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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Kapit-ing session

This round of time, my mum will wanted to start her fair share of contributing towards the CNY cookies.. and she will do the Kuih Kapit aka love letters..

We had a good time yesterday morning doing this with my mum.  She finally have the time yesterday, and she woke me up early to go market to buy all the ingredients.

We started in the morning, and finish about 2 to 3pm, and this is what we have done..

DSCN5791Before the fire start..     DSCN5795 DSCN5794Busy with the flipping of mould and folding the love letters (and of course not forgetting putting in our mouth too) 


The Love Letters…


The labour of love…


Into smaller containers to be distributes to family members..

Actually in my family, we don’t really eat a lot of this cookies, but we really enjoy the moment we spent together in the makings.  This year, we have an additional member to the family, and she is also joining us to ‘sibuk’ together.

We have another 2 more weeks before the CNY is here, and maybe another round of this making session next weekend.. :D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am served

Woo HOo!!  It’s such a pleasure to be served… and I don’t mean serving in the restaurant, but in the house of honour!!

I have this blogger friend, who email me after reading my ‘story’ and with that, we started a further journey of our friendship. 

We started to exchange numbers…

and later while I was on the other MSN with Merryn, I told her about knowing this blogger, and we plan to meet up.  Merryn was very excited, and she was telling me that this blogger also don’t drive, and she is staying at one out of the way place.. I told her, no prob.. I go pick her…. and with that I SMS this blogger..

And poooff.. we confirmed the meeting… (sometimes, when we don’t plan, it turned out better)

So, I pick up this sweet lady around her house (coz she don’t know how to direct me) hehehe.. and we head to Merryn’s.  Upon arriving, I was asking Merryn, “where are we having lunch?”… and the ANSWER??

HOME!!!  Merryn cooked for US!! What a pleasure!!! and we are served with the following dishes..

DSC00951 Soya Chicken with Potatoes!!  YUmmy!!DSC00952Seaweed soup… NICE 


Broccoli with sweet peas and carrot!!  My FavouriteDSC00954 

RICE!!!  and Princess love it!!

I feel so honoured!!  with Merryn cooking for us, and with this ClefFairy along.. and we have another surprise visit from this mamarazzi and her smallkucing…

Now, for other bloggers, do you wish to be served?  join us the next time ya.. :D

Hop over to Merryn, Smallkucing and Cleffairy blogs for other photos… and of course they were faster than me in terms of the posts…

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big dreams make small

I need to say this… maybe I have dreamt too big in my previous post, that I am baking 4 types of cookies… but.. but…but…


I tried baking today, and it’s really really hard, coz my hands are short!!! really SHORTS!!  By splitting my Tender loving care for my cookies and little Princess, I find it really hard… I either end up having burned cookies, or some don’t know what shape in the end… :((((

My cookies don’t turn out as nice as previous, and I end up decided to cut down to only 2 cookies… Obviously be my Chocolate chip cookies, and also butter cookies…

I think I just have to make it smaller and for those others, you can come during Chinese New Year to my house, and you sure can savour those cookies (if you don’t mind some of it bit burned)  :((

Saturday, January 23, 2010

CNY Cookies

Hi my dear Friends…

I just need a place to do some promotions for my Chinese New Year cookies.. and first let me show you the pictures..


Chocolate Chip & Almond Cookies

DSCN6060  Butter Cookies

DSCN5767Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies image Almond Slice


Sample Pack to be given upon request.

These days, I am just baking baking and baking… and packing packing and packing…

I remembered the year before (2008) I was holiday-ing in Penang during the Christmas period, and while walking at the wet markets, I noticed there were lots of CNY preparations, and last year CNY was in January 2009…

This year, we have more than 2 weeks of the CNY, but yet, I still find my time not sufficient…

For those who are interested to order, you can place order with me via email HERE

PRICE:  RM20.00 per container

Thursday, January 21, 2010

All the way from Taipei

My best friend, Ben went to Taipei for holiday before the New Year (basically, he spends his New Year in Taipei).. All thanks to Air Asia flying there now, and I can tel you… I can see more and more of my friends going Taipei for holiday!

Of course, I am surely in his mind to bring back goodies for me.. and see what he got for me…

DSC00935 For Princess…. Australian Product sold in Taipei…

DSC00934 Lychee Liqour


Black Pepper Eggs (very nice)

Thanks Ben for such lovely gifts…

So, the next visit, don’t forget us again hoh… :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have you got yours?

I was opening the mail box today, and you know what I found?






DSCN5755 An envelope come with a smiley sticker! and I already able to guess from who! Can you?

Pictures4A nice CNY card send by mail!!! 

I have to make the wording BIG, as I hardly have anymore CNY cards being received by mail.. Now, it’s either SMS, Facebook, Tweet.. but never any CNY cards..Agree with me?  How many of you got CNY cards this year?

Thanks my sweetie!!!  YOU are the BEST!!



P/s:  actually I have a number of posts schedule to be posted in these few days consecutively… but I think this is very important, so I potong jalan, and posted this first!!

