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Friday, June 13, 2014

Peppa Pig and NoQ Store

I am totally defeated by this pig now.  So helpless that my girl been sticking on the Ipad watching this over and over again.  Don't ask me how she was exposed to this, as for someone who can't read, spell and all, she found this herself!!  I am in a total fight with her since she glue herself there for a long time especially during this school holiday!  We even have to 'battle' going school tomorrow topic.. ish ish... bad pig at times!

Thank GOD I was referred to NoQ Store, which I decided to purchase some Peppa Pig books instead of letting my girl watch the show non stop over and over again.  I must now get her interest in reading, and hopefully by getting the Peppa books, she will read more and watch less!

My itchy hands went to click click some books, and ter-buy the followings.  






NoQStore it's an online bookstore and currently having some discounts.  I so love when I can shop at the comfort of my own home and not thinking that I need to lug all the books along and this will be delivered to my door steps.  Purchase only RM50 and above, books will be deliver for free!  How nice right?  Now I only need to sit back and relax with the delivery. 

On top of the this, I also got good 'lobang' aka 'kang tao' for all of you who read this.  If you are thinking to purchase some books from NoQStore too, you can apply a discount code CYNFUL upon checkout.  You will be entitle to an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases from NOW until 31st October 2014.  

Enjoy shopping!

Stay tune for my update on my books upon it's arrival.


  1. I've heard so much about this pig but I've never watch it. Ethan doesn't know Peppa but my friend's kid is crazy over it!

  2. thanx
    realy i love peppa pig season 1 wtach full cartoon peppa pig season 1 Свинка Пеппа (сезон1)


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