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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Giveaway Announcement!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just a short note to announce my giveaway result!

Congrats to SP, and you have till Thursday, 28th December 2012 to revert to me your address, and I shall send the necessary to you.  Should I did not hear from you, a new winner will be selected again.



Friday, December 14, 2012

Received the Method Products

I joined Claire's blog giveaway recently, and been lucky to win some products for my home use.  I've just received the products yesterday afternoon, delivered to my office and I'm surprised to see all FULL SIZE products in the box!  I received the followings, and just to give you a preview of what I got, and what to expect in the next few days in my review.  I'm going to review the product ONE BY ONE! 

cleaning your bathroom probably isn’t at the top of your weekend-fun list. it’s certainly not on ours. so we developed a tub + tile cleaner that does the heavy-lifting for you. the plant-based formula with new powergreen™ technology dissolves soap scum + pesky stains, so you do less scrubbing. 
less scrubbing = more time for fun. now that’s the kind of math we can get behind.

powergreen™ technology is cutting-edge green chemistry that harnesses the strength of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients to deliver a mighty cleaning punch. our bathroom cleaner is powered by a combination of plant-based surface modifiers that help prevent grimy build-up, while solvents derived from timber mill by-products dissolve soap scum.
tub + tile flushable wipes
ever feel like certain people using your toilet could use a little…coaching? practice? aim? set this hardworking package of our flushable wipes nearby, and you (or, ahem, he) can wipe and flush at any moment for an instant clean. great for clean-ups all over the bathroom — sinks, countertops, faucets and tile — and they’re always septic tank friendly.

it may be hard to believe, but this tiny bottle of ultra-concentrated laundry detergent can do big things. that’s because the plant-based formula with smartclean technology® seeks out dirt and stains in a revolutionary new way to deliver beautifully clean clothes with just 1/4th the dose of the leading brand. plus, its handy pump makes for easy, one-handed use. no mess. no waste. no aching biceps.
to learn more, go to www.methodlaundry.com
squirt + mop hard floor cleaner smells so good, you practically want to eat off the floor. we don’t recommend it. but it is good to know this no-wax formula is non-toxic and biodegradable. makes you want to throw out the timer on that whole 5-second rule. plus, the ergonomically designed shower-nozzle spray covers your floors in fewer sweeps and helps avoid puddling.

gel hand wash 

it’s 4pm. do you know where your hands have been? probably better just to wash them and not think about it. what you should think about is what you’re washing with. unless you’re already using our naturally derived, triclosan-free, heavenly scented hand wash. in which case, feel free to give the next person you encounter a high five. you’ve earned it.

A little about Method:  
Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, proud brainparents of method® and the very first people against dirty®. Despite founding one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, and single-handedly turning the consumer-packaged-goods industry on its head, these two former roommates are quick to tell you that they’re no heroes. And that’s true. They’re SUPER-heroes. And like every great superhero, they gained their powers after being exposed to toxic ingredients. Cleaning supplies, to be precise. But rather than turning them green or granting them the ability to talk to fish, Eric and Adam’s toxic exposure gave them something even better. An idea.

Eric knew people wanted cleaning products they didn’t have to hide under their sinks. And Adam knew how to make them without any dirty ingredients. Their powers combined, they set out to save the world and create an entire line of home care products that were more powerful than a bottle of sodium hypochlorite. Gentler than a thousand puppy licks. Able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon.

Other Products:-

fabric care - laundry detergent, softener
hand care
body care
botanical antibacterial cleaners
all-purpose cleaners
bathroom cleaners
specialty cleaners (stainless steel, granite, wood)
floor cleaners

The above are mainly extract from their website, you may refer to Method FB, or their website, and blog for further information.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Giveaway! - A Exclusive Starbucks 2013 Planner

Guess most people know I'm a Starbucks fan, and with the recent promotion of Starbucks, I have got 2 planners in hand which I am giving away 1 for the lucky winner!

I don't have the picture of the planners, but you may refer HERE on how the planner look like.  This time the giveaway is simple, All you need is just follow the steps below, and you may win yourself a planner before year end.

