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Monday, March 18, 2013

YNOT Graffiti Competition AND RWGenting's installation of 8 Graffiti masterpieces

Are you a person that appreciate ART and especially Graffiti arts? Well, I admit that I'm one that enjoy looking but not one enjoy doing! I appreciates arts much and been hoping I can pick up this skill one day... ONE fine day... Well, it's never too late right..

Before I hop on the journey to art, I want to share with you 8 masterpieces which I can find them in our local BUS STOPS! Yes! bus-stops!

Alpha Jln Semantan

Aswara Jln Ampang

Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama

Aswara Jln Pudu

Chekri Jln Raja Chulan

IACT Jln Barat 

IACT Jln University 

Nazmi Jln Sultan Ismail 

About YNOT

At YNOT, we are a strong believer that today's youth are capable of doing great things but society at present are still creating road blocks that hinder the progression of our young ones. Our next generation throughout the country are demanding for more, they want their own space and the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to explore, to voice out their thoughts, to express themselves without much restrictions.

To help develop our youths, we believe in asking the question, “Why not?" as the sky can be the limit for their untapped potentials. Which is why we at Resorts World Genting want to pave the way for these young individuals to nurture their creativity, bringing forth an inner resolution for them to engage in positive and productive activities. Here they can have the chance to explore their curiosities, sharpen and improve their skills and be acknowledged in their area of interest – be it in graffiti, fashion, music or culinary arts. We are here to help them express their feelings and guide them toward a better future.

That's not all, if you like any of the arts, you may also cast your vote to supports the youth who took time doing this. Visit the Facebook page, and go to the apps. You will be guided on how to cast your vote to show sign of support!!

I personally like the one in Jalan Sultan Ismail.. see if I got the time to go there for a photo later.. hhee...


  1. Voted. I like the graffiti featuring the clown.

  2. Hmm..i think I like the first one.


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