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Monday, April 15, 2013

Genting Trip - 1st day 1st half

Courtesy from Nuffnang, I'm up to Genting over the weekend last week to spend some quality time with my girl, and to get more info so I can do blog post!!! OMG, I'm lacking up and must buckle up!  So, I'm going to split this trip into a few portion, as I don't know how to start!  We got so many events up there, and I really need to split them before it get overwhelmed here!

First, Let me share with you the programme, and the main reason I'm there.

This was the main reason, and if you remembered, I did blogged about it earlier and wanted your support for the youth.  I rather they do graffiti, and not vandalism!  Our program that for the 2 days were packed, and below was the schedule!

I decided to drive up, and we arrived at 9.30am while waiting for the rest that took the Official transport (BUS).  I had my cuppa of SB (which was no way near the one I used to have) and let Princess hang out a while before they arrived.

Once everyone gathered, we marched to the outdoor theme park for the followings:-

Saw these 2 DJ there.. they are there to do live broadcasting with Jin.. 
With Jin (Hitz.FM morning crew announcer)

Raincoat Fashion Show
Games with Hitz.FM crew
Live Broadcasting with Jin!
BMX performance

The morning crowd

I will be uploading some videos for the performances, once it's completed in Youtube.

I MUST say this!! I salute the 2 Emcee(s) that were there the whole of the 2 days!! they can keep going and going and going... and also PERFORM dances for us!!! They are...

Emcee Dennis Yin
Emcee Chriz Ooi

     Clap clap for both of them!!!


  1. What a fruitful event. And I want to say princess is so big girl now.

  2. Princess is adorable! Youngest blogger at the event! Lol! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :D


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