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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Finally...

I finally opened my 'birthday' gift... yeah yeah....

I got this gift last year, however after some ding dong and my fickle minded on where to host the blog, how to do up the blog and etc, I finally revert to blogger... make a huge turn and still think that blogger is the easiest to handle for me now... 

So, my dear friends... I have got my home bakery blog shop up for your visit... Visit www.cynfulpleasure.com and let me know what you think.. I am doing this from scratch, and with a very minimum creativity, I am struggling with all the necessary.. but I am sure it will be improvise...

thanks again for all the support and making me moving towards materialising my dream...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Into the 2 years of motherhood

OMG, I drafted this post for more than 2 weeks, and it is still not being posted.. this is how busy I am lately.. haiz…

On the 17th of February 2011, it marked a 2 years of my single motherhood.  Over the last 2 years, things have not be any easier.  It’s a great struggle in life and it’s still going on.  Over the last 2 years, major changes to me happened:-

1)  I became stay at home most of the time as to be able to take care of this little Princess of mine

2)  I enrolled in a baking course to enhance my baking skills, and currently trying to earn a living with it

3)  I am getting temperamental and emotional sensitive.  With some slight ‘bad’ stuff thrown at me, I will feel depressed and in doubt.  But this feeling did not last for long (maybe due to my ‘shout’ in my FB page)

4)  I strived so that we could have more independence and also trying to set up my own bakery too!

5)  I get lesser sleep but I don’t mind

6)  The moment I see Princess smiling at me.. my heart melt and I am no longer angry with her

7)  I treasure my mum more

8)  I am into ‘child’ topic more often than anything whenever I meet up with people!!

9)  I spend less on my own

10)  I am all time worrying for things….

Very fast, my Princess will turn 3 years old in another 11 months to come, and by then, it will be more challenging.  For now, I am thinking to have a better start of our life, and she can lead a better life in time to come.  We both have been ‘hibernating’ at home over the last 2 years, and I really wish that we could get out more to explore!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Change of Title

This time round, it’s not the theme, but the big big title…

Let’s say bye bye to this


and put your hands together to welcome this…


The name of the title has change, so do the description of the blog.  Now, the title will gives me the motivation of realising my dream in the coming 2011, and the description is to show that I am now in a better place than before.

My frequent readers will know something missing in my blog, which is the ‘story’ behind me.. I have moved that to my other ranting blog (go search for the link if you want to read).  I am not going to do promotion on that blog here since I wanted to keep moving on.. but be warn that the ranting blog has really good rants going on.. :p

This blog will be updated for more happy happenings, my baking, and of course, I hope to earn some pennies from this blog too!  I hope to work on the ranking, and seeing the increasing number too!

Tell me what you think of the new change… oh ya.. thanks to STP for giving me the blog title too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brea’s Bake is born

Today, 11th November 2010… is the first day my cookies were sold under the name of Brea’s Bake! Yes, I used Princess short form as my ‘branding’ in order to keep reminding me my little precious and all this are all my effort to keep her in mind always!

I take this day as to deliver my first order to this ‘supporting’ customer of mine, and I am really happy to hear that she is placing more orders!! muahaha.. I really want to thank her very much for the supports that she has been giving me.

I finally make up my mind on the packaging, the colours and so forth..

blog 2

blog 1

With colourful magazine as the gift bag, and each flavour comes with different colour of ribbons and gift cards!  And in addition, I am also doing the plain chocolate chips.  This will add to the current 3 different ‘flavours’ available.

Now, I really hope that this can be a source of strong income for me to further realise my dream…

Again, thanks for all the supports!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Step

I went to the bakery school again, and spoke to the boss.  Initially I wanted to offer him my blog space as then I will blog about my daily school activities, and see if there is any opportunity for me to have a lower fees. This school is relatively new in the market, and because of that, they offer lots of different recipes comparing to those already substantial in market. 

Now back to my visit and discussion with the boss, they are willing to give me some discount and I  can pay with installments, but with the condition that I start it on the 11th of October 2010!  For the first 5 days of the class, it will be exciting coz they have got a  International known chef coming to do some sugar crafting, and I get to do it hands ON!  

And since it's NEW, I got all personal teaching (coz the class is small) from the French Chef, and I got to access the 'library of recipe' all I can!!  

If you now ask me if I am going for it, I am again in consideration coz and again, $$ is my concern.  Nevertheless, I think I am 80% there, and I will do all my best in order to make this happen!  I am very very very very very very much interested in this, and my dream of having my own bakery / cafe will have to 'materialize' one day!

Cynful Pleasure Bakery

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