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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sultan of Science... By Petrosains

Last 2 weekend, it was a memorable day for me..  That was the first time for me to enter Petrosains as a VISITOR!!! I only enter Petrosains as their volunteers those days and never as a Visitor before.  I was there to look up for their new exhibits, Sultans of Science (Islamic Science Rediscovered).  All I can say is that I got myself 'hooked' by all the new exhibits and also Petrosains in keeping their standards of service and display.  I let the photos do the talking instead of myself.

I brought along Princess, and despite she don't really understand the head to toes on what going on, I guess she did enjoy herself very much especially later part with the science shows and magic shows!

The entrance with all the 'Sultans'
The ever ready helpful facilitators / volunteers
Interactive touch screen giving you more info

Science Show... not just the facilitator but involved audience too!

Some displays which Princess enjoyed... 

Some topics covered in the exhibits

Basically, it's a travel back to those days, and discover how much great Islam brought their fair share in our current development!  It's a great time spend and a great weekend too!  Should you need more info, check out Petrosains - Sultans of Science

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