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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Main Stream Media

I cant believe my own eyes! 

Please spot the mistake in the below picture. 

Again, I never thought this kind of mistake should happen in the top newspaper in Malaysia!  Its a disgrace!

18-05-08_1048  18-05-08_1047

See?  What a shame!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Starbucks Partner's T-Shirt for Summer Promotions

Noticed Starbucks Malaysia partners are wearing YELLOW!  Good bright colour and unusual than the white and black shirts that they have.

Cool T-shirt and I want one too!  Any Starbucks partners want to offer a L or XL size for me??

The shirt look like this!

21-04-08_2249 Front view

21-04-08_2250 Rear View

Starbucks Plaza Mount Kiara

Blogging from Plaza Mount Kiara.

Its a nice store with a very relaxing environment.  The store now has a fountain in front of the store.  This reminded me my visit to one of the Singapore Starbucks in Bugis Junction.

I am here to meet some clients, that I need to finalise their application.  Being bored while waiting, thinking why not update the blog as I have not write for long.

Its been at least six months that I did not visit SB MK due to the last experience I had.  Its not very pleasant as I have to meet the District Manager at wee hours to story what happen.  But this time round, the store seems to improve alot!

But a joke happen, I ordered my usual drink with a long long name, however I ended being ask, "maam, coffee of the day"?  I was stunned for a while as I did not even mentioned anything about coffee of the day.  ha ha!  The barista smile, and after that I repeat my order.

The drink turn out not too bad, since the change of the machine they use.  Think now most SB has changed their machine.  The machine is something that will produce quality espresso shots.  So, definitely no complain of the shots.

I am wondering if the Jazz Festival is coming back this year here... Keeping my finger cross and I shall look forward for the upcoming event.

My clients are kind, I finished both meetings by 10pm and now I can pack up to go home.  Just nice as my battery is going flat too! ha ha!

Those who read the blog, I know I owed you the Chongqing blog, will do that soon... Still waiting for the photos!  :(

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