive lar.... next time you go, shown us some food photos k.

  7. Good thing you blogged about how Bree has to pay for her buffet! Coz im sure my gal will be chargeable anytime now. So far, she's managed to get in foc but I guess not for long :( Taken note of it now. So how was the bento, the second round there?

  8. i like this type of buffet. Can eat till full, satisfying and worth the price. Coz can pick those expensive stuff to eat. hehe...


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