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Monday, November 30, 2009

A new family member

How is your long weekend last week?

Mine was celebrated with a welcoming a new member to our “Kwan, Weng & Wong” family.  My 2nd uncle’s son (a beloved cousin of mine) has recently got married, and came back to Seremban to hold a dinner to introduce his ‘legally’ wife to us. 

It’s not that we have not seen her, just an official way of ‘introducing’ her as Mrs Weng.. * did you notice we have 3 different spelling of our surname in my family? don’t ask why, coz myself also don’t know.. hehehe… *

We had a good time having nice gathering and food.. and I did a fruit flan for this lovely couple

DSCN5587and now some food…

DSCN5610 The Restaurant Name.. located in S2

DSCN5612 Shark Fin

DSCN5613 The variety Dish.. Sei Yun Fun

DSCN5614 DSCN5615 Roast Duck and Steam Chicken (As a dish served in different plates)

DSCN5616 DSCN5623 Fried Fish Skin & Bones, with Steam fish meat.. Something Different from the usual

DSCN5624 Buttered Prawns

DSCN5625  Fried Rice

I did not managed to take the photo of the desserts, as I was busy with all Princess.. but they served Honey Dew Sago, Lotus Mini Pau and Chocolate Mochi.

And follows by my family photos.. even not full attendance.. we occupy 3 full tables!

DSCN5626 The VIPs of elders… mostly my dad’s siblings

DSCN5630 The not so young VIPs…

DSCN5632 The youngs VIPs..

DSCN5635 The sisters, wives, gfs, niece clubs…

DSCN5636 The ‘huge’ heng tai club…

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mummy Blogger coming to town

Instead of the Santa, MeRy, a beautiful mummy with her handsome son and hubby will be visiting KL from 27th December to 29th December 2009.  It is now approximately a month down the road, and with now time flies, I would love to make this announcement to welcome Mery and her handsome son Ryan and hubby to KL.

Beside, I also know this wonderful mum, Claire will also be in town, however I have not got a chance to ask her if she will be free.. I will also love to invite her and her sons (Claire, I know your beloved Aaron will be back from Italy) too!  Let’s see if she is free.. and Claire, if you are reading this, please let me know ah..

I am planning to do a ‘party’ and love to invite all the blogging mummies to come join in the fun.  I have the initial plan to do this in my house (I am staying around Jalan Kuchai Lama) and if the numbers goes beyond my house capacity, then I will have to source for hotels to have this gathering.

I have not confirmed what to do, but would love to gather the numbers as then I can further plan the necessary.. I will surely be doing some dishes if it’s in my house, and may ask for some donation pot luck.  Let’s see how things goes..

First and fore most, I need the numbers of mummies or even daddies out there who wish to attend this.  You can either leave me a comment, or send me an EMAIL.

I will also welcome anyone with other brilliant ideas…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lunch Date… followed by a question

I went out lunch with Cecilia and Ivy @ Wong Kok, Pavilion.  Before I was there, I make an announcement on my FB, mentioning if I ‘langgar’ into Adrian Low, what should I do.. and a good friend was saying.. speak of the devil… muahhaa..

No la, this is not a post about Adrian Low.. This is a post of food…

These 2 wonderful ladies I met today was my ex-colleagues cum nice buddies, and since Ivy was on leave for 2 days, we decided to meet for lunch.. it’s been more than 5 months I did not step foot into Pavilion.. Miss that place…

One thing to regret is that I didn’t have sufficient time to see the Christmas Deco (mind when I was working in Wisma Cosway, I see the deco every year!!) haiz.. maybe 1 day I bring Princess again..

So this is some lunch photos.. however due to the light is dim in the place, the outcome may not be as good…

DSC00855 The corn is not suppose to be there.. I moved it from my sizzling plate… it’s the jelly desserts

DSC00854 Main Course.. Sizzling Hot Plate Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

DSC00853 A big glass of Ice… Watermelon

The sizzling plate is good, with the black pepper sauce very peppery.  The main dish will come with a soup (forgot to snap), Drinks and Desserts, and this cost about RM20.

It’s actually very packed with lunch crowd and we managed to get the corner table and had a good meeting of all girl’s out.

After lunch, both Ivy and Cecilia left first, while I want to go Lavender Bakery to get their Charcoal Bread (this is a bread that I must learn.. paying RM3.60 for 3 slices of it.. oouch!)

Princess was kind of into her sleeping mode when I walk from Pavilion to Cosway to collect the car, and once the car left Wisma Cosway, I noticed my Princess was already in her lala-land…

I stopped at Thin Heong (Previously known as Wing Heong) to buy some bak kwa.  I have their number, so I just have to stop by Jalan Imbi, and give them a call.  They will bring out the bak kwa for me.. :D  I always do this while I am in KL Town.

After all this.. I went to Puchong to send in one of the mixer cum blender which my mum bought years back.  The distributor that she bought from has closed down, and it’s just so sore seeing that thing sitting at the kitchen top but being useless!  So, I googled for the name, and found there is one in Puchong.

Round and round.. and after a few calls to the shop to ask for direction, I finally arrived.. It took me almost half an hour just to search for this shop!! but to my surprise, when I was there.. I saw a bakery wholesale shop just next to it!!

