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Friday, July 10, 2009

Durian Crust

It’s now the DURIAN Season! and I believe lots of us here had their fair share of the King of Fruit!

I just wanna share the useful tips on the durian crust.  I think most people know that after eating during, you can use the crust, put some water and salt, drink / gurgle to get rid of the smell and heatiness.  Always hear people says that when Durian season is around, there sure bit lots of high heat and fever.  My cousin will have nose bleed every time he took durian though.

Another way to use the crust, is also put in under running tap water and wash your hand with it.  This will get rid of the smell lingering around your fingers after eating.

Enjoy the durian ya.. :)

Leftover durians are always best kept freeze and eat like an ice cream the next day!

My family loves durian, especially when we have like a small gathering and we wack like lots of durians.


  1. I heard ppl saying about the durian crust with water can cure the heat but really? I've never tried!

  2. never tried it to wash hands though.. must try one day.. but a bit messy also.. instead of water coming down, the thorns might prick my hands.. haha..

  3. Haven't heard about washing your hands from the crust... must try la. Haha.. but nowadays can't take much durian eventhough I am 'hantu' durian. People said, durian can cause high BP so, I don't want my BP to go sky high or I go bye bye!

  4. I just told my husband the tips when we had durian the other day, he seems like not so believe on what I said. Too bad I can't prove it to him, coz we bought those prepacked durian.

  5. Cindy.. yup, it does. try the next time you eat durian...

    Claire.. hold la in between the thorns... :p

    Fifi... yup.. :)

    MamaFaMi... nvm, wack first, BP can come down once you go back to your normal diet.. :p

    Joanne... next time next time... :)

  6. I have heard of this tip but never tried it out.

  7. drink water i hear before but wash hand i never hear before. maybe can try :) thanks for sharing

  8. Mei Teng.. go try the next time..

    Sasha.. try try.. you sure love durian more after that.. Muahaha..


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