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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I got ‘slap’ in my face thrice!

I was in Ipoh with my mum, aunts and uncles.  Of course that include my little Princess too over the weekend.  Frankly speaking, I was bit upset over this trip, if not that Princess cheer me up lots!  and I really really disappointed.

Besides all the last minute changes, and finally did not have the chance to drive to Ipoh, therefore I didn’t have a chance to meet up Claire and Agnes, which I was initially happily planning for it.

In addition, I spend less than 24 hours in Ipoh, having to rush there and back here in KL.. this only happens when I did not drive.. I told my mum, no matter what, the next time going to Ipoh, I will sure drive.. Anyway, after this trip, I basically knows that Princess is able to take long journey.. muahaha…

So, why did I say I was slapped?

First, I was having dinner at Mun Chong on the day we arrived in Ipoh with all my relatives, and the aunties who served our table were quite friendly.  When they saw Princess smiling away, they came by and play with her.. which I am happy.. since Princess is not those who will cry when approached by strangers!

Then, I gave Princess her feed, using my nursing cloth, covering her inside.. and suddenly, this aunty came over to me and ask. “where is the father?  didn’t come ah?”  I was like…PIAK! First time after so many months, I got people asking me this question.. I felt like telling this aunty to come to my blog.. muahaha.. but anyway, I just smile… and YET, she asked again!!  AARRGGGGH! I just didn’t bother to answer her!

Second time, PIAK again!  This time, it was at the temple where we put my maternal grandparents “shen zhi pai’ (a small plague that carved my grandparents name, and for us to offer prayers).  Even my mum, and my aunt are Christians, and myself, we will still go and offer our prayers in accordance to the Buddhism law which I don’t find it any wrong. 

And while trying to do some donation to the temple (which I will do every time I visit it) the aunty asked me ‘so, I mentioned your husband name ah’… Peang eh, 1 trip, 2 time kana ‘slapped’ by this kind of question.. of course, I am not angry, just don’t feel easy about it (and of course plus that stupid idiot has not pay me this month’s instalment).

So, I just answer, No la.. put my name and my daughter’s. 

Third PIAK, on our way home, my mum must have thought I am sleeping.. and she was chatting with my mum about a cousin who called, and told my mum that she pity my mum for me being in this situation!  Haiz.. very cham meh?  need to be pity?  No need gua?  Not that my mum lost a daughter or what, she gain a grand daughter lei.. don’t think need to be pity right?

Well, I don’t call her or anyone from her family pitying her being single and still living in her brother’s home caring for her brother’s children.. I don’t call her and tell her I pity her next time she got to be alone.. I think everyone will lead a different life, and all we can do is just to make sure we make the best out of it! 

I felt like answering my mum and say.. ‘tell her no need to pity us, if she think we so pity hoh.. send la some $$ over! or if she wants to help out or not?’  Sometimes, I just don’t understand.. when we are already seldom getting together as relatives, you still want to throw a stone at us! 

It took me a few months for my mum to accept my situation, and all with my other aunties advises and support, this cousin pulak call to spoilt it!  aiyo… I tell you ah.. I really damn pek chek with people like this.. If you can’t agree with the way I lead my life, keep you mouth shut and just sit back and relax.. no need to call and talk the unnecessary!  You are not giving me any help but to upset everyone!

You did not even come over and visit the little Princess, and how you know my mum is not happy with her arrival?  Have you seen my mum laugh while she play with Princess?  Have you seen how everyone being enjoying Princess every moment of ‘drama’ during the trip?

So, see la, kena PIAK 3 times in a row right in front of my face just over a trip.. how to enjoy it you tell me la.. and if not coz of my little princess that has given me so much joy, I would have just gave up! and took a bus back myself!


  1. sayang..sayang back Cynthia's face... *hand gently swiping face* dont be upset... she tot she was just consoling yr mum and not the other way round...
    so..u r back in KL? so fast leh.. no wonder no news.
    ok next time lar..

  2. thanks Claire.. ya lor, back to KL jor.. kek sei ngor already la.. nvm, besok I do mooncake!

  3. well, don't be upset..just let it out the other ear..

  4. one ear in , our ear out. in your situation, you'll surely meet some narrow minded ppl lor. .

  5. Don't pek chek! I used to hear a lot of those comments also. But soon learned to ignore them. And no need to be upset because of these people. Sometimes when people ask me or my mum 'where is the father?', I really feel like asking them 'your business?' but to avoid being rude, I just ignore them by smiling. Usually they will keep on asking and asking until I blurt something out. *sigh sigh* SIBUK!!!!

    We syiok sendiri with our darlings!!

  6. others will talk coz they have mouth. they are not in your shoe so they will never understand. "just ignore them lar" my daughters' favorite phrase! :)

  7. yes..just ignore these shallow people lah. As long as you and Breanna are happy, that's all it matters :D

  8. Cool cynthia cool.. at this moment of time, we must learn to live without bothering wat others think of us. otherwise, you'll go bonkers! stay cool my friend...

  9. Cynthia, Add Oil (jia you!).
    Dont bother what those aunties ask...

  10. sigh... nehmind la.. typical chinese is like that wan. like to slal ppl with words

  11. Sometimes the thing about relatives are like that...They just love to talk when they think is right.

    So please.....don't bother them.


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