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Monday, May 6, 2013

GE 13 - Finally over

I stayed up till around 1am last night to watch the results of our General Election 13.  This was not the first year I did so, since I've always keeping an eye of the result with my late dad when he was around.  This year, it's just get more exciting! LOL!

Yesterday, together with my brothers, we went casting our votes as early as 9am, and we queued for almost 2 hours due to the un-organised arrangement.  There were no signs of where the 15 salurans were, and we were not told which queue led to which saluran.  We were all playing 'guessing' and 'asking' game to find the right queue.  I almost end up queuing wrongly!!  *horror, as my little princess was left 'outside' the school with my uncle as he was not voting, and I asked him to help babysit princess*  Imagine I was at the wrong queue and the whole process may take up more than 2 hours!  Comparing to last election in 2008, I only need 20 minutes to complete the process.

A good thing was I met a few of my classmates, and we were all not first time voters!  We were all commenting of the turnout, and was so encouraged by it since now more Malaysians know their responsibilities and right!  

After voting, we just went for a quick lunch, and back home to rest and catch some sleep before the event of the night.  I was so tired now, as I did not have a good sleep on Saturday night, as I was out in the final ceramah in my area, and last night was another late night.  *yawn*

Then with the selective announcement, I kept myself awake to watch the live announcement, until the result of 112 was achieved, and I off the TV and head to bed!  That was already about 1am!  I salute those who stayed up witnessing the denial of 2/3 majority of the current administrator.

I'm tired... and was hoping an announcement for a holiday this morning but to no avail.  Good thing was the traffic was good, and I guess it's another 5 years of wait before the next one... 

See ya again GE!


  1. It was good here - smooth sailing, no problem at all. I walked straight in, cast a=my vote and left. The people were very friendly, very jovial unlike previous elections when they were cold and aloof. I went during lunchtime as I guessed everyone would be busy eating so there would not be a crowd and I was right!

  2. Yes. Me and hubby stayed till 11.30pm last night and I could not sleep till pretty early in the morning! hahha! Way past my bedtime. :p

    Really tough and stiff competition this year and I was never been that excited, catching with all the results. But the results in WM were pretty slow, couldnt stay late.

  3. I didn't stay up as I was rather sleepy.

  4. Me and HB glue to the laptop and hp all the time.

  5. I stayed up until 112 then terus konked-out. Enjoy your getaway this weekend!

  6. I stayed up till 2am that day, but I couldn't sleep well that whole night.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you!! Btw, you have an award from me today. Do check it out ya!!


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