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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sick... but blessed...

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes, and yes, I'm finally better now, and at least I'm pretty sure this weekend, I won't have to stay at home!!! I thank GOD for bringing the rain, it now clearing the skies, and today, I finally see blue skies and white clouds!

Over the last 2 days, I've seen friends in my FB cheering for rain... and today, cheering for the blue sky!  hahaha.... for me, I also want to cheer bye to the itchy throat!  Please don't come back anytime soon, as I don't want to go on medical leave again... 

But during this period when I'm sick, I'm well 'taken care' by my princess age of 4++!  I tell ya, she is such a gem now... She is at the age, ask her to do anything with 'please', she will just do it for you... or if she is 'busy', all you need is just say.. "ok, nevermind, I do myself' and she will quickly put down the  stuff in her hand, and rush to help!

She reminded me on what the doctor says... Mummy, doctor say you must drink a lot of water, I go take your tumbler ah... you must drink half ok... 

She will come at night, mummy, you head still pain pain ah.. come I massage for you want or not.. and she will go 'dum dum dum' with her little fist on my forehead...

She will bring my med, open it for me, count the tablets, water and all... Mummy, eat medicine!

She goes to her kao fu asking for help to fill water, Ah Bu, can you help fill water please.. mummy sick and she sleeping.. *muahahaha.... *

She will 'freak' when she heard my bad cough... and go shaking her head in disbelief!

When I asked, can she give some 'good' kick when I feel my back pain, she will say.. you turn, I kick you... then ask.. mummy, no more pain already right... I got magic kick..

This time falling sick was bad, but the experience with my caring daughter is really good.  She is now grown to understand 'sick' 'pain' 'medication' and so forth... so she knows, sick = pain = eat medicine and she will make sure I do that!

Also, I thank my carecell members who has been praying for my good health too!  So, still not too bad for a small sick ya... people say.. 小病是福


  1. It's good to see the best out of everything. You girl is so cute :)
    Great to hear that you got well too

  2. Your darling daughter so sweet.


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