Everyone go Ga Ga

Mum was in Thailand last week from Friday to Sunday.. So, I called up my buddies informing her I ‘fong kam’ for 1 day, and ask if they are free to meet up…

Then, I received a call from one of them, asking me to go to the restaurant.  Even I have passed this place so many many times, I didn’t have the ‘initiative’ to enter as it’s ‘dark’ from the outside.  But nevertheless, since already invited, just go la..

After I went there on Friday night, Saturday night pulak, I brought my brother to this same place to eat.. and his first reaction?  “say till so nice, how come nobody wan” “cheh, you sure bo?”  I was like.. you wait and see la…

Now, let me show you the surrounding pictures..

DSCN6065 DSCN6066 See, I told you it’s very ‘lomantic’ here geh… greens all over, open air.. cooling… dimly light…

Then, we ordered our food…since it’s only me and my brother, we each had 1 course..

DSCN6072 Mix Fruit Juice  (RM4.90)

DSCN6076 Sang Mein (RM7.00)

DSCN6075 Speciality Chicken Chop (with cheese, honey and black pepper) (RM11.90)

Must say the coleslaw is very nice!! (anytime better than KFC)

And now you know why we go Ga Ga? Coz the name of the restaurant!!  It’s known as Ga Ga Corner!

DSCN6067I highly recommend if you want to have some cozy corner to have dinner, with a few friends, and chat and chat the way out of it… it’s a sure go place… 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meeting with MeRy

This is really really backdated… and I am doing it half way, the router decide to ‘give up’!!!  So, I only manage to continue now…

OMG!!  I met her last year, and I waited till now after a year only I posted this!  Sei For mou… I met her on the 29th December 2009 at the Curve after a few changes to our plan…


With MeRy and her family…

After a few SMS exchange, we decided to meet for dinner which MeRy informed me that she will be at the Curve for shopping.  One thing I really salute her is that she got around KL by our public transport system!!! 

So, I arrived at IKANO at about 7pm, while strolling awhile with Princess to take some photos since the Christmas Deco was still up.  After meeting MeRy, her hub and of course her precious son, Ryan, we made a decision eat at Marche.  We walked over to The Curve, and SMS-ing Merryn to inform her of the plan.

We started our dinner without waiting for Merryn, as she will be late, and while we eating, I already received an SMS from her informing that she was leaving her house.  So, I told her to come over to Marche to meet us.

By the time she arrived, we already done with our food, so Merryn and her family went over to other eating place for dinner, and while the rest of us walk walk at The Curve.

Look at Princess with Ryan after we finished our dinner..

DSCN5936 DSCN5937

We tried getting a group photo after Merryn finished her dinner, however all turn out not in order.. the best ones will only be able to be found at Merryn’s blog.  And later, we walked over to IKEA again, but ended up all were too excited meeting each other, and we just sat outside IKEA chit-chatting away.

I managed to send MeRy back to her hotel (and not wanting her to go through the public transport again).  We all had a good time meeting each other, just regret that we can’t stop the time, and have longer meets..

Next time, MeRy… hope you in KL again… :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Connection Out

Poor Me.. after the modem issue settle, now it seems that the router is giving me the problem! I can't seems to get the modem and router work at the same time.. there here I am blogging using my brother's desktop and reading the YOUR blog from here...

I got to do it quick, and only when my brother is either eating, sleeping, outing or whatever 'ting' and he is not "ONLINE-TING".. Now, I got to maybe get a new router, or I will have to survive this way throughout.. wait wait.. go check the bank what is the balance first.. :p

I have so much to blog, and yet, I can't coz some blogs are supposed to come with photos and I have it in my laptop.. so now, is going to be like blog without photos and to keep it short and simple. I really hope I can have the 'router' back in no time soon...

Beside, I am also busy with the CNY preparation and also my Princess birthday which will falls on the 4th day of CNY!! On top of that, I have an uncle who is overly excited about the CNY, came to my house on every weekend, telling me that CNY is coming!!! STRESS!!! and he will also tell Princess... "your birthday on the 4th day of CNY, so, I go order a cake with number '1' for you ah.." how la not STRESS!

So, have you all started the CNY thing? I know some of you started to do house cleaning... for me, I don't know where to start!!! :p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Christmas Gift

I know I know.. this is wee bit late to post now.. but since I have others more priority posts, therefore this was left till now.. Since we didn’t open these gift till Boxing Day, therefore did not post it when I received it.  Maybe only this year I can wait till Boxing Day, once Princess grow up, I don’t think she can wait till Boxing Day to open gift anymore!

10 months old (17 Dec to 16 Jan)2 I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who given the above to us.  But you can see.. most of the stuff are Princess

Hop over to Princess blog to see how she ‘open’ her gifts!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year’s Eve

Last year, I end my 2009 with a new year eve’s celebration with some of my buddies that have not been meet for many many months.  So, when I receive call from Erick, I told him YES, and he told me it will be a pot luck dinner, therefore wanted me to make the jelly they ate during my full moon.

So, I made this..

Pictures2I did not take the photo of the food, as we are were all busy makan makan.. drink drink… and BBQ BBQ-ing…

But the person who enjoy the most, is my little Princess, and we have quite a few photo shots with my friends and her..

