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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Part 2 - Shopping! when financially concern...

Who don't like shopping?  However, shopping alone for baby essential and for the preggy mummy is somehow not as interesting than having a partner.  If you are financially concern, then the option you can have is to get hand me down.  I have people asking me if I mind hand me down, and of course I'm not!  I took in hand me down from pregnant clothing to baby clothes! hehehe..

Now for essential items that I went around shopping, were just the below:-

1)  A few those 'hole' t-shirts (2 - 3 pcs) and Jucso selling RM6.90 at that time
2)  Napkins (muslim cloth) - 1 dozen
3)  Napkin liners
4)  2 -3 pcs of long sleeve pajamas
5)  a pair of shoe (for pregnancy)
6)  2 towels
7)  bottle sanitizer - Avent (I bought it for RM350, and later sold it after not using)

As my intention was to breastfeed, I did not get any bottle initially, and later in order to store BM, I use milk bags instead.  I got 2 / 3 bottles hand-me-down too!

Also, don't need to buy disposable diapers as usually the hospital (private) will provide you and they will give you a few packs to bring home.  It's sufficient if you put it only at night as baby outgrown the NB size very fast.  

After the birth of the baby, I only started to shop for cloth diaper and I choose the cheapest I can get... It took me a while to search around the net to get the 'cheapest'.  I invested about 15 pcs of cloth diapers costing average of RM30 each.  This save me a lot as I use this even at night.  I don't need to use disposable at home (but of course it gets to the laundry work which with or without cloth diaper, you still need to do washing right...)

Next, toys!!  I don't buy toys during the initial stage.. but gradually started when she learns to appreciate what toys are!  I got a 'free' cot hanger (those with music) from my Gynae when I went for my check-up and that was used throughout the journey of growing up.   All in all.. don't over spend unnecessary, as the child may not understand what you doing for him / her at the initial stage..

Coming up... hospital bills and doctors... 


  1. Totally agree with you, Cyn. You are a wise mom!

  2. I bought a lot of toys for my kids..now I hv given all away!


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