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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Calling Emergency 112

Reminder:  Calling emergency from your mobile is 112 and NOT 999 or 994..

Few months back, I saw a guy lying on the roadside when I traveled to work.  People are surrounding him, however there was no sign of any emergency rescue / ambulans / police.  Usually that road, we have those sneaky traffic polices who try to 'catch' those violating the emergency lane but that day no sign of them.  Traffic was bad due to those 'stop, look, go' people, and it slowed down the whole traffic pace.  When I approach the scene, then I saw this man lying there motionless.  I dialed 112 from my mobile just to make sure that someone has make a report on this, and rescue is on the way.

I find that our emergency team was quite responsive from that experience.  At least, the hospital called, the highway personnel returned call, and the Sarjan incharge also gave me a call to understand further.  I can't give much detail as I'm not the witness, however I'm glad I alerted the emergency team.

This morning, something more horrible that I saw.  This Malay lady in tudung lying on the emergency lane with blood covering her face.  YES, that's obvious even I did not stop my car to help.  Right after I passed the scene, I dialed 112 again.. I just want to know since the lady was bleeding, was help on his way.. and glad to hear from the hospital officer, that the ambulance already on their way.

It's so far a good experience calling the emergency, and I really hope that no one play prank on this number to avoid losing any life and disrupt the service.

May our emergency service continue to grow.


  1. Thks for sharing and I really do not know this 112 number. How ignorant. haha

  2. 112? I wonder if it is the same number here. Good of you to call for help. Ya...best not to stop - these days, anything can happen. Been hearing too many horror stories already...especially on Facebook.

  3. thx for sharing..now I know the number

  4. Thanks for sharing this great info....112? is this number applicable for whole Malaysia?

  5. Oh.. I did not know that! I'll call 999 if touch wood anything ever happens! But now I know I'll remember 112. Thankx for sharing!

  6. Thanks Cynthia! Didn't know many don't know about 112. Luckily you shared!

  7. Didn't know about this no. Will keep in mind.

  8. I think calling 999 on cell phones works too - it reroutes to 112. I tried that when my grandma's place got broken into during CNY and got through - agree that the emergency services are really good now, they know your name etc.

    Good of you to report all that, you really are a conscientious citizen! Cheers! :D

  9. Thank god everything is fine in the end. and thanks for the sharing. 112. Will keep this number in my phone


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