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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something I am proud of

This is a way backdated post, I am carrying my little Princess in my tummy while this happen. 

It is the tradition that all family members are to be back home during this festive season (it seems it is more important than the Chinese New Year), and of course we sure have the basic dishes like roast pork, steam chicken and so forth… but I am proud to serve the following additional dishes for my family during last year winter festival (guo dong).

imageimage image image image imageI did these dishes all by myself, while Princess in my tummy actively kicking… and I am glad to see my family members “wollap” everything on the table that day.. *the above was served for a total of 8 person including the one in my little tummy* 

I am so proud that I am able to cook all these without much difficulties.  Asking if I still can manage these this year, maybe if my little Princess allows…

When I posted these photos up on my Facebook, my friend commented saying I am crazy!!  muahahha… but I love to see my family members enjoying my cooking lei….


  1. oooo pls cook for me...

  2. You can cook so well....so many dishes.

  3. wow....you are amazing. all these dishes look delicious. i really don't know how you did it...while pregnant with princess. i couldn't even stand for long when i was pregnant :D

  4. wow.. so so delicious ehhh.. u should send me some last year.. coz' is my birthday... my birthday on "tong zi" de...^^

  5. Wow all ur foods look so yummy....btw u really good in cooking...salute u...cz my cooking skill so so nia..:)

  6. Rachel.. come over to my house, I masak for you.. or, maybe when your new house ready la...

    MeRy... :)

    Barb... I also don't know I can cook so many dishes de.. geng hoh...

    Fifi... wah, you very naughty hoh, ppl makan time you want to come out and eat also.. muahaha...

    Mummy Ryan... cooking made perfect if you keep cooking.. I don't mind to be your personal food taster... muahahha..

  7. I am sure you are a good chef Cynthia. Show more of your good food ya.

    Woww...you also know how to cook "shiong tong lala".Geng!

  8. Joanne.. thanks.. shiong tong lala.. one of the very easy ones.. muahaha..

  9. Joanne.. give me your email address, I send to you... ;)


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