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Monday, September 24, 2012

Starting primary at 6 years old?!

I recently went to the 'potential' school of my girl again, just to make another round of visit and want to make sure my girl does loves it.  So, since last week, I was sick, and was given a day of medical leave, I utilised it to make this trip during school day, to see what happen on school days in the school.

Upon talking to the principal, she informed me that my girl's batch (born in 2009) MIGHT be the first batch of guinea to commence primary at the age of 6!!  My first concern that strike me are 2 factors. 


Guess now the schools are taking in at least 40 people in a class (referring to Chinese based) and with a double entry of school going kids, are we ready in 2 years time?  The principal did not give me any comfort answer but even rub it in to say they don't know what going on too.  

In addition, that year of graduates will have to be more competitive as there will be double batch of students entering uni when completion of the schools!  Are we having sufficient preparation for those 12 years to come?

Haiz.. how can our Education system changes without further planning?  In 2 years time, they want to roll in more students, but I don't see schools and teachers sprouting.  Already they are in the situation of insufficient teachers, and now to handle double batch at different age?

Guess, I got to quit to go into teaching.. maybe I should start now to see any Chinese Primary school want to take me in to teach, and then by my girl entering Primary, they have 1 more teacher.  Anyone want to join me?

I hope the recent announcement of the new Education blue print is already given best of thoughts and not acting just for the sake of staying in power!!  I am tired of being a guinea pig, since I am the last batch of UPSR (7As requirement) and PMR (First batch)!! and now, my girl's turn!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

RM500 Aid

Last week, there is an announcement by our Government on the disbursement of RM500 to help reduce the financial burden.  Those who eligible to receive the 'assistance' will need to complete and submit a form to the Income Tax Department for registration.

The official Media Release can be found here..

If you are one who entitle for this, please visit the LHDN nearest branch or the Treasury Malaysia for registration.  You may also download the form here

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I BANCI liao... have you?

Last Saturday, in a bright daylight, under hot hot sun, 2 Indian ladies came knocking on my door.  With the dog barking hard, I peeped and I asked... The answer:  BANCI BANCI (A Survey practice to collect data from the every household)

Oh.. OK.. I went out to the car porch, and the lady asked me some questions pertaining to the BANCI  however I find it very difficult, as we have 4 people living in the house, and to go through one by one under such a hot sun, it's really not easy.  I took over the form, and asked her what should I fill, and proceed with all the necessary completion.

I remembered back those days (mine was like 20 years back), I experienced once of this also in my hometown, and those days, the officer was invited into the house, sitting on the little benches in the porch and doing that with all our leisure.  However, this time round I think being living in a city, we are more concern of security, therefore the whole 'interview' was done between a grill gate.

We were given a yellow card to place near our house number, as an indication that the BANCI officer came to the household and done their part.  The questions were basically from Name, DOB, Education Level, Employment Level, Electrical Item owned in the, number of cars owned, household income and so forth...

The form consist at least 10 pages, and if you have more than 4 person living in the household, you may have more to fill too..

So, have you got the BANCI officer in your house already?  Do corporate with them, as these inform may be helpful and useful.


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