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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bubble in the Bath Tub

A new lady teacher came to teach 8th standard students. As it was the first day, she gave her intro, and asked all the students to Introduce themselves with name and hobby. She said, "Let's start with the boys first". Boys start giving their intro...
First boy: "My name is Johnny, and my hobby is to see bubble in the Bathtub".

Teacher was confused to listen but said, "Interesting. Well, Ok. In fact, we must be honest in telling the hobby. And after all there is essentially a child in each of us. So it's ok John. Yes next".
Second boy: "Myself Peter and my hobby is to see bubble in the bathtub."

Teacher now got surprised and said, "Good. I like the spirit of supporting a friend. Ok next".

Third boy: "I'm Smith and my hobby is to see bubble in the bathtub".

Teacher: "Guys are you joking or what? Please be sincere. Ok next".

This continues...

And the last boy stands up "I'm Harry and my hobby is to see Bubble in the bathtub".

Exhausted, the teacher said, "I don't think I will be able to teach un-grown boys for long. Anyway, now the girls please."

First girl: "I'm Julie and my hobby is to see birds".

Teacher: "Good. At last I got something different. Ok next".

Second girl: "I'm Ruby and I like to collect perfumes".

Teacher "Now it's like educated grown up girls. Ok next.
You sweet Girl;
Yes you..."

Most beautiful and the Cutest Girl in the class gets up:
"Maam, my name is Bubble, and My hobby is to take bath three times a day".

Have a nice week ahead… and what’s your hobby? muahaha…

Courtesy from Riot Jokes

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A quick updates

Back from the Teluk Intan Trip, I was again busy with all the mooncakes orders.. I got my aunt here to help me out..

Another a week more, it’s the Mid Autum festival.. and I have to get all my orders out.. I got plans to visit Barb, Merryn, Joanne and Rachel to deliver the mooncakes to them too!

This weekend will be on mooncakes again for sure.. and I have been doing in larger quantities now compare to earlier..

Today, I was out with friends for a gathering (and also to deliver their mooncake orders) and I am really glad that Princess behave very well during the gathering! 

Then after these mooncakes orders, I got to have another cake to be bake for a friend’s birthday.. and another one for wedding.. wah wah..

With the current situation that I need to chauffeur the twins to school, it take up some of my time too.. in order for me to make sure I meet those blogger mummies with quality time, I don’t wish to just say hi and bye.. I wish I could spend some yanking time with them too.. but anyway, I am sure next week, all will be in their sequence.

I have not got time to finalise the accounts for this month, and also for MyLot… It’s now 3.36am, and I am still awake blog walking, hopping and etc.. I came by your blogs, but maybe in a silent way with no ‘foodsteps’ left behind…

I also uploaded and schedule some posts in Princess blog, and will that keep it up todate on it’s own for a while…

OK.. time to sleep.. while I finished uploading the photos into my Facebook!



Side note…

those who thinks a WAHM is a luxury, think twice!  I think beside I am partying, I don’t have to stay awake at 3.39am just to earn a living while I am working in the corporate world..

Touch & Go Promotion

This is not a paid post..

Since it’s coming to the festive season… and I just wanna share this piece of news with everyone.. (I think this promo started 1 September 2009)..

If you passed by some tolls, you will see the banner of the Touch N Go promotions stating 80 times of passing, you get 20% rebate.. and this is the website for reference..

It’s all in the following steps in order to get the 20% rebate..

Step 1 Pay your toll with Touch 'n Go Card with or without SmartTAG (except Fleet Xs and Biz Xs cards) at all participating highways in Peninsular Malaysia.

Step 2 Make sure you have minimum of 80 transactions or more in a calendar month. Need an easy tracking of your toll transactions? Register here on this page!

Step 3 Bring your Touch 'n Go card and visit Touch 'n go hubs at Faber Towers or KL Sentral; or selected Highway Sales Centre. The 20% rebate will be credited to your card immediately.

On the average, you are required to pass tolls for at least 3 times a day (to and fro) and I think most of us, if you travel along KESAS to KL.. you surely pass more than that!  So, take the opportunity to save some $$.. use the Touch N Go card..

This promotion is running till further notice.. and I hope they don’t stop this that fast..