Is this a sign that I should just start baking and plan up my own bakery?  It’s been not easy to get bakery stuff and now I found a wholesaler!! which means, I actually can get cheaper cost if I buy in bulk!!  No need to search high and low and ta da.. it’s just right in front of my eyes.

So, my question to myself, is this what a sign?  Is this a signal?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Indian Lunch

I had lunch with Cecilia on Sunday (22 Nov) and we both have been craving for Indian food..  We went to Bangsar and had our heart out eating just the 2 of us.

100_1305 100_1311 100_1310 100_1309 100_1308 Did you notice there is a small lump of rice at the corner?  that’s for my little Princess.  I ate Indian rice with my hand, and while I feed my little Princess, she has a taste of curry too!  hehehe.. :p

and Indian food will not be complete if we do not have this!

100_1315 MANGO LASSI!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sausages Rolls

I bake again today (22 Nov) and this time round, I want to perfect my sausage rolls, so when it come to selling, it will also have some attraction too!


First attempt…


Second attempt..


Third attempt…

100_1303 Forth attempt

The 3rd and 4th attempt were the same batch of bread dough just differently being wrapped around the sausages.  The 3rd attempt still can see some ‘mouth open’ as it was not sealed nicely, but the 4th attempt is all nicely done!

And on top of that, I have the balance of the dough to make 12 little buns.  I separated them into 6 chocolate and 6 plain.. and I use the muffin trays to bake them.. so, this came out like muffin which has nice crispy tops, and soft bottom.

100_1301 100_1302

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas gift for myself

Before I go ahead to write more, let me share what I got myself first..

DSC00829 DSC00830The Wilton 101 Cookie Cutters

I have been eye-ing on this  cookie cutter for a very very long… and last Tuesday, I met Merryn for lunch, and later proceed to ICAA Sunway Damansara to purchase this set.

So happy when I got this, and will surely be using this for coming Christmas… keep a look out of my Christmas posts ya.. :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I received orders!! :D

I was very happy for the start of getting my baking business, and hopefully this will be an alternative for me to generate some income whilst staying at home. 

I don’t really like telling people how ‘poor’ I am, and I hope even in my current situation, I will be able to spread some happy news around than keep telling how pity can I be.

I always jovial, even a small good start, it meant all well for me.  I really don’t like it to keep telling that I am poor, no money, as this will be even more depressing.  I should be looking more on the positive side, but not runaway from fact of life, right?

So, I am happy to announce that I received an order of 60 banana cake in cups, and another 20 sausages roll.  The banana cake in cup is for a kindie’s graduation night, ordered by a friend, and the 20 sausages roll will be shared with dearest family and friends of my ex-boss.

I hope with this spread of words, I am able to generate more business, and then look into better situation and turnover.  In addition, I am in the discussion with the Klang restaurant that I went for dinner on my birthday to sell the banana cake in his shop.  Hopefully this can work out.

I also want to thank those who left me some good suggestions on this post, and now I hope to see if there is any other restaurants, or place where I can tumpang my cakes for sale.  Anyone got any good recommendation?  I don’t mind the distance to deliver as long as it’s around KL / PJ.

Let’s me share the 2 orders which I have just made and delivered..

DSC00826DSC00825 Banana Cake in cup!  Ordered 60, but I gave her 64, to pack up the box.  I wanted to sell for RM1.00 each, and since she buys above 50 pieces.

DSC00828 DSC00827

Sausages rolls.. 20 in a box!  RM1 each

Next, I will be posting up this year Christmas cookies for orders too.  :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bread bread bread

My Princess loves bread.. and I have been trying and trying to look for a good recipe which I can do bread easier and less hassle.

I attempted to do the sausage breads earlier, and I failed miserably.. so this time round, I found another recipe which I can attempt again, plus now with my new mixer… I have been doing all these…

DSC00806 Raisin Bread

100_1252 100_1251 Chocolate Bun

100_1248 100_1245 Luncheon Meat Roll

The luncheon meat is bit thick and it’s not as crispy as it supposed to be, and I think the next time, I will pre-bake the luncheon meat and sliced it thinner.

I use this recipe from HERE, and the recipe is actually in Chinese and I have it translated here.  This blogger actually use it to do cheese sticks, and I use it for others (so, basically once you master the dough process, it will all up to you what is the ‘ingredient’ to be use as filings)

材料 (Ingredient A):

1. 高筋面粉 (High Protein Flour) - 480g

2. 普通面粉 (Plain Flour) - 120g

3. 糖 (Sugar) - 110g

4. 酵母(dry yeast) - 4茶匙 (tsp)

5. 盐 (Salt) - 10g

6. 牛奶粉 (Milk Powder) - 20g

材料 (Ingredient B):

1. 蛋 (egg)一1 粒

2. 水 (water) - 300ml

材料 (ingredient C):

1. 牛油 (Butter) - 60g

做法 (steps):

1. 将A 料混合,加入B搅拌成团 (Mix all the ingredient A, and add in B to form a dough)

