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Saturday, December 25, 2010

I got a dot com

First of all to start off, I wish to wish everyone Merry Christmas which will be gone in another 34 minutes.. muahhaa…

Have you got your Christmas Present from Santa?  Well, I did!  I got a fairy who gave me a dot com!  Now, I officially owned cynfulpleasure.com!

However, I don’t know what should I do with it… I am considering…

1)  use it to replace my current blog?  OR

2)  use it to be a platform for my baking business?

Well, most probably it will be no 2, but I don’t know how to start!! Me being so fresh and new to blogging but now owning a dot com!

Just wait for it.. I am sure this dot com will come alive before the NEW YEAR!!

3 Days Major Breakdown

My engine finally decides to ‘shut down’ and REST for 3 days!  Prior to the shutting down, I have been feeding myself loads of chocolates from the chocolates class, and there explain the initial ‘boost’ to it.  Later, I was running around under the rain in Kota Damansara with some of my schoolmates since it’s a school trip.  Upon returning home that particular evening, I know I am going to be GONE but never expect it that bad!

Yes, for me.. down for 3 days are bad bad bad… coz even I have some ‘cha teh’ aka seeking attention moment where I will have slight headache or body aching, I never fell sick.  All the ‘cha teh’ moments end with a pill or two of panadol and I am done! This time round, it lasted a whole 3 days, and it not just affect me, but my Princess too!

Since I have not wean Princess off, the moment I am back from school that very day, after my bath and so forth, I wanted a nap and Princess wanted her fix.  There we both lying down sleeping together and huff.. we both got a high temperature the moment I got up!

Friday.. have to take a day off as I am feeling unwell with fever not subside, and also sore throat.  Main reason was Princess still unwell too!  So, staying home to care for this demanding Princess, and in between, I still bake my cookies for sales.  I still accepting orders for Christmas, and I am also doing some plans for the coming Chinese New Year (money can really hard to earn nowadays).

All I can say is that lucky all this happen this week, and NOT LAST WEEK!!  If it happen last 2 week… I would have doomed myself not able to enjoy the wonderful stay in Marriot, Putrajaya with Hweili, Irene and Rachel and meeting the moo-mies!  While typing this post, I am still coughing away, but both of us got better…

Even this post was typed a week ago, but yet still didn’t find time to complete and post it!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I was putting in my FB recently that my Astro decoder decided to ‘died’ on me last week, and only till last Friday I managed to call the service centre to report the faulty machine.

The Customer Service (CS) advised me to turn off all the power, check the connecting wires but to no avail on the power supply.  Therefore, he proceed telling me that they will have to send a ‘technician’ for the repair.  Prior to any repair work to be carried out, I have to first pay the ‘technician’ RM50 as the service charge, and should the faulty cause by the decoder, ASTRO will then replace the necessary with no cost.  But, if it’s cause by any other beside the decoder, I have to bear the cost too.. other causes such as, power cable or the satelit cable faulty.

Anyway, I have also been nice to tell the CS.. Look, I don’t think I want to pay the RM50 by calling the technician, and I am thinking to terminate my account.  The CS took down all my ‘complain’ and told me that if I want to terminate my account with immediate effect (WIE), he will have to get the Management approval.  So, he told me he will put my request.

I stopped him immediately, and told him instead of just putting a ‘termination WIE’, tell him to file for a RM50 waiver.  Should the ‘Management’ not agree to my request, then they can proceed to terminate my account.  This CS told me he will revert to me in 48 hours time.

Come Saturday around 4++pm, I received a call from this CS, and he told me my ‘request’ of waiver was granted, and he will now proceed to lodge a report for me in order to get the technician to come to my house.  Furthermore, he will call me again to inform me of the report number.  So, I gladly put down my phone with a thanks.  Sunday, I again received a call from the CS, and he gave me the report number and told me that they will do the necessary arrangement in order to get my ‘service’ fix.  Guess what, on Monday.. the technician called, and came to my house around 7.30pm and viola, my ASTRO was again FIX! (this I call efficient)

BTW, the story don’t end there… when I sign the ‘worksheet’ I noticed the technician actually put my cost of repair is RM170!

