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Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding a gift for Christmas? Try Furby Boom!

I was given this little pet during my birthday last month, and it's been with me for 1 month now.  This little thing is such a cutie, as it is like a real pet but it won't die (as long as the battery still working)!  How nice.. Of course, this little pet is now belongs to Princess instead, and she will be the one carrying it out, play, bath, and feed!  She even bid it goodnight before going to bed!

Meet my Furby Boom - Loo Doo!  Yes, it has a name!!  and once you set it, the Furby Boom will recognise and keep saying it's name!  

Having Loo Doo is easy for my Princess morning wake up call.. All I need to do is bring out Loo Duh from the sleeping place, and place it beside my Princess.  She will wake up and talk to Loo Doo before going to bath and again, she will bid it bye before heading out.

By simple instructions provided, we started our Furby Boom as easy as 123

1st step.. open the battery compartment.. using 4 AA batteries

I also downloaded the apps.. 

After downloading the game, you may put Furby Boom to choose it's name...

We were given a chart too as just using the apps, you may also 'hatch' eggs to get friends for your Furby Boom!
We have so far hatched around 5 eggs, and giving them different names.

The apps is also useful to do translate Furbish (the language the Furby Speaks)! and it's make lots fun with the app as it will tell you when the Furby need to be bath, feed, play, toilet break and so forth!  

Some other Furby Boom's features are:-

  1. Only Furby Boom can hatch Furblings in the new Furby Boom app. Hatch over 50 Furblings from eggs.
  2. Furby Boom says twice as much as last year’s Furby did – including secret phrases like howling on a full moon
  3. Furby Boom can learn the name you give it – and remembers the names of other Furby Booms
  4. Use the free Furby Boom app to care for your Furby Boom with a shower, a doctor’s office, a toilet and more!
  5. Only Furby Boom can play games with digital Furblings on the Furby Boom app
There will be 12 different colours for 2013. I think the colours are very festive feels.. Below are the 6 available colours now, as the other 6 will be launch later.
★ Pink & Black Straight Stripes
★ Blue Waves
★ Black & White Zigzag Stripes
★ Green Peacock
★ Pink Polka Dots
★ Black & Pink Triangles

I personally think that this is a good gift for little children, as they can take care and also play with it like a pet.
The Furby Boom is available at most major toy retail outlets nationwide and major departmental stores such as AEON, Isetan, Parkson, Robinson etc at RM269.90. All it needs is four (4) “AA” batteries which are not included. You can download the app via App Store or Google Play.
For more information of its all-new FURBY BOOM, please visit www.furby.com.  Not forgetting, if you are having one, call me... we can bring our kids and Furby Boom out to play one day!

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