Happy Weekend everyone.. and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!  Maaf Zahir dan Batin! (Since we are now 1Malaysia, I wish not just the Muslim friends.. but everyone)

Have a nice holiday.. and also, Drive safe… image

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Getaway… Continue for Day 2

Day 2… We woke up as early as 8am to start preparing… and by 9am, we were all ready to go for food feast again…

For Breakfast, dim sum in one of the restaurant.. we had about 20 plates of dim sum, 1 char siew pao, 1 lo mai kai & 2 dried noodles kosong, with a pot of hot tea.. cost RM44.00 for 5 adults and 1 child… very nice and cheap dim sum here we get.. yum yum..

Then we headed to another newly opened shopping place, as my aunt would like to look see look see.. we reached there was even before 10am, and waited for the gate to open.. I managed to grab the last bottle of Pureen HAD washing liquid which was selling at a lower price compare to KL.. and my mum been complaining about Princess pacifier, and wanted me to get a holder for it.. so, grab the Pureen pacifier holder too…

After the shopping.. we went around town again to buy heong peang and chee cheong fun to be packed home.. and guess what, all these outlets are full of customers (some visiting, some came for wedding dinner and so forth).. When we are at the heong peang shop, just lucky that it is one of our cousin’s shop, and we just pre-order and told him we coming back again and not to squeeze with people around..

Then we headed to the ccf stall and yet, we already seen a few KL guys queuing for it.. when my aunt ask me if there is still any for order, the lady says no more.. I quickly go to the shop where I ate my ccf the day before, and I manage to pack 30 pieces of it.. *I got a friend who ordered 20 pieces*

and while waiitng for the aunty to pack my ccf, I had a bowl of longan drink with white fungus.. and it’s only RM2!!  Then my mum went to the next shop buying banana (no joke, the banana here is cheap and sweet).. and when they came back to the shop where I was, they bought the pao.. each pao costing only RM0.80 each other than the cha siew pao which is RM1.00

after that, we all head home for a rest.. and I woke up for another round of ccf.. muahaha.. before we head home, we went to take the heong peang, and left Teluk Intan via Bidor, Sungkai way instead of Sabak Bernam at about 4.00pm

When I reached Bidor, we stop at Pun Chun for Kai Chai Peang but not for others coz it’s also very pack there in Bidor.. we took the trunk road, and bypass all the toll and all the way was really smooth.

We had a break in Tanjung Malim, another place with cheap and nice food.. laksa with only RM3.50 and served with big big piece of curry chicken, and a pot of claypot chicken rice for 2 is only RM5.50..

and our final stop for food is at Tajung Malim Yik Mun which sells halal pao (but since we have already many pao, we decided to go for the Hailam Mee instead)…

By the time I arrived home, it is already 8pm!

It’s a very foodie trip, and of course, with Princess behaving so well, I don’t mind to do more of these trips…

Monday, September 21, 2009

A good getaway

Hi everyone.. anyone miss me??  *thick skin to ask*

I left for Teluk Intan for a good weekend.. and the following was the itinerary… and you know what.. of all the things, I forgot about the camera!! So, sorry ah, use your imagination for those food that I am going to mention below…

I took my little Princess and my mum together in the car, putting Princess in the car seat and my mum at the back with her.. We started off from KL at 8.45am on Sunday (20 Sept) and arrived in Teluk Intan about 11.30am.

Princess was sleeping with my mum, while I had a nice drive cruise taking the coastal road after cutting out from Sg. Buloh.  My little Princess woke up half way through, and was laughing an playing with my mum and she sleeps again after that.. I was really glad that she did not make any fuss to ask for her milk when she got up.

We went straight to my aunt house, unfortunately she was not around (I don’t think she is expecting us to be so early.. since this is my ‘virgin’ trip, driving with Princess in the car) muahaha..

So, mum say, let go find some food first la.. first stop, of course the Kopi shop which serve very good local kopi.. then, head to the famous chee cheong fun (the ccf in Teluk Intan is different from the one we had in KL, there is not ‘liew’ and those black sauce.  The ccf here served with those green chilli, and it’s with turnip, shallots and dried prawn)

Me and my mum ordered 1 bowl of bo bo cha cha, 1 piece of yam cake, 1 piece of pumpkin cake and 1 plate of the ccf, and the bill is only RM4.50!!  and we ta pao 1 char siew pao and 1 red bean pao (RM1.80).. and mind you, the pao here is as big as our usual “tai pao’ that we get in KL!!

