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Thursday, April 4, 2013

2008 Vs 2013

I remembered in 2008 when the election, the multimedia news has just started to 'bloom' and I don't really see many of those 'political' news appear on my FB wall but THIS year is so different!!! From the minute our dearest PM tweet about his announcement to the moment of parliament dissolve to the moment with the wrong date.. blah blah.. all happened and reported so quickly via the internet.

This time, in 2013, I've seen many 'elders' (whom has missed their earlier voting right) voting for the FIRST time too!!  I get so many messages making sure that everyone vote! 

Also, this year has been so many anticipation, comparing to 2008 which only a parcel of people think they want to contribute.  I guess time has really change, and the exposure to the multimedia contributed towards this phenomena.

What I love to see it happen...

1)  A day off for the voter? hahaha..

2)  A peaceful voting day with good sunny weather (not too hot..pls)

3)  Don't make me walked and climbed too many stairs and waiting too long pls... 

4)  Result announcement on TIME!  I remembered in 2008, I stayed up till all results announced and that make me very very sleepy!  I always get the tabulation from the newspaper, and I will follow those little script below the show and write down all the results in the past few elections!!  

Now, I'm only waiting for the polling date, and I'll be happy heading towards the polling station! hahaha... 


  1. oh yes...a great chanced and FB really a good media to spread the news. I'm also waiting for the polling date. Dun know when hor ?

  2. I am also getting very excited with this GE13. I will stay home and wait for the result.

  3. Kenot plan any travel anymore this month. Dunno when is election date.

  4. Hope I can make it. I might need to travel by the end of the month.


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