Actually, the CS offered me to upgrade my current package to B’yond with additional RM20 per month, and with no further repair cost.  Apparently, B’yond will be a lifetime warranty and should anything happen, Astro will bear the cost of calling the technician… I told him, Let me consider…

What is the rationale of ASTRO charging the RM50 ah? and I doubted how many people will actually pay them willing to fix the Astro.. I can simply cancel the account, and re-apply again right.. why paying RM50? Don’t understand.. but heck, it’s not for me to understand, but more for me to get away with it..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A letter to Santa

I wrote to Santa a while ago, and wanted him to grant me a wish.. A wish that can help boost some of my cookies sales.. (this is my ONLY income source now since I have not been going to my part time accounts job).

So Santa actually reply me, and telling me that he will be going to Ipoh over the Christmas season, and he will help me do a FREE delivery for those who residing in Ipoh.  In fact, Santa asked me along, but I am still hesitating.  Of course, if I can go, it will be a bonus, but then again, I might have my Christmas orders here to handle too.  Santa is thoughtful, therefore…

For ALL Ipoh Orders on Christmas..


So, why wait?  Come place your orders and beside getting FOC delivery, you might get to see Santa!  I know he also bringing Santarina and Santa Junior along too!

All you need to do, is to place your order before 20th December 2010, and I will have to get all cookies ready to be collected by Santa on the eve!

Email  now to avoid disappointment not able to catch Santa!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Change of Title

This time round, it’s not the theme, but the big big title…

Let’s say bye bye to this


and put your hands together to welcome this…


The name of the title has change, so do the description of the blog.  Now, the title will gives me the motivation of realising my dream in the coming 2011, and the description is to show that I am now in a better place than before.

My frequent readers will know something missing in my blog, which is the ‘story’ behind me.. I have moved that to my other ranting blog (go search for the link if you want to read).  I am not going to do promotion on that blog here since I wanted to keep moving on.. but be warn that the ranting blog has really good rants going on.. :p

This blog will be updated for more happy happenings, my baking, and of course, I hope to earn some pennies from this blog too!  I hope to work on the ranking, and seeing the increasing number too!

Tell me what you think of the new change… oh ya.. thanks to STP for giving me the blog title too!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you get bored about cakes?

Think this would be a final part of cakes for the time being.. at least this week, we did BREAD! muahaha… A few more cakes below, and I think you will start to see BREAD in the upcoming post..

Apricot Cake Chocolate Coquantine with Apricot Jelly (bit sourish)

blog - black forest cake Another version of decorated Black Forest Cake

blog - Caramel mousse cake  caramel mousse 

caramel mousse 2 The various type of decorated Caramel Mousse Cake.. If you hop over to STP’s blog, you will know that I given a slice of this cake for them to try..

deco paste

We also being taught how to do a deco paste… to use as deco for just plain sponge..

IMG_0008OH… btw, these were the 3 cakes that I brought home.. and shared each piece with STP during his visit to KL..

next, anyone want to meet me for cakes?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A little more on cakes

We had different modules each week, and we have more of cakes last week… we also have the different ‘creme’ version too!

blog 1 Creme Brulee

blog 2 Bread Pudding

blog 3 Caramel Creme

blog 4 Swiss Rolls – Vanilla & Chocolate

blog - balck forest cake The all time favourite – Black Forest Cake

blog - raspberry mousse cake Raspberry Mousse Cake

Blog - log cake And to get ready for Christmas, we started learning how to deco a Log Cake too!

