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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My first experience with FIR

FIR don't stand for the singer group from Taiwan, but FIR stands for Far-Infra-Red!  I've seem some written article about FIR since I joined one of this group in FB, and it's really bring out the curiosity out of me.  There is the one particular 'brand' that is giving out 1st trial costing only RM9.90, and they recently opened a branch in Damansara Perdana (DP).  If you already know what I'm talking, then YES, it's the My FIR Wellness!  

I booked my slot last Saturday, and I was actually quite excited about it.  Knowing that FIR has got good 'result' in better health, I am eager to try out.  This afternoon, after Princess classes (yes, read CLASSES), I drove to DP and arriving there half an hour later.  My FIR Wellness was just after the Jaya Grocer in DP, and you won't miss the big turning left into the shop lots.  Of course, not forgetting the 'best' landmark when you see the 7-E just next to it! It's ample parking, and no hassle in finding a good shaded place to park my car.  I just loved places like this which I don't have the hassle to look for parking!

I walked in and was welcomed by Mummy Julz (owner of My FIR Wellness)!  She is a friendly lady, and was explaining to me what the whole treatment about, and also what should I be expecting from it.  Also, she did not just 'praise' the treatment, but telling me there are people who find it unsuitable due to their medical condition and such.  So, at least, it's a truthful business person and not just any sales concern lady.  iLike!

MJ also reminded me that I must take in Calcium supplement before entering the FIR room, and she even prepared it for those who didn't had it.  Very kind of her for charging a fair charges RM4 for 2 tablets) for those who didn't had the supplement earlier.  MJ explained that besides the removal of toxic in our body during the FIR treatment, we will also lose out Calcium, Magnesium and some minerals too, therefore a supplement is required.  Also, she explained that Skin being the 'biggest' organ in toxic expelling organ, but one that uses the least in our body.  So, FIR is to also uses this big organ to help us detox by making us SWEAT!

Long story cut short, MJ did my body scan, which has my weight, body fat, water, and other important 'factors' noted before I was usher into the FIR room.  No sharing of the details, but in the end of the treatment, I lost something, and I gain something.. guess what? hahaha...

When in the FIR room, I was provided with alkaline water to keep myself hydrating, and also books to read.  They have speakers in the FIR room, and you may bring your own MP3 to put your own music.  NICE!  I enjoyed myself in the room, while Princess waiting outside for me to finish.  For me, it's never enough, but for Princess, she keep asking how long more for her to wait.. LOL!

My after treatment was good.. feeling lighter and fresh, and came home had early dinner before I head to bed.

On Sunday, I have no problem getting up for church (in mind) but my dear Princess decided that she want to skip that and will go only next week.. hmmm.. so, we thought OK, let's go next week and no more excuses!  I'm going to book my 2nd treatment, and will come back and blog more (with pictures this time)!

*no picture for this post was due to the excitement of getting to My FIR Wellness, and I left my camera at home!  

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