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Friday, April 18, 2014

Rio 2 in 3D

We were lucky to win 2 tickets from Nuffnang contest, and last Tuesday, we went for Rio 2 3D movie.  This is a continue episode from Rio, and it's all regarding the blue Macaws and their friends. There were some continue characters from the previous episode, plus additional characters to enhance the movie.

Blu & Jewel are both 'protected' animals and kind of living in the city.  They are much having a comfort of human kind as they were like pets to their owner Tulio & Linda.  Have you seen a bird that can make pancake?  In Rio 2, you will witness this yourself.  Blu & Jewel have also had 3 cutie with them which each one carries a different characters.  

They were all get excited when they heard the news reporting on the discovery of additional Blue Macaws in the Amazon!  

Blu is having the thought of 'accompany' Jewel to explore the Amazon however upon finding her family, Jewel decide to stay put as she found her family there in the Amazon!  It's a very touching reunion, and I just like Blu's "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" philosophy.

It's worth a trip to the cinema for this movie, especially for the colours and all the nice nice scenery!

My Favourite Character in the show!
Happy Family!
Have not watched this?  Maybe a good time spend with your family this weekend!  

Happy Easter!


  1. we went to this movie with the kids. Really very colourful. But I still prefer Rio 1.

  2. next time P can save a lot of money because he dont like going to cinemas. i offered him a few times recently to see a few..even R2...he is not keen. Funny fella.

  3. Ahhh..nice. Looking forward for R2!


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