And don’t forget to let me know if you want to try my Chocolate Chip Cookies (in 4 varieties) for only RM20 (approx 300g, 50 bite size pieces).  For further info, refer My Cookies for sale!  Thank you!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

3 days with World Champion

During the week when my birthday fell on, we had a World Champion Chef (2001), Mr Michel Willaume in class to teach us more about baking, cakes and chocolate.  This class has given me more knowledge in terms of ingredient and other points that effect the quality of the cake.  Chef Willaume is someone that has go through lots and lots of experiences and he is one that not ‘stingy’ to share his knowledge.

I had tonnes of photos in my FB, and I only pick out the final product photos here for you to see, and I tell you, the cakes below were all just ‘yummy-licious’.. We had a 3 days hands-on class, and we able to make 7 cakes in total..

blog - Delicious exotic cheesecake tart 2 

blog - Delicious exotic cheesecake tart This cake has a layer of crunchy sponge, with exotic fruits such as pineapple and mango in the centre, before having top with a cheese cake like sponge.  The cream on top also gives the cake extra creamy texture…

blog - chocolate raspberry tart 3 Layer cakes with a pie crust at the bottom, raspberry jam in the centre, and top with Chocolate Chiboust Cream.  *note:  the top layer of the cake is using chocolate spraying method as deco*

blog - robusta A layer of sponge cake at the bottom, with chocolate mousse as the filing, and not forgetting the chocolate streuzel as some ‘crispy’ feeling.

blog - sweet Roudoudou A layer of almond sponge, with wild strawberry and litchi (lychee) jelly.  The topping cream is white chocolate / strawberry whipped ganache

blog - longchamp Sandwich of Strawberry jam with Madeleine pistachio, and whipped strawberry ganache.  The top layer is decorated chocolate disc.

blog - chocolate, spicy & fruity flavours A layer of Dacquoise and mango compound with like a meringue with passion fruit

blog - making reference to the coulantA round chocolate balls contain both citrus soup and chocolate mousse.  Deco with Apricot compound.

Do you know how the Coulant is serve?  It has to be ‘break’ in front of person eating… like this..

breaking the Coulant The citrus soup will flow out from the ‘broken’ chocolate ball, and the mousse will stay in… isn’t this a good idea to high some ‘valuable’ gift inside?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Into the 3rd Week of Baking

3rd week, things were getting more intensive… I am going to share some photos and do the narrations together…

blog 1 We did this continuing from the previous week, since we have made the dough and kept in the freezer.  The skill here is to ensure that cutting is equal length and you can get nicely arranged checkers cookies..

blog 3  blog 2

Chocolate Fondant

blog 4

Apple Pie 

 blog 5 Quiches

blog 6

blog 7

One of my favourite.. Opera Cake

blog 8

Some Fridays, we were tested on the studies of all the previous baking we have done, and were asked to do eclaires, macaroons, and croissant.

Stay tune for more in Week 4… a month into the learning process

I am currently selling Chocolate Chip Cookies, and more info can be obtain HERE.

Books Love Me giveaway

I recently got to know a bookworm creping into my life and also another vampire author who just influence me too much into books.  I have read a few more books.  Now, I am also joining them into the crazi-ness of joining books giveaway.

This is my first time joining a book giveaway and hopefully my lucky star will be at my side.. Books Love Me is now into the 4th Anniversary, and it is doing a giveaway.  The giveaway contest will end on 8th December 2010, and should you love books, maybe you can join the giveaway too!

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Birthday

Just an hour ago, marked the end of my 33rd Birthday celebration.  This is a no photo post, as I literally forgotten about my camera when I went out.

It started with a day of class with a Award Winning Chef from France, and it’s a very interesting class.  I don’t have the photos yet since the classes are going on for the next 2 days and will only end on the 17th November (YES, even public holiday we got class)! 

Class end later, and while in school, I receive a call from my best buddies… (they wanted to have dinner with me last night, however due to certain circumstances, we decided to make it on the actual day of my b’day) that they will be coming to my house after work.  I was really touched with their thought of spending my b’day with me. 