The planner comes in 2 colours, and by even telling me which colour you want, you get yourself 1 entry!  So, good luck and try your best!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, and the winner(s) announcement!

It marked my 35th birthday on the 15th November 2012!  Officially I am mid-30s now!!  For over the last 35 years, I have managed to still stand strong on my own feet, and getting better off I would say.  I finally embrace the Lord and has been actively participating in Care Cell and so forth.  I hope my journey with GOD will be a fruitful ones.

Now, I shall announced the winner(s) now, however the prizes will have to wait till I got it from the sponsor, i.e. Kleenex Malaysia before I start to send them out!  Below the video I got Princess to draw out the 5 winners!  We have a total 7 submissions as follows:-

1)  Kylie
2)  Wenn
5)  Wendy Pua
6)  Eriol Loh
7)  MeRy

We are overly busy last week, therefore only able to do the announcement this morning at my work desk.  Folding up the names of the participants, and quick pick 5 of you below!

I have 7 participants, and picked 5 of them, and the winners are:-

Wendy, Mery, Andrew, Eriol & Claire!

Congrats to all of you, and kindly PM me your address, as then once I received the gift from Kleenex, I will post it out to you!

Thank again everyone for your participation, as we will then make 7 make-a-wish charity too!

P/s:  For the winners, you have 5 days to contact me with your details, or I will give your winnings to the next lucky person.  Thank you!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bring Some Holiday Cheer Into Your Home With Kleenex® Share The Softness Festive Packs!

THIS IS A STICKY POST!  Please scroll down for newer posts as I want to leave this till 15th November!  Thank you!

It's time for the year end celebration again!!!  These final 2 months of 2012 are always fill with many many celebrations, and most importantly, yours truly Birthday will fall under the November month.  I have got one giveaway last month,  and this month another one in conjunction with my big Day!!  This day will marked the mid of my 30s... (oops, did I just leaked out how old am I)?

How to join Cynful Pleasure Giveaway?

1)  Create a heartwarming entry sharing a special moment with your love ones.  You may even do a wordless post with just photos with your love ones.  If you do not have a blog, you may leave comment in Cynful Pleasure FB page, or the comment below too!
2)  Link my giveaway URL in  your blog post
3)  Copy and paste your URL of your entry at the comment space below
4)  Follow Cynful Pleasure blog, and Like Cynful Pleasure FB Page

Since this will be one giveaway in conjunction with my big day, you need to send in your entry by 15th November 2012 GMT 00:00.  I will pick the random winner on my birthday morning after eating my red egg and mee suah soup!

That's not all, as this Giveaway is fully sponsored by Kleenex, each entry you enter here, Kleenex is also proud to pledge RM10 for Make a Wish Malaysia, an NGO who grants wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to inspire hope, strength & joy.

I am going to pick 5 lucky winners and will be given the followings:-

Shopping vouchers
Kleenex Festive Box Packs
Kleenex Hand & Face Moist Wipes
Kleenex Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes
Kleenex 3-ply UltraSoft Pocket Packs
Kleenex Vintage SoftPacks
Kllenex Vintage Pocket Packs
Kleenex Vintage Value Packs

Below are the pictures of the prizes above.  Prizes will consist a mix of individual packs which I will decide what to send to the winners later.

Good Luck to all of you!! and I hope to get more entries so those young children will have more funds! and fun!!  Isn't that good to not just have chance to win some prizes, but also to help others?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kongsi kasih sayang bersama Kleenex dengan Sumijelly.com

Ni, I nak buat entry dalam Bahasa pulak ya.  Pasal nak bagi charity tuk Make-A-Wish, rajin I share cerita2 I ni.

