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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still in Genting - Food

We had the chance to feast while in Genting last week.  Here, I'm not posting any pictures of the photos as I guess you can view it from many bloggers' blog on what we had.  I'm going to give my humble opinions on each outlets that we have enjoyed eating that 2 days 1 night trip!

We had lunch at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant ● Lobby Floor, Theme Park Hotel and was served up to 6 to 7 dishes with soup too!  We were late for lunch that day, but we still get to enjoy what was served in a very prompt service standards.  We were not held up for any 'request' by the us from the waiter / waitress.  This is the 3rd time me eating at Happy Valley, and so far it does not disappoint me.  Since we did not paid for the food, I won't know the price that day but so far from previous experiences, it's still reasonable given it's in Genting!

Then later that night, we were having some Thai Theme Buffet!  Oh goodness, we have the Thai papaya salad, Thai curry, Thai fried rice and Thai dessert!! On top of that, we still get to savor local Chinese, Japanese, Western, Western Asia, etc!!  Fresh cut salmons were served too!  We got to eat nice cakes and pastries, plus ice cream in a cold weather!!!  How does that sound?  Oh ya, we walked out of the restaurant with tummy full of food in Coffee Terrace ● Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

The next morning, since we all stayed in First World Hotel, it is obvious that we will eat there right.  Breakfast selection is good I would say, nothing to shout about but it's sufficient to make everyone a full tummy!  The varieties of breads, cereals, omelet, and local fried rice and CCF are served.  I am just tad disappointed for not having kaya with butter in the bread counter!!  hehehe... 

After all the first 3 feasting, it will bring us to our last lunch together in the trip.   This time round, my 'dream' was fulfilled, as I always wanted to eat here coz they serve buffet and also the 'kampung' style.  They have all the ulams lay out for my choice, and also having additional little of Western, Chinese!  I love the kampung style fried fish and fried chicken and not to be left out the nice aroma of TEH TARIK!!  This is a must when you feast here!!!  Here I meant,  Resort Cafe ● First Floor, Resort Hotel & Restoran Kampong ● First Floor, Resort Hotel

We left Genting with a full tummy and enjoyed another round of performance before we called it a day on the 2nd day.  

All thanks to Genting and Nuffnang!  

*I've just uploaded a few videos in YouTube and will be sharing it soon... stay tune... *

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