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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haze... you nearly killed me!

I was badly hit this time round when the haze came for the annual visit.  It's been so many years that we suffered this annual visitor, but this year, just the beginning of all 'drama', I'm badly hit by it.  I had fever since Friday afternooon, and was bad till I don't even have any appetite to drink my favourite cup of coffee.  Then on Saturday, was shivering in cold and fever, and finally couldn't stand the torture, and went to the most expensive GP that I ever had in my life so far!  The GP that I usually go was closed!!

So, when I came home with the pack of medicine, it's now more than 3 days, and I still don't really see any improvement but it got even worse!  I drank lots and loads of water, and I think that took up the space in my stomach that I can go without food for whole day and not even feeling hungry!  Then when I wanted to eat, the food all tasted so bland, that I only take in an amount to fill the tummy!

Yesterday, school was close due to haze, and I can't get to work too due to the itchy throat and insufficient sleep!  This morning, when I happily drive to drop my girl at her school, and noticed it was closed!  All because I didn't check my FB updates that school still closed!  I'm lucky that I've got a cousin to turn to, and Princess happily went to my cousin's instead of me not able to get to work again.

At noon today, my throat was telling me that it's no good.. it started to itch, and also sending the pain signal too!  I quickly took 2 paracetamol, and hopefully it will remain pain free till I off work.  I seriously hate the itch feeling in my throat! and the difficulty to even swallow my own saliva!  

Haze Haze.. can you leave me alone for now? and instead of making India suffer from all the flood, let's bring some rain here to Malaysia!


  1. Rest... Speedy recovery to you, Cyn!

  2. Get well soon. The haze is turning from bad to worse, and I can hear people coughing around in my office. Yes, what we need now is some rain...a heavy one pls.

  3. Take care, get well soon...

    The haze comes every year but it is not so serious if it is a wet year. This year has been rather dry, that's why so bad. Not going to be many fruits when the season comes at the end of the year. Bad, real bad.

  4. Get well soon Cyn. Wear a mask (though I myself did not as it is blardy irritating) do and whatever you need to do to recuperate. Hugs :(

  5. Oh Cynthia, really sorry to hear that. Wish you getting well soon! I know how irritating throat-itchy could be...
    Take care ya!


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