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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I don’t have the ‘artistic’ nerve in my body

I always find it difficult to do Art or Craft.. I will be the ever last person to hand up my drawings since Primary School.. I just don’t like anything to do with art!

My god-ma used to say, my body don’t consist the artistic nerve and therefore I will always not interested in that.. Whatever any craft work, I will do it there and then, and not wanting to bring home, or else it end up not being touch and not even pass up.

I am telling everyone here.. what is the worse marks you ever get in Art during schooldays? guess you can’t beat me.. I got a –3 for once in Form 1! “reason being: my exam marks were deducted for all the homework that I did not bother to pass up, and with that mere marks get in exam (no choice but got to sit for exams right), it’s just not enough for the deduction (and please do your own calculation how many art / craft work I didn’t passed up)” muahaha….

Recently when I started to do blogging, I like all those beautiful thing that happen.. nice layout, nice colour, nice this and nice that.. but me, sei for lor, ask me to decorate, I sure die!

and being a mother (even my Princess is only 6 months old), I better bucked up right… So, I come across Merryn’s craft blog.. the first impression, so easy de meh do craft work… she uses most of the time her little boy, Ethan’s hand to do the craft work (and you can see the fun Ethan is having).

I will surely look forward to have story telling time with Princess, when I am able to do this craft works by myself.. muahaha… and 1 of the sample story…

image One day, Princess decided to take a walk in the backyard, and she sees lots of butterflies and bees…

image and she caught an egg hatching from the hen’s nest

image and she found the little chick saying hi to her…

imageIt gave a shock to Princess, and she ran with her whole heart back to the house

imageAnd watch her Mary Had A Little Lamb nursery rhyme video

All the above pictures are capture from Merryn's Craft Blog


  1. so you did all the crafting all by yourself? wow, great! even though you've mentioned that the genes of artistic are not inherited by you from your parents. =)

  2. oh dear.. i can't even draw an apple..but I can sew... hope to pick it up again one day but I just can't find the time !!!!!

  3. Nice story there Cynthia! I never thought of telling Ethan story THAT way! Thanx for giving me this idea.. :)

  4. SJ.. nope.. the crafts are all from Merryn..

    wenn.. yup, that's Merryn's work.. and I just put in the wordings..

    Elaine.. let's hi5 then..I can't sew too!

    Merryn.. thanks for organising the contest..


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