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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Assam Laksa Recipe

I did this last Monday, and it’s a very satisfying dish.. and I can tell you.. I don’t really enjoy the assam laksa from outside coz

1)  the fish is hardly to be seen

2)  they kiapsam on the ‘liew’

3)  the ‘har gou’ also very little..

and making myself.. I can have what I like, and what I don’t like.. muahaha…  It’s not ma fan to do this, only to debone the fish that will take some time.  Steam the fish and debone the fish and keep aside.

So, how to do the stock is the important ones…and all you need is

15 – 20 dried chilli

15 – 20 shallots / small onions

15 – 20 garlic

1 big piece of turmeric ginger

1 piece of belacan

add some fresh red chilli

2 – 3 stalks of Serai / lemongrass

2 bunga kantan (just the stem part)

Blend all the above.  Boil with bit water first before adding in ‘jian hong’ leaves and the bunga kantan (flower part)

Then add in assam water till you feel that’s sufficient for you to serve all the hunger people in your house.  Then add in the fish which is steam and debone earlier..

You may also add in assam keping to make the soup sour, and add in sugar, salt to taste.

Cut all the other 'veg’ and you are ready to have a good bowl of assam laksa.. and you find your soup very ‘ching’ or clear compare to those you buy from outside..

ENJOY.. and for those malas to cook, make a gathering, and I cook for all of you… muahaha..


  1. assam laksa my favourite..yummy..

  2. i wan...i wan...i love home cooked laksa..hmmmmmmm...

  3. I love assam laksa and never try to cook it myself.So will I be the next one to be invited to attend the gathering and try out ur nice food?

  4. I like assam laksa... 1 bowl pls..berliuh i tengok..

  5. Thanks for the recipe. Make me craving for assam laksa lah. How??

  6. wenn.. try it out.. hehehe..

    claire.. come KL la..

    MeRy.. heheh can can.. you do the gathering, I cook...

    fifi.. hehe.. you too jauh...

    Mummy Gwen.. hehe.. try try.. or else you do gathering, I cook.. :D


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