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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Pork Noodle Series by Kedai Makanan Kuen You

Introducing our Pork Noodle Series!!

We have now 3 versions of Pork Noodles for your choice! 

1)  Original Pork Noodle

This has been our best sellers since our opening in June 2018.  We serve this with pork bone broth which does not lament with heavy MSG or Salt.  All goodness of broth can be well tasted.  We use Pork Ball, Pork Slice, Minced Pork and also Pork Liver.  Not forgetting, before we serve your bowl of pork noodle to your table, we will also add on Pork Lard to give the dish a top notch! 

2)  Bitter Gourd Pork Noodle

Some old folks always say, when you learn to appreciate Bitter Gourd, it also shows you have taken enough hardship in life.  The addition of bitter gourd gives the soup base and the noodle a combination of  heaven and earth!

3)  Curry Pork Noodle

We prepare our own curry paste to give you non preservative paste and you eats better.  This is a untraditional curry noodles which we do not use any taufu pok or cockles however we use all the Pork Noodle ingredients.  Again, before serving you this bowl of sumptuous noodle, we add a spoon of sugar free sambal belacan.

Come by to #kedaimakanankuenyou and try all these out!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A F&B common happening

Yesterday was a very busy day, and something that I didn't expect happened..

I scaled my own hand with hot oil!!

Right after the oil on my hand, I put on cold treatment, lots of ice water, then I oil it with my magnesium oil, lavender balm and also Myrrh Essential Oil

After 4 hours of continuous applying EO and balm

This is like a thing in F&B, either scaled by water or oil.  I have always been very careful when handling them unfortunately, it still happened on me!

Now, my only pray is that the wound heal, and leave no marks around.. 

Pretty scary when it happen as I am caught off guard and still need to keep pushing myself since we were down with manpower.  I thank GOD the oil was not very hot even though I just finish frying eggs and it's healing well now.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pork Lard Rice

What does this picture reminds you?

When I was a child, each time back from school, this is one dish I will look forward to.  Just simple and fragrant!

We have received request to have this dish on our menu, however due to some circumstances that we can't find quality fragrant lard, we ditched the idea earlier.. NOW, thank GOD for guiding the right supplier, we have managed to get our supplier providing us good quality lard!

We will be serving this dish in Kedai Makanan Kuen You starting next MONDAY, 29th October 2018 !!

Come and enjoy this childhood dish!!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Seremban Sotong Mee Hoon

I am from Seremban, and Seremban Sotong Mee Hoon is always a dish we will go back for each time when we are back.  My late dad will always wait at this stall in the Seremban Main Market as early as 5am to pack about 20 to 30 packs for our breakfast when we visits my grandparents back those days.

After some times, dad tried his hand on the recipe, and came out close to the original version.  Now that my brother is the main chef in Kedai Makanan Kuen You, he replicate the same and just last Saturday, we finally got the approved taste from fellow Seremban folks that visited our shop!

How is the dish look like?

Why so special about this dish?

The meehoon is fried before serving.  It has the aroma of smoky meehoon and we added in braised pork, cuttlefish and green vegetables.  The chilli sauce that accompany this dish is also special made to go with this dish.  This is not a soupy dish, in fact, it comes with a special sauce that we prepared using bone broth and also the braised sauce.

We are very happy that we have manage to replicate this dish with our own efforts and we want to bring this to Kedai Makanan Kuen You since this is one of our childhood memories.  It does brings me back to time when my late dad was trying his very best to cook for us when we miss it so much.

Now that you don't need to drive 45 minutes to reach Seremban, you can drop by our shop to try this noodles.  This dish is very different from the usual soupy noodles, and it's a very individual taste of love.

Come try this, and let us know if you do enjoy it as much as we have!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Introducing my staple meal to you

What is your staple food? 

Princess is a carb person, she can't live without any rice / noodles!!  On the other hand, I can't survive on my fats!!

Requested from supplier to provide me with minced pork fats

Rendered Pork Lard.. my yummy snack

My Pork Noodle in my shop without the carb and lots of my rendered fats!

Curry Pork Noodle without Noodles!
This is what I eat nowadays.. I chanced upon a new lifestyle last year when I was so busy in my previous shop, causing me to lose 15kg within 3 months.  I have cut out my carbs in the beginning as I was fasting for Easter which I practised Daniel Fast which requires me to cut out sugar, carbs and all other processed food.. 

So, it's not hard to cut carbs, but I have am still fall for my alcohol.. hahaha.. therefore weight lost has been slow but it's still going...

If you haven't seen me for last 1 year, come drop by say hi to me at Kedai Makanan Kuen You in Taman Danau Desa!

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