Teluk Intan is a very small town, therefore, for you to just bump into someone is very easy.. When we are about to turn out and look for the ‘yao char kuai’, I saw my aunt standing by the street waiting for a car to pick her up.. I told my mum to shout for her but my mum didn’t manage to get to her across the street..So, I tailed the car that pick up my aunt, and all the way (I think I did gave a scared to the driver, coz after he knows who tailed him, he gave us such a relief face) muahaha…


We picked up my aunt from the place, and head to another aunt’s house to inform her that we will be putting a night there.. and later left to send my aunt back.. Princess had her nap, and the milk of course (it’s almost 1.30pm when she drink her milk).  I tried letting her latch on earlier after the first stop of food, but if she is not hungry, and she will not want it.. and if she wants it, she wants it immediately!!

After everyone had their nap, and refresh.. we went to our 2nd stop of food search.. this time round at the newly furbish 52 stalls.  and we had, Rojak (RM2.50), Char Keow Teow (RM2.50), Wanton Mee Soup (RM2.60), ABC (RM1.80).. and these are not small portion or those no liew type.. The sellers are all very generous with the ‘liew’ and servings..

and we got our next local kopi again with yao char keow (RM0.60 per piece).. kopi is only RM1.10 per cup.. These stalls are only open after 3 to 4pm, and they worked till the night about 11 or 12am (in Teluk Intan, after 11pm, consider very late already.. but since it’s a holiday, you see more ppl around and it’s some good business time).

After all the kopi-ing and ta-pao-ing.. we head to my 5th aunt house for another rest and of course, princess need her bath and nap.. and milk… she really had a good time following mummy running around the whole Teluk Intan.

When we all refresh again, we went to Giant (a newly opened Giant store in Teluk Intan where they had McD, Old Town Kopitiam, Sushi King and so forth).. I feel bit different shopping in the Giant, but since my 5th aunt who don’t own a car seldom go out, and my beloved nephew also excited seeing my car, we took them there for a walk..

and after that, we head to food again.. Fried Hokkien Mee (order for 1 person portion and it served 3 people.. price:  RM6.00).. then to the ccf which only sells at night.. we ta pao 2 packs and wanted to had it for supper (but these ccf turn to be my lunch the next day coz we are so full with food)…

we head home.. and had my princess wiped, freshen up, and of course for her sleep…

To be continue…

Since I just arrived.. and need to catch some beauty sleep… I shall blog on the 2nd day with lots more of food… Stay tune..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feast with buka puasa goodies

This year. I din’t even realise that it’s fasting month already.. Previous years, I will surely indulge in all kind of ramadhan food, from all parts of KL / PJ.. I will drive all the way to Section 14, PJ to buy lontong… then to Pandan Jaya to buy some other stuff.. I am seriously in crazy love with Malay food…

So, after checking the calendar, I realised this week is the final week of Ramadhan.. and if I don’t grab this chance, I will have to wait till next year.. I went to the one nearest to my house.. Seri Petaling to get the followings..

DSC00565DSC00567Lemak Chili Padi with fish and sambal pucuk paku  DSC00568DSC00566Rendang chicken, lemang, potato cutlet and fried chicken DSC00569

Rojak Buah

and after these.. will have to wait till next year..

wishing everyone.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Maaf Zahir & Batin

We are 1Malaysia.. so, this is a celebration for everyone!

and myself.. leaving for Teluk Intan for the long weekend with mum and Princess … food food food…

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surprise.. and I won!

Merryn had a contest recently for her craft blog.. and I wrote a post on it HERE.

I received these in my post box yesterday.. and when I read the back of the envelope, I know that Merryn has send me the prize.. and here it goes..

giftI also won the 2 movie tickets. and it’s very kind of her to tell the sponsor to hold on to the tickets till end of this year.. since I can’t be going to movie now..

hopefully by year end, I can have some time, and visit the cinema once again..