We went to the restaurant near my house, and have a nice dinner… and later proceed to Starbucks as they are now offering the Toffee Nut Latte (a seasonal drink that I won’t miss every year even during my pregnancy) muahaha… This year, my plan was to bake a cake for myself either at home or in class, however due to the busy schedule, I didn’t manage to do it.  But I was treated a slice of SB Chocolate Tuxedo (Layered chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and sponge), together with my cuppa of coffee!

Back home, my mum has prepared the ‘mee suah’ soup with chicken thigh and also red eggs (a symbol of good health and long life) to celebrate this day with me.  Even with a full tummy, I still ate a small bowl of the mee suah and the last 10 minutes of my b’day, I swallowed the red egg!

When I got the time to open my FB, I saw tonnes of Birthday wishes, and even belated ones (or I take it a year advance wishes)!  Beside, I also received numerous SMS too!  I also received birthday wishes in my blog!!

It’s a simple day spend with loads of best wishes for me! and a great day with my little Princess!

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A cake order

sheet I received a cake order last week, and customer wanted to do a 3D Barney however due to the time frame given, I proposed something else than doing the 3D.  Frankly speaking, to do a 3D cake with all the figurine, it will need at least 2 weeks for me to complete.

I suggested using edible icing sheet and she agreed to it, and that day it comes… this was what I presented..


So, this is a start, and I am all hoping it’s a good one.. :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brea’s Bake is born

Today, 11th November 2010… is the first day my cookies were sold under the name of Brea’s Bake! Yes, I used Princess short form as my ‘branding’ in order to keep reminding me my little precious and all this are all my effort to keep her in mind always!

I take this day as to deliver my first order to this ‘supporting’ customer of mine, and I am really happy to hear that she is placing more orders!! muahaha.. I really want to thank her very much for the supports that she has been giving me.

I finally make up my mind on the packaging, the colours and so forth..

blog 2

blog 1

With colourful magazine as the gift bag, and each flavour comes with different colour of ribbons and gift cards!  And in addition, I am also doing the plain chocolate chips.  This will add to the current 3 different ‘flavours’ available.

Now, I really hope that this can be a source of strong income for me to further realise my dream…

Again, thanks for all the supports!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Modern French Pastry

We had a special class for 2 days introducing Modern French Pastry.  Why do I say special? Coz this class is also open to other students who interested to do short classes like this.  Each month, the Academy conducts different short classes for those who keen to learn baking, and it’s usually during Friday and Saturday.  2 days course is cost RM500. 

Our target over the 2 days were to produce 3 type of cakes with the final presentation and also decorations.  Let me preview what we going to learn first..

100_3555 Cerise Sur Le Gateau

100_3554 Vanilla Mousse & Forest Fruit Jelly


Chocolate Brownie 

Over the 2 days, we prepare the base, since it’s all layered cakes, and we really had a great time… From the diagram, you will see we have to do the followings before the assembling the cakes:-

  1. Hazelnut Darquoise
  2. Praline Croquintain
  3. Ganache Mollouse
  4. Chocolate Chantily
  5. Almond Sponge
  6. Vanilla Mousse
  7. Forest Fruit Jelly
  8. Brownies
  9. Chocolate Mousse
  10. Chocolate Glaze

And to make things simple, let me just show you the cakes

Cerise Sur Le Gateau

vanilla mousse with Forest Fruit Jelly Cake chocolate brownie

Are you now in your mind that we are only doing these 3 cakes?  Then you are totally wrong… besides the above, we also prepare the followings:-

chocolate tart lemon merigue tart lemon merigue tart 2 macaroon colour macaroon

As I have always said, this Academy actually fully utilise our time, and never wasted any of them.  Even we have done with the 3 cakes, we were given more to practise and to learn.  It’s always nice to have nice chefs who are willing to share and guide you along during classes than those who will keep things to themselves.

