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Friday, April 18, 2008

My next visit to Starbucks Chongqing

I visited Starbucks in Chongqing as well during this visit to China.  I am waiting for the photos from a friend.  Will do the posting once its done!

Will not keep you guys wait for too long!

Visits to Shenzhen Starbucks (5 April 2008)

I was on a trip to Chongqing and on the Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Shenzhen and transit to the final destination.  My flight from Kuala Lumpur to Shenzhen was at 0650hrs and arriving Shenzhen International Airport at 1140hrs.

The best of all, my transit flight was only schedule to take off at 2135hrs from Shenzhen to Chongqing.  I had brought along my laptop with me, knowing that I will have to spend at the minimum of 8 hours waiting for my transit.

First thing arriving in Shenzhen, clear immigration and customs, my next looking forward program was to go for my coffee.  I did not do any info check before I depart, and I was hoping to see a Starbucks in the airport.

I am so glad that upon my arrival, I do see a Starbucks in front of me!  Clap Clap!  My first action was to rush to get my coffee and check out the necessary.  My friend, who was with me at that moment, pull me back, and ask a very serious question.  "Do you have any RMB with you?"  I was opening my big mouth and answer was NO.  We did not remember that we need to change before the flight!

I told my friend, no panic, I will pay with my Credit Card first!  I am not in a good position to think as I have not slept for hours!  I need coffee and best I got my Starbucks coffee!  We walked straight to the counter, ordered our usual and paid for the drink with Credit Card!

This time, its a test, I do not know how to order my drink in Mandarin!  I only tell them in brief what I need, and I do not even know what hazelnut in Mandarin mean.  I am glad the Barista know what I want.

The service was perfect!  Something better than what I usually get in Malaysia!  I mean anywhere in Malaysia.  Even I am so regular in SB Malaysia, I do not have a perfect rating for them here!

I am sooooooo glad that this make my day.  At least, I know I am welcomed and I know I can stay on for that particular 8 hours of wait!  My latte is usual customise and I can tell that the Baristas are working very hard to make sure I got a cup of Perfect drink.  I had 2 coffee there.

Out of sudden, I was approached by a guy named Steven.  He seems to be the Manager of the store.  He mentioned that my drink is very exciting and he would like to try it out.  So, I told him my customised latte and he tried.  We had a good time sharing the experience of coffee and later I was introduced to the whole team.

I now know that SB Shenzhen has Steven, Wendy and others... Will try to look out for the name, which I wrote on a piece of paper and let you guys know again!

This is a complementary which I would like to dedicate to the team of SB Shenzhen International Airport for their perfect service.  I also post here the front entrance of the store, which is bright and clean!

05-04-08_1215 05-04-08_1209

They have uphold the Starbucks Promise to us!

Starbucks Promise:- 

Your Drink Should Be Perfect, Every Time.  If Not, Let Us Know, And We Will Make It Right.

My regret, I did not buy the Shenzhen City Mug there and then thinking I could grab one while on my way back.  Unfortunately, I did not have a chance.  But I Promise, I will return to the store again!

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