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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

I believe most people has eaten at this restaurant which carry some sentimental value, which now in KL has been getting lesser and lesser.

I went there with my family members last Saturday, and we had a great time with the food.  One thing I must mentioned is that the food is still ‘hot’ throughout the whole dinner time unlike those that we eat, normally by the end, it will all turned cold.

What we had?

DSCN5736 Hakka Cha Yok

DSCN5734 Braised (hong siew) fish head

DSCN5733 Ma Lai Fong Kong (Sambal Kang Kung)

DSCN5732 Pei Pa Duck

The bill came up to RM99.80 for a table of 5 person.  Beside the food that we had, we also took some ‘classical’ furniture too..

DSCN5727 DSCN5728

The classical chairs..

DSCN5729  I like this… the classical baby high chair… but Princess didn’t sit on it coz we scare she may fell since there is no barrier.. :p


  1. i luurve sek yuen's food. authentic & vintage. Only place you where staff are senior citizens. I saw they use charcoal to cook their food. did you try the stuffed duck (the one with chestnuts, pak kor etc... ) - very nice too !

  2. I can tell you that my fullmoon dinner was at Sek Yuen :P and I am now a mother of 2. You can imagine how old is this restaurant. I like their 'Pei Pah Duck' yummy yummy!

  3. never eaten before in this place. I chau pou edi

  4. the duck meat looks delicious.

  5. gosh look at that babychair. can u imagine the amount of kiddies that have sat and spat on it? huhuhuhuuu! thank God princess didnt sit on it. hehehe

  6. hahahha, you know what, we just had dinner there one day after you. We just love their pei par duck and their steam chicken very nice also. :)

  7. you need to try their jelly chicken that one is crazy good. also to try their 8 treasure duck... but only if you have the capacityy for it..


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