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Friday, September 19, 2014

New Business Venture

It's been a while I did not update on the personal matters of myself.  Things are getting on well but tough.  After a long thought, I decided to move out and stay on my own.  To start with this, it's already a difficult decision.  Financially and Emotionally I was not stable over that 2 months period.

I later decides that I should continue to bake and also pick up some business venture.  I went to into fruits selling now.  I set up a page for this purpose too.  Visit my FB page at Fresh Choice - Cynful Pleasure

I started this a week ago, so far so good.  Each week, fresh fruits will be delivered on Saturday, and I will post pictures of my 'stock'.  I got a Google Form set up and will take orders accordingly.

If you know anyone looking up for fruits weekly, do let them know that they can order from me which also at a cheaper rate, with door-step delivery!

Thank you!


  1. You mean you are staying with Breanna only now? Take care Cyn. I hope everything will turn out alright and better from here.

  2. Hi! Wow! A real big move but I guess it is a good choice eventually. Stay stronger for your little princess. Good luck in your new venture. All the best and take care of yourself and princess.


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