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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Babe turned 1 soon...

Last year around this time, I am searching for this babe and now, it turned 1 and her insurance, tax are all renewed and 'stick' on the windscreen this morning.

A year with this babe, I'm glad it has not given me much a headache and is actually quite well taken care off where I give it a better treatment than myself!! It went on 'facial' almost once every 2 to 3 months, and had a good 'spa' just a few months old then.

It cost me another bomb of course to get her 'available' to be use but it's all worth it anyway.  No choice since I got other alternatives at all at the moment!  I was at the 'owner' coz it's still on a Hire Purchase last 2 days to do all the renewal, and I've got the 'license' to continue using her for another year yesterday.

Service at the 'owner' was good, fast and effective I would say.  I'm glad GOD directed me to this 'owner' therefore I don't really have any hassle dealing with the renewal.  All insurance and tax were kao tim by them.  Now the hilarious part was, a summon which was at least 8 years ago (belongs to another car), appeared from no where and I nearly got 'stopped' from having the babe renewed.  Of course, with the technology, I quickly settle the summon and was glad given 50% off... *phew* 

Now that babe turned 1, I'm happy to have it with me.. with this, we have been travelling more often, more time spend together... and both myself and princess are grateful for this...  

We will take good care of this babe... :D

Till next year... babe.. please be good and don't burn another big hole in my pocket ya.. :p


  1. Good to hear that everything is alright. May be the babe remains fit and healthy to bring mummy and princess to travel all around the country :)

  2. Great to have this cool babe... :) Travel more ya~

  3. Our babes need a lot of caring and money! :)

  4. have fun with your babe...
    zoom zoom zooom

  5. And we finally get to meet your 'babe' today :D

  6. Enjoy your journey with your babe.

  7. Congras on the 1 year. Love the way you describe sending her for her spa and facial:D

  8. Time flies seriously Cynthia. Can you imagine its end of March already?



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