Thanks Merryn for organising this contest..  and of course again.. for the gift!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling bad

I felt bad … coz my little Princess had some rashes from don’t know where and she didn’t get a chance to rest at home, but instead running around with mummy the whole day…

I felt bad … since my little princess suffer under the sun most of the time and the sweat causes her uncomfortable conditions…

I felt bad ... as I don’t know what cause princess the rashes.. doctor says it could be food, mummy suspected the tissues, grandma says maybe due to the bed sheets…

I felt bad … as I didn’t gave Princess any solid today and on milk all the time, since we didn’t stay home…

Princess and me today left the house at 7.30am, arrived at USJ at 8.20am, got to Serdang at 9.00am, and by the time got home was 9.30am…

Princess had her short nap, and we head to Dr Koe at 11.40am. Waited at Dr Koe till 12.40pm before we got a chance to see her..consultation took about 10 minutes, and we left the clinic around 1.30pm. 

I went to Sri Sentosa to deliver the mooncake, then later back home at 2pm.  Pack up for another delivery, and out the house at 2.10pm.  Then, head to the bank for some KWSP payment and other bank transactions..

Head down to Sunway at 3pm to collect cheque, and then to back home to change for Princess.  At 4.15pm, we head to Serdang to pick the twins and then by the time we got to USJ, it’s already 5pm!  and stuck in front of Summit USJ for at least 45 minutes.. I got home at 6.15pm!!

My poor princess got all her nap in the car.. sleep and wake up.. sleep and wake up.. make little fuss due to the weather, uncomfortable seating, cramp in the car seat, and etc…

I felt bad … that my poor princess only manage to get her proper nap at 6.30pm…

why do my lil princess has to suffer like this with me?  I felt real bad!! 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picking up Twins at their International School

Recently my mum started of a part time work, and I was asked to send and pick my twins cousin again.. So, I spend more time on the road nowadays..

On top of that, frankly speaking, I don’t know how my mum tolerate the journey, through and flow every weekday under the super hot sun, with also the very superb ‘ma fan’ procedures!

I myself had already 2 very unpleasant incidents picking them up, and I don’t know how long more I can stand this kind of ‘ma fan-ness’

Incident No 1

I was parking under the shades waiting for my brother to go all the way inside the school to pick the twins up.  Well, I agree they have very stringent security in order to ensure the kids does not get out of the school without the parents / guardian.

So, while I stop my car there, waiting and waiting… one ‘guai po’ teacher came knocking at my glass, telling me that I can’t park and wait there, and need to be at the parking lot!  Then I try to explain to her that it’s very hot, and I am just there to wait for the children.  AND I AM IN THE CAR!

She insisted that I can’t park there, coz buses will be in and out of the school.. my goodness, when I was there picking up the kids, the school is already over, and all the buses have left!! She ask me to go under the sun no matter what!! 

I think if I see a police and explain to him the condition, I will be allowed for that mere 5 minutes stop!

The very inflexible teacher.. can teach flexible student or not?

Incident No 2

We need to queue if we want to pick the kids up right at the school door steps.  Each car will be given a pickup card, and while you queue, the security guard will come collect those cards and go look for the child.

Sometimes, we need to queue up to half an hour under hot sun in order to get our turn to be in front of the school. 

This day, the guard has collected those cards for the car in front of mine, and I just got to wait for another round of collection again.  So, after those in front of mine drove away picking up their kids, the guard collected mine, and I just move right in front of the line waiting for the kids to be release.

Out of a sudden, I was asked to go another round as for ‘safety’ reason that the cars queuing are cutting out in the centre!  and till now, I don’t see what kind of danger it cause for cutting out from the centre.. (Malaysian drivers are not that bad la, plus the school is not in the city centre)!

I refuse to move, coz I had never had this kind of request before.. further more, by moving to the end of the line, I got to wait for another at least 15 minutes under the SUN!  No way I am going to do that with my Princess in the car with me!

I told the teacher that I am not going to do that, but she damn insist me to go for another round!!  and she can tell me, ‘oh, I understand you got a baby in the car, but still, you are required to go another round!’.. but I am not blocking any traffic!!!

After a while that she kept tapping on my windows, I drove and about to make a turn, I saw my twins cousin coming out from the gate.  I quickly horn them to cross over, so I don’t have to wait any longer.  Then, this ‘teacher’ dash across, stopping the kids in the middle of the road and start to argue that by the kids crossing the road, it’s DANGEROUS! and by her stopping the kids middle of the road call SAFETY?

If she is a smart one, she should just guide the kids hop on to the car fast, and get over with this.. senang for me, senang for her too!!

