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Friday, March 7, 2008

Starbucks Pavilion

This is the one that located at the 3rd Floor of Pavilion. A new SB that opened in September 2007! Its a great store with the great Partners (SB way of calling their baristas and managers). This store has a lots of seating places which you do not need to fight for one. Located opposite all the al fresco restaurants, with music played by each of the neighbour restaurant, you sometime have some fun there. It also has a band that played for your leisure by the Pavilion.

The walkway is full of people, where its also a good place to "cuci mata".

Lets start to introduce some Partners there (the Partners may changed from time to time):-

Store Manager: Rahim (A friendly Store Manager with little hair and a teddylike tummy)
Other Supervisors: Rudy (A Passionate leader in Store which will always ensure that you get the first smile when you walk in the store)

Partners: Great service with the great role model.

Not forgetting Ferry, the District Manager! He is one of those that you be able to give good and constructive feedback!

This is a store which will be visited after my office hours to release a day of stress work while waiting for my dearest to pick and send me home!

Great Store and Bravo for the Store!

Just to update the outlook photo of the store!


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