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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to handle Feedback

I have a friend who seems to be not very happy feedback to a Starbucks manager on Duty on some issues, and this was brought up to the upper management, i.e. District Manager.

So, what is the feedback about?  Its the discounts!

We sometimes get treated by the Starbucks partners as we are a bunch of regular who often SB Coffee, especially in Pearl International Hotel.  This group of Baristas are very attentive to their customers and for a regulars like us, we are being given "special" attention.  In view of spending RM1000++ a month in SB, my friend was hoping to see if there is a way we could obtain some discounts in view of the current price hike of basic necessities...

So, he got a call from the DM of Pearl International, stating that she wished to meet my friend to discuss on this matter.  My friend who is happy that SB has taken initiative, agreed on the meeting.  The next thing I heard, my friend felt humiliated and insulted by the DM... Why?

The DM being unknown to whom she is meeting, offered 2 vouchers of service recovery and tell my friend that we could obtain our10% discount!  She obviously do not know that we always spend more than RM30 and enjoyed the 10% as we paid RM12 annually to Jusco for a membership card!

My friend was total furious as this is a waste of his time in view that its not any solution to its feedback!  He felt that the DM has not done her homework at all.  Right after the meeting, he wanted an email to be written to the higher management highlighting the humiliation. 

So, I did an email, and further call the DM to ask on what happen... Apparently from my friend, he was challenged to call the higher management if he is still unhappy with the recovery.  When this brought up, the DM claimed that this is not what she meant!  aiyo...

Further on to the discussion with the DM at 9am this morning, I myself got furious and I dont blame my friend having such a reaction.  The DM claimed that my usual drink is "special" customise, and therefore need more time to prepare!  Woi, Ms DM, did she knows that all Baristas in SB are trained before putting on shift?  How can she says that!!!  My goodness!  It really boiled my blood ah!!

The longer the conversation goes by, the more anger I become... My goodness...  I am worried that SB will follow the faith of US and Australia if this continues...

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