Pada masa ketika dahulu, Cynthia kena tukar sekolah.  Dari sebuah sekolah kebangsaan selama ni semua budak Cina, Cynthia tukar ke sebuah sekolah yang ramai kawan kawan Melayu!  Canggih tau!  Dah la nak mula suaikan diri, lagi nak cermerlangkan 'keputusan' pasal makcik Cynthia dalam 1 sekolah!!  Kalau tak belajar sungguh-sungguh, mesti kena 'complain' nanti. *stress-la 1 perkataan *

Nak cerita masa duduk dalam asrama la ni.  Banyak cerita-cerita lucu, sentuhan hati dalam berapa bulan Cynthia duduk dalam asrama tau.  Kakak-kakak semua jaga Cynthia (pasal Cynthia anak buah seorang cikgu dalam sekola) LOL!  Lebih-lebih masa makan, mesti Cynthia dapat dijaga.  Kalau makanan sedap-sedap, dapatla Cynthia makan dengan jari!  Tapi, masalahnya timbul... lepas makan ngan jari, kenala basuh kan?  Tapi lepas basuh, basah kuyukla pasal lupa nak bawak tissue keluar masa pergi kantin.

Nasib baikla, seorang kawan yang baik hati, bagi tissue-nya tuk Cynthia.  Pusing-pusing nampak satu logo yang sungguh lembut aka Tissue Kleenex!  Bayangkan rasa saya yang terharu!!  Kawan saya bagusnya, boleh lagi kongsi tissue yang lembut tu.  Buatla hati saya pun lembut sekali.

Dari hari tu, kita jadi kawan yang lagi rapat, dan masing masing kongsi tissue kadang-kala.  Kita dah membesar sekarang, masing-masing pun berkeluarga, tapi adala pula nak jumpa dan share cerita 'tissue' kita.  Buat malu je masa tu dalam keadaan basah kuyuk!  

Ni nak jugak submit untuk Sumijelly punya peraduan kat blognya SINI.

** OMG, it's so difficult to type and write in BM now!! must go polish my vocab again!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is your face sun-protected GIVEAWAY! - Winner Announcement

If you posted your comments in my earlier post, you have stand a chance to win the Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50. 

And now the announcement of the winner!!!

 It's the comment No 4 which will be Wenn of Wenn Experiences!! Congrats to Wenn, and I hope after you try this Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 and you will not feel oily on your face!

Her winning comments is
I am very lazy to put sun block on my face as it tends to get oily. But I have to do it as I'm always on the run outside.

Congrats to Wenn!! Kindly email me your address at tan.aust at gmail dot com

To those who has not win this, don't give up, as I got another GIVEAWAY for you HERE! Come and participate!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is your face sun-protected GIVEAWAY!

I was brought up in a 'beauty' line family way, as my aunt who is very much a good knowledge of skin care always teach me how to maintain a good skin. Of all the tips she given me, I always remember she keeps reminding me that I should apply sun protection cream on my skin, and not expose too much under the strong sun.

Each morning when I get out to work, I will surely apply a high SPF based sun protection cream, and again on my hands if I am going to walk out under the sun during my lunch hour. But I confess, I don't like the cream on my face, as I find it oily in one way or another. Even when I put on Princess, she just don't like it on her face as she thinks it's sticky!!! Each apply will end up in tissue paper within the next minute!

Each time I am at the beach, I will diligently apply coat and coat of sun protection cream to prevent become a roasted 'pig' (a good term to explain due to my size.. LOL)! On top of that, I hate the peeling that happen after each 'burned' session. 

Now, today, to be specifically this morning, I finally try out the new Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50. I first apply a small spot on my hand to try, just to make sure it absorbs well into my skin and does not leave any oily feeling. In addition, I also want to make sure it's makes my skin smooth too! 

I read that Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. In addition, I know that Banana Boat products are Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven® protection against the sun’s rays.

In addition, Banana Boat’s AvoTriplex® Technology combines: 

· Avobenzone, a powerful absorber of UVA rays which cause long-term skin damage. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin’s dermis and hypodermis layers to cause long-term harm to the skin. 

· UVB absorbers to protect against the burning effects of the sun. Without proper protection, UVB rays penetrate the skin’s epidermis layer, causing it to burn within minutes, depending on your skin type. 

