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Monday, October 22, 2018

Seremban Sotong Mee Hoon

I am from Seremban, and Seremban Sotong Mee Hoon is always a dish we will go back for each time when we are back.  My late dad will always wait at this stall in the Seremban Main Market as early as 5am to pack about 20 to 30 packs for our breakfast when we visits my grandparents back those days.

After some times, dad tried his hand on the recipe, and came out close to the original version.  Now that my brother is the main chef in Kedai Makanan Kuen You, he replicate the same and just last Saturday, we finally got the approved taste from fellow Seremban folks that visited our shop!

How is the dish look like?

Why so special about this dish?

The meehoon is fried before serving.  It has the aroma of smoky meehoon and we added in braised pork, cuttlefish and green vegetables.  The chilli sauce that accompany this dish is also special made to go with this dish.  This is not a soupy dish, in fact, it comes with a special sauce that we prepared using bone broth and also the braised sauce.

We are very happy that we have manage to replicate this dish with our own efforts and we want to bring this to Kedai Makanan Kuen You since this is one of our childhood memories.  It does brings me back to time when my late dad was trying his very best to cook for us when we miss it so much.

Now that you don't need to drive 45 minutes to reach Seremban, you can drop by our shop to try this noodles.  This dish is very different from the usual soupy noodles, and it's a very individual taste of love.

Come try this, and let us know if you do enjoy it as much as we have!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Introducing my staple meal to you

What is your staple food? 

Princess is a carb person, she can't live without any rice / noodles!!  On the other hand, I can't survive on my fats!!

Requested from supplier to provide me with minced pork fats

Rendered Pork Lard.. my yummy snack

My Pork Noodle in my shop without the carb and lots of my rendered fats!

Curry Pork Noodle without Noodles!
This is what I eat nowadays.. I chanced upon a new lifestyle last year when I was so busy in my previous shop, causing me to lose 15kg within 3 months.  I have cut out my carbs in the beginning as I was fasting for Easter which I practised Daniel Fast which requires me to cut out sugar, carbs and all other processed food.. 

So, it's not hard to cut carbs, but I have am still fall for my alcohol.. hahaha.. therefore weight lost has been slow but it's still going...

If you haven't seen me for last 1 year, come drop by say hi to me at Kedai Makanan Kuen You in Taman Danau Desa!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Being thankful and grateful

Yesterday was quite a stressful day for me.

I had a busy crowd which I see my sales very close to my target which I am very happy about.  However, I also had a long discussion with the partners which I don't know where will it lead to.  I  am just confuse.. anyway, I will just leave it to for the moment, and figure it out when times come.

Today, I just want to say a very big thank you to them.  The discussion did bring out some internal struggles that I have which it's long overdue hidden inside as I am like a lost sheep for a while.  It's them that continue to push me up another level, and making me think harder.

I am so grateful to have these friends around me giving me so much support.  Despite all the heated discussions topic, our friendship was not tarnish.  All I need to do is to appreciate what's spoken and work towards the target.

I am also grateful that HE has directed first time customers to my place last night, which shows me again I was not forsaken.  I am still a blessed child. 

I will be writing a lot more about the shop moving forward, less emotional stuff since the priority and focus now has to change.  我只会全力做好坤友!!

Last night, again we have stressed on the target we need to achieve.  We need to achieve a total of RM1,160 per day in order for us to have a RM30k turnover.   As most of them are business person, ONE question that throw to me is HOW?!!  Currently the shop is doing only approximately RM600 per day, and I have like RM540 to go.  I need this, no matter what.. I just can't let this dream die on it's own...

If you ask, is the current level sufficient, it's NOT!  I am still making red in the books so this October / November is very crucial for me.  I can only pray as if I want to embrace changes to any of the menu, I still need time to do that.  I would rather work on getting the shop out to the public than actually exploring further on anything else.

I surely working hard.. and the rest will just have to be God's blessing!

Let's Pray!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kedai Makanan Kuen You

Today, I ditch the idea of continue with my previous post on relationship and I want to introduce you my dream which had just came true in June 2018.

Kedai Makanan Kuen You (坤友茶室), born on 2nd June 2018.  I chanced upon it when I drove Princess to her tuition.  I have been keeping an active look out to set another shop after the earlier one failed so badly.  I called many empty shops around, however can't afford the new renovations and all.  This place was put up to take over and it was previously a restaurant too.

I talked to a few friends, and they put their faith in me by investing in.  I spoke to my brother, and he agreed to work hand in hand with me on this.  He took care of the kitchen and menu, while I do the rest.

What is the concept for Kedai Makanan Kuen You?  
After much research, we decided to open a coffee shop.  A simple set up of local style food such as noodles, rice, snacks and of course not forgetting local coffee!

Why the name?  
The name arise as this group of friends who put their faith in me (while I put my faith to Lord) was from a group of friends of my primary school!  We were all students from Kuen Cheng (2) so we decided to take the short form of 坤成校友.

What we serve?
Here the menu!!

Image may contain: food     Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food   Image may contain: food

No automatic alt text available.

Has the menu looks attracting to you?

Where is the place?
We are located at No 6, Jalan 5/109F, Taman Danau Desa.  We are also on Waze to direct you here!

What time does my shop open and close?
Doors open to serve you at 9am to 8.30pm, every day except Sunday.

I thank this group of friends who is so willing to support and build my dream.  Being a single mum, to have this place is really a dream.  I thank GOD for his blessing, and praying that HIS blessings will also be upon my friends too!

Do come visit me if you are free.. Parking may be a challenge on weekdays lunch, but for dinner and weekend, we are all good for parking.

I only have a little wish now.. I am hoping for friends support!  YES, I need all of you to be here to 'pong chan' and give me a review too!  I am thick skin to say, there will be no discount for now as to maintain this dream, I need the cash and business!  Sorry friends... will you just pay full price for now ok?


If the business go on profit in November 2018, this will be my greatest birthday gift!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


人生真的很奇妙。 当你呱呱落地,就和感情扯上关系。亲情,友情,爱情,恩情或者是哀情。


我的人生,感情对我来说,是很不顺的。每每当一段很好的感情都会在我手上毁了。。亲情如是,爱情如是,就我与女儿的母女情也是平平无奇。。为什么?因为,我怕受伤。。我跟自己说,我来时一人,我走时也一人。。 所以当感情发生,我会害怕,我会拒绝,我会故意把它破坏。。


我不是一个很能表达自己的人,可以说的都是一些能给人知道的东西。一些自己认为很私人的问题,我都会封口,把一切带去见我的天父。我火爆,往往人人都认为我生气,就算是普通简讯,都会是被认为我有意见。  我如果被误会,我也从不解释,为什么?因为我觉得不需要。。能了解我的人, 就会了解,不能明白的,解释也是白费,对吗?

朋友,因为现在资讯发达,每一个人都有很多群聊,有同伴的啦,家庭, 同事,老板。。几乎每一个课题都可以有一个群。。也往往因为这样,人与人面对面的表达也少了。。很搞笑对吗?这么多年来,我已经习惯朋友进进出出我的人生,合缘则来,不合就分了。。就因为我对人生的看法,往往我都很少说好话讨人欢心。朋友有问题,找我聊,我真的没时间白聊,我会问出到底他们要什么,这就把人的梦说破,太现实。。久而久之,来和我聊的人,除了想解决问题的人,想撒娇的都不来了。。所以,真的还有真心的吗?


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