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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spot the Difference

My All the blog readers, stay awake with coffee!  Please spot the difference in the following pictures!




These pictures were used by The Star to tell people that the "GOODNESS" of SMART Tunnel!  I find it so misleading and confused!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meeting with client @ Bangsar Village I

Last night was a tiring night for me.  I am supposed to meet a client for discussion on her application at 7.30pm unfortunately she only arrived at 8.30pm due to miscommunication with her fiance.


I arrived at SB BV1 at 6.30pm, and glad to see Margaret aka Mummy in store.  I called her in the morning informing that I will be in the store for the meeting and requested her to keep an eye on the long table for me... He he... She is always so nice and sweet, but she upheld her principle that no reserve of seats will be allowed... Mummy, a clap for you!


When later at 8.30pm the client and her fiance came, we sit down and started doing all the necessary things that we need, and I am lucky that I choose to meet in SB!  The meeting ended at 12.30am!  Till the door of SB also closed and we are still inside while waiting for the barista to finish their closing tasks!  If I am somewhere else, I doubted that I would received such as understanding and good service.  Again, BRAVO to Bangsar Village SB


I am totally exhausted after the meeting.  After home, I still doing the presentation for tomorrow.  This application need to be submitted and it has a deadline!  Oh, sleeping time was recorded at 2.30am!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Service Recovery @ Starbucks

I was at the SB Pusat Bandar Damansara this morning when I was waiting for my passport to be ready for collection. 


The store has a very good frontage, as it located at the Block C facing the main road and you will noticed it.  The store has both the inside and outside seating area.  Very cool ambience as you will feel so comfortable having your coffee in a secluded area with people walking pass you.  I can feel the "speciality" when I was there.


As I was entering the store, there was only 2 baristas, i.e. Teoh handling the POS and Wan trying to clear up the display cabinet.  I was second in line waiting for my turn to order.  Teoh was a very inviting barista.  All the welcoming quotes that SB use, he said it.  However, when he heard my customise drink, there it will go wrong.  I wonder if the customisation is being so "weird" that most of the SB Baristas seems to be unable to handle.  At the POS itself, its already gone wrong. 


When he stare at me point blank, I told him to pass me the sticker and I will mark my own drink.  He did, and with apologetic reaction, he took my order, my payment and of course issue me the necessary points that I deserve.


As soon as I am about to sign my points collection slip, I saw the barista at the Bar making my drink with a 3 pump of syrup.  I re-correct him, and told him the syrup is only 2 pump.  The answer given, "oh, its 2 pump, because earlier was just air"... Then I ask him, how confident are you that the syrup does not fell in my drink, and he just start blank and give me a kind of "well.. I change then" of reaction for me...


Slowly, I walked over to the bar collecting my drink, and to my surprise, they are using the espresso cup as shot glass!  The bar is so untidy with the cups there...  and when out of my curiosity, and it was answered, Baristas broke it, no stock to replace, so use espresso cup first la!  ha ha... this kind of answer, I hope it was not being taught by the DM or SM!


Then, it come to my Shots!  It was at 10am when I walk in and order my drink, and when I commented on the shots, the barista (I believe he is very senior working as a barista) says, "oh the grinds too fine!  I redo and send to you".  I told him off straight, that its his duty to ensure the grinds are calibrated everyday before Store OPEN, not when a customer complain.  Why do I have to wait?  Just because I know how a espresso shot is being consider good?  You mean all this while barista "buat bodoh" and serve the other customers blindly?


I told him NO, I wont go outside because I got no confidence that he will be able to give me a perfect cup of coffee.  I will just wait there till he is able to pull a standard good shot.  Well, he tried and I walk off smiling with my coffee.


I always anticipated that the minute I walk away from the counter, I will be cursed due to my demand. ha ha!


True enough!  There was a barista (Efa) who used to work as a Supervisor and knows how fussy I am, came up to me to say hi.  She was saying that I should request for her to do my drink in order not to get so uptight.  Well, she was not there when I am there!  She walked in only after I got my drink and seated!  Aiyo... or else this post will be written differently!  Efa over heard the conversation of the baristas when she clock in for work, and when she ask who, they pointed at me!


Anyway, the supervisor (Wan) did give me a recovery voucher and apologise for the situation.  I think if its not Efa, this would not happen, as this store is also under the supervisory of Mohin (DM) - the same DM in my earlier post, Summit USJ. ha ha....  Now you know the DM plays important part in guiding the stores??