But NO, she want me to go in front of the school gate and I can’t cut the queue!! Frankly, I just couldn’t be bothered with her, and I just scream at the dunggus twins and get them to get up to the car!!  and I just sped off!

Such a person without common sense, can teach the kids to use survival skill ah?  No wonder the twins up to now, at the age of 13 years old, don’t know how to cross the damn road!!!!!! and these are the people sometimes causes accidents coz of their ‘kia si’ attitude that can’t make up their mind to cross or not to cross!

Sometimes, I come to think about it.. while we study in those National School, we are being relax and not overly protected, and we become a better person in real life.. we at least given a chance to hit the wall and feel the pain!

And I am a strong believer that no matter how careful you can be, accidents will happen if you are fated to meet one! or else, why do we call it accidents right? like the old Chinese say… king of hell want you to die at 3am, you won’t lived till 5am la (闫王要你三更死,不准留人到五更)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Small Town trial

In a trial, a small-town prosecuting attorney called his first witness, an elderly grandmother to the stand.

He approached her and asked; " Mrs.. Jones, do you know me?"
She responded, "Why, yes, I do know you, Mr. Williams. I've known you since you were a young boy, and frankly, you're a big disappointment to me.

You lie, cheat on your wife, manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs. You think you're a big shot when you haven't the brains to realize you never will amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher.

Yes, I know you."

The lawyer was stunned! Not knowing what else to do, he pointed across the room and asked, " Mrs.. Jones, do you know the defence attorney?"

She again replied, "Why, yes, I do. I've known Mr. Bradley since he was a youngster. He's lazy, bigoted, and has a drinking problem. He can't build a normal relationship with anyone and his law practice is one of the worst in the state. Not to mention he cheated on his wife with three different women.

One of them was your wife. Yes I know him."

The defence attorney almost died.

The judge asked both lawyers to approach the bench and in a quiet voice said: "If either of you rascals asks her if she knows me, I'll send you to the electric chair ."




P/S:  The town is very small.. same goes to the world.. don’t think what you do, people don’t know.. just when it will get expose..

Courtesy from Riot Jokes

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Busy

The post title tells it all!!

Nowadays, I am super busy.. I didn’t on my MSN, I visit blogs but did not leave comments (not all) and of course, I have to even go less on MyLot (hopefully my referral give me some $$, and I can hit my this month payout)..

Why so busy?  Main thing is my mooncake order is all coming in.. and the Autumn festival is around the corner at 3 October 2009.. My plan is to have all orders complete by 15 September 2009, and if my customers are enjoying it, at least I can still do another round for them.. all else, I can sau kong after this batch of order.

Since all raw material are done by hand, from peeling the lotus seed to cooking, it took quite a lot of time to prepare the filing.. In addition, Princess also getting more and more attention needed, with her teething and also wanting to move around the house.

So, let me finish this batch of orders and I am going to be in your blogs and comments again… I hope I can give real fresh ingredient to all those who order and able to get the best of it.

Those who are keen to order, can still do so.. Initially I wanted to take orders from outside KL and PJ, however now I can’t coz I cannot get a good courier service to deliver the mooncake!  sigh.. maybe next year… :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bed Tray

Where do I do my blogging now?  With Princess getting older day by day, her attention needed is also getting more and more.  When she was new born, she will be able to settle on her own in the bed at night, while I can still go online outside the room.

Nowadays, I can hardly get out of the room after 9pm, since Princess will want me to keep her accompany when she sleeps.. and if I got up from the bed, she will some how able to smell / feel / know that I am not around… I have tried many many times.. so, I think I won’t be able to ‘cabut’ while she sleeps..

So, how to do my work then?  I got myself THIS

DSC00462DSC00461I bought this bed tray, which was supposed to be use as a tray to serve breakfast while in bed.  I now used this to lay my laptop, and other stationery as then I could do my work. 

Now having this, I can blog, and also doing other stuff without walking out from the room, and Princess could sleep peacefully not to worry that her mummy ‘runaway’

I got this bed tray from IKEA at RM16.90.. worth it for someone who need some best of all world.. :D 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I got ‘slap’ in my face thrice!

I was in Ipoh with my mum, aunts and uncles.  Of course that include my little Princess too over the weekend.  Frankly speaking, I was bit upset over this trip, if not that Princess cheer me up lots!  and I really really disappointed.