· A photo-stabilizing agent to maintain longer-lasting sun protection without breaking down so easily

Oh now, the last 'benefits' has speak it loud for me to try!!  I can now take many many photos under the sun (mostly for my princess) after she apply the Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50!!  I hate those oily feeling photos!! and what more all the sweat dripping!! (you can clearly see the sweat as water and oil cannot ngam) :p

So guess my jumping cheers when I read the box says, Helps Prevent Premature Skin Damage, Hypoallergenic, Oil Free, Very Water Resistant.
Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 comes in 60ml units and is available at RM32.90 at all chain pharmacies, retail stores and hypermarkets.

I did a comparison of putting a drop of the cream on my hand, and you can see, with the cream on, my hand is much smoother and brighter compared to the one at the bottom.  

And if you want to know how to apply cream on your face, let me Princess show it to you..

I didn't manage to toggle the video from the online video editor, and hope you be able to view it.

Now, if you wanna try out this Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50, all you need to do is to put your comment below, and ONE lucky winner will be given a tube of it. This is open to all residents in Malaysia with a valid address.

Contest will end on 1st November 2012 at 12pm sharp, and a winner will be picked randomly and announce on 2nd November 2012.  So, put more comments in the box below, and you have a chance to win this!  May it be useful for you to attend the year end celebration soon to come!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A gift from far..

I got this precious gift few days back, but didn't have time to do any photoshoot and editing, therefore only blog about it now.

Guess you know this famous blogger who went on a holiday spree recently, and when she was away, she did a giveaway contest, and I am one of the lucky winner!!!  Thanks Claire for the gift all the way from SF!!

So happy receiving this, and I keeping this for future use.. SOON... and that's another benefit of blogging!! YEAH!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Booster Set Giveaway by MG

MG has recently did a giveaway for Hot Wheels Wall Tracks but I did not participate, and Family First won it the first time.  Congrats to Family First, and this time round, I wish to try my luck again since I saw this giveaway, and I got the time doing it.. LOL!

You may ask since I got only a daughter, why did I so wanted to win this contest?  Coz this may be my toy instead of hers.. LOL!  Anyway, who say girls can't play with car?  I myself grew up with cars, as I am the only girl in the group of 'budak' that my godma took care of.  Beside my own brother, it will be the 2 godbrothers of my.  So, I end up don't play dolls but CARS!

Hot Wheels are always into collection item, and having this, I am sure gonna make loads of people jeolous of my luck, and collection!  I am sure this will be a good thing to have and I am sure both myself and princess will enjoy it very much.

Maybe this can be a 'gift' for Princess able to wean the night fix?

We shall see..

So, if you wanna try your luck, and have time till Friday, 10th to do so.. visit MG's blog HERE for the details.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Freebies and Launch SOON in Malaysia!

A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!

I believe a lot of you girls and guys searching around

where to grab for Hello Kitty items in Malaysia for a really

long time…

And today…

Finally… Hello Kitty Malaysia is here..!

They are having pre-launch right now and as a special

pre-launch offer, you can have RM5 voucher and bonuses like

Cute 3D Hello Kitty Model at zero cost. If you don’t believe me

check it out for yourself here, while it’s still available:

==> http://www.hellokittymalaysia.com

This special pre-launch offer is valid only till the launch day,

after which it may be taken off completely. Stop reading this now,

and go to the Hello Kitty Malaysia website and claim all voucher

and bonuses now:

==> http://www.hellokittymalaysia.com

If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.

Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.

I DID tell you it’s a limited offer :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Christmas Giveaway from cathj

 Aren't it a lovely gift above?  Do you want Santa to be good to you?  Or Do you still believe in Santa?

I do think there is an existence of Santa, but of course not the old man with the red robe.. it's some good Samaritan who always has giveaway in her blog.  If you want to know more, click on the badge above, and it will lead you there..

All you need to do is be a blogger! Own a blog!

Got a pretty picture!  Fill the form and hey, let's wait for another 5 days, and you will be informed if you are the winner!  Don't get too excited yet, she got 3 gifts to be given away!!! YEAH!

Let me see if I should build a chimney for the gift to come by... LOL!

Cynful Pleasure Bakery

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