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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bloggers’ Meet

I have earlier blog about the visits of MeRy from Sibu to KL between 27th to 30th December 2009, and I have the intention to hold a blogger’s meet details as follows:-

Date:  Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Time:  11am onwards

Venue:  My House (confirmed you attendance, and email me at cwong77 @ gmail DOM COM)

RSVP By 25 December 2009

I would like to say that this gathering will be as a POT LUCK basis, and upon the confirmation, I will let everyone knows the menu and the quantities to be prepared.

I hope all mummies are able to spare out your time, and let’s have some good time together while leaving our kids around to have some fun too!

The reason choosing my house as the venue as then we could have more free time to conduct our gathering and just opposite my house there is a small playground where the kids can have some time too.


  1. Hello Cynthia,

    sorry lah, papa blogger cannot go lah, cos near school reopening,, and the hustle and bustle of buying school stuff,,,

    you got come penang ka,, if got must really let me know ya?

    hey by the way, take a lot a lot of pictures

  2. Cynthia.....count me in!!!

    Hope to meet more blogger friends!!

  3. cynthia: 29th.. i let u know.. most probably i be going back to ipoh on the 29th if not 28th..

  4. cynthia,
    not able to make it. 29th is a working day and near to year end closing. you mummies hv fun n take lots of pics ok ?

  5. I leave comment in your Fb liao, check lah dear! :)))))))))))

  6. aiya... working day. Can't make it :(((

  7. if i m not working that day, i will come..

  8. Oh..it's working day else i would love to join it.

  9. cynthia, may i know ur house is where? coz i love to attend it.if the venue is not far, can count me in?

  10. Sorry, I can't make it coz driver's (hubs :D) working that day. U guys hv fun!
    Merry X'mas to u and Princess!


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