It was a good time to catch up with Efa knowing that she now got a freelance job and become a part time barista instead of supervisor, I wish her all the best here!  I do hope SB will treasure lots of Efa alike barista, rather than someone too senior and tend to take the customers for granted!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The different Experience

My friends and I were in Summit USJ this evening for a meeting. The guys have some business to discuss, therefore the gals were left wondering around Summit for approx. of 45 mins as the meeting was scheduled to end at 8pm.

At 7.45pm, being tired and hungry, I told my friend that I needed some coffee and rest. We walked into the SB as usual. When I first arrived at the POS (Counter), this barista by the name of Khairul has recognised me as he had served me once. Due to the drink I have, most SB baristas will know me by the first visit!

So, I ordered my drink, and he gave me a "remark"... Hai, I know you gonna do this to me, this is only my 2nd time handling the POS. I told him I have been having this same drink for years and to me, I have no difficulty naming it. As a barista, he should be more well prepared than me! Nevertheless, I even marked the sticker for him and give him the exact charges of my drink!

Just about to complete the transaction, my friend ordered another cappuccino, so I told the Barista to add on the order and told my friend to top up whatever balance as I had paid my drink with the exact! And the barista got blurrrr... Dont know how to charge!

After I proceed to the handover counter, I noticed that the milk pitchers were still stained and I requested the barista, (if I am not wrong, the name is Alvi or something) to WASH the pitcher before steaming my milk. He gave me look and RINSE the pitcher... I wonder did he hear my request! WASH not RINSE!

Then I ask where is the Manager or Supervisor, and it came totally to my surprise, MY MANAGER IS OUT FOR BREAK! I was like huh? Break? and leaving the 2 baristas who were new to handle the store! Thereafter... the queue started and the 2 baristas were panicked. I lost my patience of waiting and requested them to send the drink instead.

I called the other DM to request for SB Summit USJ DM (Mohin) contact number. I told him my experience and he said he will revert to the MOD (Ismail) on this. Later, when I was about to leave, Ismail came to me and said that he apologise from his bottom heart of what happen, and ask me what I want! Hey, I don't complain for FREE DRINK! He should be able to let me know what he can do for me. This is Customer Recovery! They are taught how to handle this! Think about it, I should have ask for not 1 but 10 free drinks vouchers! At least I can give to my friends!

Mohin called me later and ask if Ismail had called, and I told him the whole even worse customer recovery experience I have! Oh gosh, if I ever in Summit USJ, I am not going to SB anymore! I don't think I deserve to suffer for the price I paid for my coffee!

After dinner, on our way back from USJ, a friend say that he did not had his coffee just now, and ask if we should pit stop at SB Pearl International Hotel. I don't mind for that anyway.

This was a total different experience at all! BRAVO SB Pearl International!

The team had never failed me! The effort and passion can be felt once you step in the store. The outside seatings were taken, the barista had the effort to put another table for me and friends. I have my drink made to perfect! Served! and even automatically with 3 cups of water!
The Pearl International Team comprises very familiar faces if you are there! The SM (Yaz) who is now hospital and hope he recover fast! The baristas are also cool.... Wait, one day I got all their names, I will published here!

Please, for those reading this.... try out in Pearl International SB! You will be assured a perfect cup of coffee with the Excellent Service!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I was sitting alone in SB yesterday and found this test in Star Online! Lets see my results!

How independent are you?

Between 21-30

You are a very independent person who knows her own mind. But in your desire to remain self-sufficient you can sometimes make mistakes. Listen to what other people have to say, take on board their suggestions and ideas, don’t dismiss them out of hand, nor be foolish enough to think that you know what is right all of the time.

Take the quiz at CloveTWO!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Starbucks Pavilion

This is the one that located at the 3rd Floor of Pavilion. A new SB that opened in September 2007! Its a great store with the great Partners (SB way of calling their baristas and managers). This store has a lots of seating places which you do not need to fight for one. Located opposite all the al fresco restaurants, with music played by each of the neighbour restaurant, you sometime have some fun there. It also has a band that played for your leisure by the Pavilion.

The walkway is full of people, where its also a good place to "cuci mata".

Lets start to introduce some Partners there (the Partners may changed from time to time):-

Store Manager: Rahim (A friendly Store Manager with little hair and a teddylike tummy)
Other Supervisors: Rudy (A Passionate leader in Store which will always ensure that you get the first smile when you walk in the store)

Partners: Great service with the great role model.

Not forgetting Ferry, the District Manager! He is one of those that you be able to give good and constructive feedback!

This is a store which will be visited after my office hours to release a day of stress work while waiting for my dearest to pick and send me home!

Great Store and Bravo for the Store!

Just to update the outlook photo of the store!


Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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