2. 加入C,搅拌成光滑和富弹性面团(拉成薄膜)(Add in C and fold dough till elastic) – try to pull thin and it will not break easilly

3. 放进塑胶盒里盖好(或用保鲜膜盖紧),发酵60分钟或至双倍 (Leave it to proof till double, usually at least 60 minutes)

4. 用手指插入面团内,若清楚留下小洞,而面团又不会塌陷,既表示基本发酵已经完成 (try putting a finger and if dough clearly leaves a hole and dough does not deflate, the proofing process is complete)

5.  将甜面团分成60g,搓圆静置10分钟 (divide dough into 60g, and rest for another 10 minutes)

6. 放进烤盘里再次发酵45分钟 (let it proof again for 45 minutes)

7. 涂上蛋液 (Brush egg on top of the bread)

8. 放净烤箱,190c烘12分钟至金黄色即可 (Bake with 190c with 12 minutes or till golden brown)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Satay Sauce Rendang Chicken

How many times do you eat Satay in a month? year? or life?  How often that you have unfinished satay kuah when you realised all the Satay gone? and throw away the satay kuah?

Just that day, I wanted to do Rendang chicken, and I was preparing for the necessary ingredient, and noticed that some items was missing.  I am just too lazy to drive out to buy it again, and was trying to see what can I find in the fridge for substitutes.

I found some satay kuah in the fridge, and put it into my rendang chicken too! and voila, nice nice!!  Coz satay kuah has got lots of spices and serai (lemon grass) and it make the rendang taste really good.

DSC00809 DSC00810I added only shallots, garlic, some red chilli, buah keras, dried chilli, lime leaves, ginger, lengkuas and some kerisik.  One thing that this rendang do not has coconut milk or santan, and it’s only from the kuah kacang only.. Since it’s without much santan, this dish can be kept for days..

So, next time, you know what to do when you have satay kuah and not throwing them away.. hehehe..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letter from LHDN

I received a letter from LHDN aka our Income Tax office to inform that they have verified my income tax submission in 2008 and will be doing a refund of the tax over paid earlier.  They will be giving me the cheque in 2 weeks time.

I received the cheque from LHDN 2 days ago, and I was very impressive with it. 

DSC00811 DSC00813 DSC00812 wah.. happy lor.. now that the bank account will be RM42 richer.. muahahhaa…

This year… LHDN will be very surprise that I am not submitting any tax coz no income generated… and I am going to claim child reduction and other even I am declaring the marital status as ‘SINGLE’ muahahhaa….

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My daily meals – Ta Pao!

Nowadays, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be a day where my house practically got nobody around except myself, Princess and some times my brother.

Therefore, I have decided not to cook on these 3 days, and used them to bake instead.  And if I don’t cook, what to eat?  hehehee.. I went tao pao for some dishes and cook my own vege plus rice, and a soup... economical and senang!  I normally pack 2 type of dishes, and it cost me around RM8 and sometimes even lesser! 

My brother actually commented that since ta pao, why didn’t I pack the rice also.. but if I do that, it will be counted individual pack, and each of them may cost me around RM4 to RM5 with 3 dishes.  And I will need to pack at least 3 packs a meal!

So, with this way, I save some money, and it’s another way to save up some water, energy, gas and etc… panlai or not?

It’s going to be Christmas soon, and I be busy with cookie baking sessions.  This way will be the best in order to ensure my family members has food in their mouth.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Birthday!!

All I can say is… happy happy and nice nice nice!!

I love it!! and this is the first year I celebrated with Princess and it’s a very memorable ones.. now my wish is to stay healthy and strong, so I could spend lots and lots of birthday with Princess.

In the afternoon, I met with with my buddies, who came and pick me and Princess out for lunch.  We have planned to have lunch at Waterlily in Puchong, however when we arrived, we realised that the place only open at 4pm.  So, Princess kai yeh took us to another German Restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong.  The food is very nice there.. the only thing is we are so famish, we did not take any photos of the gathering or the food! muahaha…

Dinner, we ate in Klang, the restaurant which we celebrated my youngest brother in August, and this time, and we had a total of 8 people having dinner.. and we had time to take the photos..

 100_1189 The Ko Lou Yok (Sweet & Sour Pork)

100_1190 Jiu Pai Tauhu (Minced Pork Speciality Tauhu)

100_1191Kai Lan Si (Special way of cooking Kai Lan)

100_1192Steam fish (this fish was caught by the restaurant owner) 

100_1193Buttered Prawns 


Fried Calamari


Red Bean Soup (FOC from the owner)

My plan of baking my own cake was spoilt as my uncle was telling that he will get me the BEST cake in town.. Frankly speaking, I was bit disappointed to see the King’s Cake box in the car…


100_1204The cake and the box…

Well, I still count my blessing with the cake…

And the gifts I received on my birthday…

100_1174 Chocolates from Shelly

100_1228 100_1229 Starbucks mug from Hua Hin Thailand from Ben 

And finally…

100_1219 The HAPPY FAMILY!

Oh ya… guess how much the bill for the dinner…




RM110 after 20% discount given by the restaurant owner.. I will post the address and the map to the restaurant in my coming posts…

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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