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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baking Weekend

Another attempt since I have attended a class, and this time, it’s the practise time again..

I got my twin cousins birthday today, and mum ask whether I could bake a cake instead of buying one.. I said OK (in my heart, that’s provided Princess is not going to be lao kai)…

So, I started to bake after getting Princess bath, and put her in the cradle, and that’s about 9.30am.. And first, I melted my chocolate, so I can do the chocolate pieces which need to decorate the side of the cake..

Then, will be weighing all the necessary ingredients.. and while doing this, I am thinking if I should get a digital weighing scale, coz it’s difficult to weight things that is not much with the current scale I have.. *should I, or should I not*… or wait for my birthday in November, and get someone to buy for me as a gift.. muahaha…

Then, is mixing the cake and put in the oven to bake.. a good 50 minutes baking in the microwave.. at 170C.

Once the cake ready.. let it cool down, while I clean up the first batch of mess… all the utensils, bowl, mixer bowl, spatula and blah blah blah… Just nice, Princess woke up.. and this all take me approximately about 2 hours

Attend to Princess, change her.. and sui, my brother balik.. Get Princess to sit with kao fu for a while, when I go in to the room again for the 2nd step.. decoration…

So, all ready, chocolate toppings, chocolate pieces (in long and round shape) and guess what, I didn’t have the white chocolate!!  SMS mum, but she didn’t receive it.. she got home, I ask her to go and buy before entering the house.. *thanks mummy*

OK.. start work.. doing the deco half way, mum came back with the white chocolate.. hurray.. melt it first, then use later.. while meantime, I just continue to smooth my cake…

ding dong ding dong… mum standing there carrying Princess.. stress!

End products…

DSC00471DSC00470Mum ask why I kiasu, buy such a big base… ya lor, I worry I smear ma…

DSC00472Ok la.. put the side also lor.. so, it won’t look too big base..  

For me, I quite happy liao.. even I know there will be lots more of space for improvements… and maybe tomorrow do one just for the house to eat… hehhee…


  1. Ha! You practice more and more so that by Maine's 1st birthday you will become a pro. Maine's birthday cake "kao sai lei lar". :)

  2. looks yummy to me. i like chocolate cake + ice cream...

    btw, let me know when u intent to buy a digital weighing macine cos i need one. i went to metrojaya w/house sale..couldnt find it :(

  3. Agnes.. hehehe... me 'kao ngem chu' yet... but will try ah.. I also want to bake the first cake for Princess..

    rachel.. OK on...

    MeRy.. thanks..

  4. great, yr mum is very helpful.

  5. The cake looks delicious. With the mummy and brother's help , the cake turn out to be so perfect!

  6. aiyo...all your cakes and cookies really made my saliva dripping

  7. I have not tried make a cake for a long time. Your cake looks delicious.

  8. Good job ! I hate icing the cake, usually turns out shitty, maybe it's because I don't have the correct utensils.
    BTW, digital scale is so much better coz the RM9.90 scales can vary as much as 10%. I had a few manual scales before I settled for Digital. I claimed one from Cosway. Takada brand. Very good !

  9. wenn.. she don't help, I can't bake.. hehehe...

    Mummy Moon.. yup, I am happy with it..

    smallkucing.. thanks..

    molly.. thanks..

    Elaine.. ya lor, very the tempting getting one... hmmm... the one that I got is about 120 bucks..

  10. Nice nice. I am sure it taste good. I like the topping too.

    For me, I hate cleansing the mess after baking. It is oily and needs some time to really clean them.


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