Besides all the last minute changes, and finally did not have the chance to drive to Ipoh, therefore I didn’t have a chance to meet up Claire and Agnes, which I was initially happily planning for it.

In addition, I spend less than 24 hours in Ipoh, having to rush there and back here in KL.. this only happens when I did not drive.. I told my mum, no matter what, the next time going to Ipoh, I will sure drive.. Anyway, after this trip, I basically knows that Princess is able to take long journey.. muahaha…

So, why did I say I was slapped?

First, I was having dinner at Mun Chong on the day we arrived in Ipoh with all my relatives, and the aunties who served our table were quite friendly.  When they saw Princess smiling away, they came by and play with her.. which I am happy.. since Princess is not those who will cry when approached by strangers!

Then, I gave Princess her feed, using my nursing cloth, covering her inside.. and suddenly, this aunty came over to me and ask. “where is the father?  didn’t come ah?”  I was like…PIAK! First time after so many months, I got people asking me this question.. I felt like telling this aunty to come to my blog.. muahaha.. but anyway, I just smile… and YET, she asked again!!  AARRGGGGH! I just didn’t bother to answer her!

Second time, PIAK again!  This time, it was at the temple where we put my maternal grandparents “shen zhi pai’ (a small plague that carved my grandparents name, and for us to offer prayers).  Even my mum, and my aunt are Christians, and myself, we will still go and offer our prayers in accordance to the Buddhism law which I don’t find it any wrong. 

And while trying to do some donation to the temple (which I will do every time I visit it) the aunty asked me ‘so, I mentioned your husband name ah’… Peang eh, 1 trip, 2 time kana ‘slapped’ by this kind of question.. of course, I am not angry, just don’t feel easy about it (and of course plus that stupid idiot has not pay me this month’s instalment).

So, I just answer, No la.. put my name and my daughter’s. 

Third PIAK, on our way home, my mum must have thought I am sleeping.. and she was chatting with my mum about a cousin who called, and told my mum that she pity my mum for me being in this situation!  Haiz.. very cham meh?  need to be pity?  No need gua?  Not that my mum lost a daughter or what, she gain a grand daughter lei.. don’t think need to be pity right?

Well, I don’t call her or anyone from her family pitying her being single and still living in her brother’s home caring for her brother’s children.. I don’t call her and tell her I pity her next time she got to be alone.. I think everyone will lead a different life, and all we can do is just to make sure we make the best out of it! 

I felt like answering my mum and say.. ‘tell her no need to pity us, if she think we so pity hoh.. send la some $$ over! or if she wants to help out or not?’  Sometimes, I just don’t understand.. when we are already seldom getting together as relatives, you still want to throw a stone at us! 

It took me a few months for my mum to accept my situation, and all with my other aunties advises and support, this cousin pulak call to spoilt it!  aiyo… I tell you ah.. I really damn pek chek with people like this.. If you can’t agree with the way I lead my life, keep you mouth shut and just sit back and relax.. no need to call and talk the unnecessary!  You are not giving me any help but to upset everyone!

You did not even come over and visit the little Princess, and how you know my mum is not happy with her arrival?  Have you seen my mum laugh while she play with Princess?  Have you seen how everyone being enjoying Princess every moment of ‘drama’ during the trip?

So, see la, kena PIAK 3 times in a row right in front of my face just over a trip.. how to enjoy it you tell me la.. and if not coz of my little princess that has given me so much joy, I would have just gave up! and took a bus back myself!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When the oven is back at life

This is a pre-schedule post.. :D

I blog about how my oven being sold to me by those sales man and today (3 September 2009) the service technician is here to change the wire and give life again to my oven..

and the world is so small.. the person who revive my washing machine earlier, is now the same person that come reviving my oven too!  So, this company do all the servicing for all the brands that don’t have service centre in Malaysia la.. :D

But I am glad that this technician came, since he is someone honest and won’t simply charge me for him coming to my house.. and FYI, this service technician has nothing to do with the company that sell me the oven!!!

So, I tested the oven when I got back from work today.. and since I have some extra skin of the mooncake left, I bake those using the mickey, minnie and piggy mould without the filing, and the result..

mooncakeI am HAPPY liao.. kan senang to make me happy, just don’t give me trouble can liao.. muahaha.. :D

Friday, September 4, 2009



This was published in jokes, in some discussion boards, forums… and so, what do you put in your facebook got to be careful ya… and should we not add our boss as friends?

