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Friday, July 10, 2009

Can’t get me on the phone, SMS!

I am being asked several times how come friends can’t get hold of me on my phone.  Well, I have been busy busy though.  I have an infant to care of, cleaning, washing, cooking, blogging, accounts to do.  Do you think I still have spare time for calls?

At the current moment, my phone is on vibration mode as I do not wish that my phone rings and woke my little Princess up and used up my limited 24 hours per day.  So, if you can’t get me on the phone, please use the SMS mode!  No point calling me few times as if I am able to get to the phone, I will have done it on the first attempt of you calling me.

Let me know what you want.  If I reply your SMS immediately, most probably I able to answer calls.  If you want me to return call, let me know. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not ranting on friends calling me and ask how am I doing, but sometimes, it gets me more irritating when I have people telling me “how come I call you never answer phone”!

If I am still alive, kicking, obviously I am trying my very best to answer each call, however this is no longer my priority!  I have lots more of stuff that I need to attend.  I can’t be carrying my phone all the time just like what I used to.  Now, I have to carry my Princess, then carry my mobile phone.

Previously when I don’t have Princess, my friends know the SMS function, and everybody will SMS each other.  Now out of sudden, this function don’t seems to work anymore?  Sigh…

I am sitting at home, but this does not mean I have nothing to do and very free.  I admit, when I used to stay at home during weekends on my “working” era, I am free at all time, and phone is my best accompany.  Now, not anymore! 

Now, I am working with Princess Breanna Sdn Bhd, and it requires me 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with not privilege of annual leave, MC or even emergency leave! 

So, my dear friends, please, if you call, and I did not answer on the first few rings, SMS me and I will reply you.  This will also save me some call cost to return call, coz then I know what is that for.  I have to be careful on my spending nowadays too.

I appreciate friends concern, and their care for both myself and Princess.  And I love you guys more, if you can understand me further on this.  Thanks!  muakz muakz


*  I hope I don’t offend anyone here… :)


  1. Agree wth you..our life totally different since we become MUMMY...so hope your friends will understand your situation....cheers..:)

  2. yeah, understood-ed... me too like that.. at home i m more busy than in office.. :)

  3. same thing happened to me la. They stopped calling or even sms. Trust me, the calls will come in when they're inthe same shoes as u :)

  4. Aiya, with a baby in tow, pangsai also no time. Friends should understand.. I even get annoyed when ppl call my house phone and wake baby up.
    Princess Breanna Sdn Bhd.. you are hilarious !!!

  5. hahaha...sound familiar. Even my family complained always cannot get hold of me, even my hubby. I even hate the house phone ring when Darren was young coz it will wake him up. I even hide the house phone under pillows. So, don't worry...I'm sure ur friends will understand once they have become a mother too.

  6. 赞成!当妈妈后,忙到不知时间。很多还未当父母的常问,什么那么忙啊?唉!一天他们还没有孩子,他们是不会明白的

  7. Same lah, last time I also like that. When Sarah had nap in the living hall, I will never on my hp with ringing mode.

    I will always sms my fren or only answer the call when Sarah is awake.

  8. Mummy Ryan... yes! and these ppl tot I very free sit at home "cho bor"!

    Claire.. when I used to work, and took leave, I will be more tired than working... serious

    Sasha.. haha :)

    Elaine... got to find a name ma... :)

    Baby Darren... familiar hah? to wait for some of my friends to become mother, it may take some time though...

    Fifi.. 谢谢你的认同!

    Joanne... ya la.. damn, and when they call and woke the little princess, she will be making a fuss!


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