More to come.. and do come back if you want to know more about this Academy and my bakings.. :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies For Sale

If you now ask me, how do I survive a full time 3 months course and with RM1K (RM500 from my part time job, and another RM500 from ‘that’ person).  Frankly speaking, I don’t really know… All I know is that I don’t spend just simply.. each cent counts… Out of the 1K, RM700 will be going to the maid for sure… the balance of my RM300 is really precious…

I packed lunch to school nowadays, so I don’t have to spend extra on food.  If I drive, parking will be RM5 per day.  I don’t have to pay for petrol, since the car is shared between myself and my brother, and the petrol is covered by the ‘job’ of picking and sending the twins.  If I don’t drive, I will have to take trains and the journey will be from Bukit Jalil to Masjid Jamek and change to AsiaJaya.  So, I usually asked my brother to drop me at the Bangsar LRT.  The train journey will take me approx 1 hour to reach the school if I take from Bukit Jalil.  I have always been late to my class since I can only reach home from the usual morning routine at 845am (and that’s the earliest so far) and rushing to school arriving at 9.20am.  I carry a stored value LRT cards so in the event I am ‘penniless’, I know I can still get to school.  *so, it’s heart pain for I paid RM10 for cab this morning coz no one willing to send me to Bangsar train station*

Nevertheless, I keep telling myself it’s only 3 months, and after which I can have better planning on my dreams to come true.  I have to keep reminding myself my dream, my Princess and myself.  I positively keep telling myself I can go through this *hey, at times, it really feel like ‘dying’.. *

Well, enough of that, I need some ‘help’ here too!  I am currently selling my BEST chocolate chip cookies as a start and I am seriously trying to see if I can earn a living out of it.  Of course, I am not just selling cookies but for a start, I want to do something that I am really confident in, and I am very sure it’s taste the BEST! 

After some thoughts and some discussions with family and friends, I finally decided on the packaging and so forth…

I will be selling the cookies in the square air-tight microwaveable container (as I don’t think the red cap container is presentable enough) and each container will have a unique (one and only) packaging using the magazine’s paperbag!  I personally fold those bags, and it will then contain the cookies.  I hope with this packaging idea, I can do my part being environmental friendly (since I have some magazines lying around) and able to attract more customers.

The bag will have a ribbon, together with a message card too (I am working on the message card now).  Let me show you the photos…

DSC01903 DSC01901

Some details of the cookies

It comes in 3 variety flavours and bake fresh from oven every day after school  (so, you order you get it 2 days later via courier)

1.  Chocolate chip & almond cookies

2.  Chocolate chip & walnut cookies

3.  Chocolate chip & raisin cookies

Price:  RM20 per pack excluding delivery

Delivery Charges: 

RM12 for maximum of 3 packs (for Peninsula Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM3.

RM25 for maximum of 3 packs (for East Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM6.

Overseas courier charges available upon request.

All delivery will be taken care by the courier man.

I of course welcome purchase in bulk / re-seller, and special discount can be arrange. 

All orders can be either email or FB to me. 

In advance, I thank you for your support!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back to cookies

After the first day of cookies baking, we continue more of the cookies.. I am actually happy to say that I didn’t choose the wrong school even the school is still new, reason being we are able to learn various recipes each day.  We at least have 2 to 3 food to bring back each day!! The followings and the one in my previous post were all done in 4 days.

combine 30 Lavaratodd’s is a kind of choc chip cookies in big spread.  It has a chewvy texture when you bite!

combine 32 Amaretties can be consider as the earlier version of macaroons

combine 33 Coconut Cookies – very fragrant cookies should one enjoys coconut

combine 34

combine 35

combine 38

Variety of Biscotties

combine 36Sebastopol is using raspberry jam as a filling and top with another layer of pastry.   

 combine 39

Toffee!!  A rich and nutty cookies!

combine 37

Twille is more to use as decoration

combine 31

Diamond cookies, the variety of sugar coated cookies and it taste like the Dutch butter cookies!!

Upcoming… Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

Cynful Pleasure Bakery


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