Source:  Riot Jokes - Facebook

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assam Laksa Recipe

I did this last Monday, and it’s a very satisfying dish.. and I can tell you.. I don’t really enjoy the assam laksa from outside coz

1)  the fish is hardly to be seen

2)  they kiapsam on the ‘liew’

3)  the ‘har gou’ also very little..

and making myself.. I can have what I like, and what I don’t like.. muahaha…  It’s not ma fan to do this, only to debone the fish that will take some time.  Steam the fish and debone the fish and keep aside.

So, how to do the stock is the important ones…and all you need is

15 – 20 dried chilli

15 – 20 shallots / small onions

15 – 20 garlic

1 big piece of turmeric ginger

1 piece of belacan

add some fresh red chilli

2 – 3 stalks of Serai / lemongrass

2 bunga kantan (just the stem part)

Blend all the above.  Boil with bit water first before adding in ‘jian hong’ leaves and the bunga kantan (flower part)

Then add in assam water till you feel that’s sufficient for you to serve all the hunger people in your house.  Then add in the fish which is steam and debone earlier..

You may also add in assam keping to make the soup sour, and add in sugar, salt to taste.

Cut all the other 'veg’ and you are ready to have a good bowl of assam laksa.. and you find your soup very ‘ching’ or clear compare to those you buy from outside..

ENJOY.. and for those malas to cook, make a gathering, and I cook for all of you… muahaha..

Assam Laksa after a long long time

It’s been a very very long time ago (at least minimum a year) that I did not do Assam Laksa.. and that day when I am suppose to go and buy for my mooncake ingredient, I saw this fish seller selling very cheap Kembong fish, and I was ‘ting’ wanted to do Assam Laksa.. initially only ask for 12 fish, but then after think think some more.. I took all about 25 of them.. and cost me RM20.00 nett nett.. I use half to cook Assam Laksa, and the rest, will be cooking Lemak Chili Padi… muahaha..

I need you guys to have some imaginary, cause I have got the photos of all my ‘liew’ but did not have a chance to take the whole combination of it.. so, please use your imagination a bit ya..

I invited 2 friends over, and also my cousins.. comment.. very ‘chi gek’ coz it’s hot, spicy and sour!  and later I brought some to my friend’s house… and last bowl when to my aunt who is a lover of Assam Laksa.

assam laksa

This was how I celebrated the Merdeka of 52th!  :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Salesman Nowadays

I have earlier blog to say that I have got an oven from this Company, Ferraz Sdn Bhd.  This is such a disappointing Company selling something that is not that cheap! and it’s not a recommended place to get an oven if you are thinking so.

Reason being:-

1)  They assume that all their customers are smart A$$ that they can just ignore all requirement that the oven require.

2)  They won’t explain to you what is the actual need to the oven provided you ask

3)  They assume you will ask, therefore they don’t need to tell.. and best, when come to any problem, they say coz you never ask!

4)  When you have concerns and are getting more and more (kiasu coz you don’t ask, they don’t provide), they will say you are overly concern!  DAMN!

5)  Their salesman will harsh you out from the showroom, if you have ask too many difficult question that they could not answer.

6)  Everything extra they charged you (even for the socket)

7)  When you ask for email on the specific measurement, they email you the specification instead

8)  When you go to the showroom to ask for the measurement, they provide you the catalogue model that not for you, and telling you that the catalogue for your ‘model’ is not available

9)  And when you insist to have a manual measurement from one of their display oven, they will tell you that they won’t be responsible on the mis-measurement

10)  The oven will be deliver to you without any installation, and no socket!! You got to fix that on your own..

The only thing I can say that they are at least to say a work of praise, is their sales manager is efficient enough to attend to my after sales service complain..

and the reason being for the complain is:-


The wire that was come with the oven is so short that it can’t reach my main power, and I used an extension cord in order to plug in the oven.. just too bad, the power required by the oven is too much, and now the socket of my oven, is ‘stick’ to my extension cord and can’t be remove no matter what…

No choice, just have to wait for the technician to come and get it fix!  Damn sianz when you have this kind of issues come buying a new appliances! and my mooncake are all waiting to be ready and deliver… sigh sigh…

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