DSCN5961 Parents To Be… training with Princess first..

DSCN5954  DSCN5960Towards the end of the ‘party’ my Princess already all sweat and feeling sleepy.. but as usual, she will not ‘cin cai’ sleep, and she will keep all herself up till we were in the car.. this time round, she hardly make it till the guard house.. muahahaha…

Before we cabut, we got 2 more gifts from Princess’s Erick Kai Yeh, and also  Aunty Jennifer… not forgetting one ‘laptop’ toy (which is not in the repair shop) for Princess..

DSCN5966 DSCN5965








How lucky is my Princess showered with all the ‘Tender Loving Care’ by all the aunties and uncles… :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Brother’s Farewell

My Brother left for New Zealand on the 28th December 2009, and on the 26th December 2009, we had a farewell gathering with my other cousins, at my aunt’s.

We had steamboat spread prepared by my aunt, and my brother did his speciality of sushi for us.

The food was really a lot, and we had a good time together…

Pictures Part of the sushi ingredient, there were also unagi, crabstick mayo and others..

Pictures1 The sushi… some were not able to be captured, as while my brother do the sushi, we ate them! :p

DSCN5912Part of the steamboat spread… 

DSCN5914The couple that is now in NZ enjoying themselves… see my brother all sweat over while preparing for the sushi… muahaha.. 

DSCN59132 pots of soups for the steamboat

The day after we have quite a bit of leftover especially the crabstick mayo, and I bake this…

DSCN5918 DSCN5917 And I am super happy with the outcome of this buns!!!  NICE NICE!!  :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

I was invited for the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day!!  I post in my FB, and I know a few bloggers will be there too!!  Hurray!!  Since this was a bloggers’ event, I am sure the whole lot there are wonderful bloggers!

The event suppose to start at 10am, and was held at Kizsports & Gym, 1 Utama (Old Wing), and I took Breanna arrived at 10.15am.  When we arrived, we first bump into Mummy Moon, and the queue was already getting long.  Lots of bloggers there taking photos with their canggih canggih camera…

We were welcomed with a big signboard in the entrance of the venue:-

DSCN5968The programme rundown was good, compact and informative.. of course not forgetting it’s FUN!!  Throughout the whole event, the best word to describe is the FUN part…

The emcee for the event was…


The event started approximately at 11am, with all the guest, parents, children, all invited to the playland for an opening.  The opening speeches were from:-

The Country Manager of Nuffnang Malaysia and also the Product Manager of Dutch & Lady Malaysia.  It was a short welcoming speech, which I think they both understand how ‘anxious’ we parents are to get into action… :D

After the speeches, children were divided into groups of age below 3 and above 3.  The organiser is very considerate to separate the children, and put them into different rooms.  Also, in the gym room under 3 years old, only 20 kids were allowed, and each session was for 20 minutes.  Princess did not enter the room, and she was with me all the time.

The parents were invited into another room for the nutritionist talk and parenting talk.  Both talks were conducted by Ms Lee and Ms Ruth Liew.

I have the opportunity to take photo with Ruth after the talks.

DSCN5992 DSCN5991

After the talk, it’s lunch time.. By right, the children will be in a dining room which they served bread, pasta, pack of fruit juice and etc but Princess was with mummy all the time, therefore we didn’t enter the room.  We had our lunch at the main area for the parents.  I also don’t have the chance getting near the buffet line, as Merryn was nice enough to get her Darling taking food for us.  At lunch, we were seated together with Voon and Merryn, of course not forgetting our children of loves, Vanessa, Ethan and Princess…

DSCN5993 Can you recognise them?

After lunch, there was a magic show at 1pm, and all the attendees were gather again at the playland.  At this time, I took Princess to have some ride and did up a sand art.  YES, they have free sand art to play.. of course, this year the one playing is me and not Princess la.. it’s actually very tiring having princess with me, squatting up and down to fill the sand into the ART! So, I am not going to post the ‘ugly’ piece of work coz towards the end, I just gave up, and fill whatever there was near me..

We also did not watch the magic show, as we were busy playing in the playland since there was not many people there, and Princess got a chance to play in the smaller ball pool.. But my girl is just too timid to enjoy the game!

DSCN6001 The grand prize… won by mombloggersplanet

The time to announce the winner for the best pre-event post, and it was here.  Congratulation to Lil’ Mama on the winning!

One thing I noticed, most of the kids were tired out by the end of the event, and no matter how tired princess was, she just refuse to sleep!!!  She just keep her eyes open, and knock out when we were in the car upon reaching the exit of the car park!!

Now, beside Merryn and Mummy Moon, I also have the change to meet… let the drumroll….

DSCN5994  Chinnee and her 3 precious!!  QiQi and TWINS!DSCN5985Mummy Ling… 


This is Alicia, the Product Manager of Friso Gold.. and she is my Secondary Schoolmate!!!  We met after many years….

I was also had the chance to be featured (photo taken) in the Nuffnang Fan Page in Facebook.

image image image Can you spot me? (The above photos are taken from the fan page and Nuffnang website)

Overall, we really had FUN over the event, and we check out at approximately 2.30pm, headed home.. and Princess?  sleep through the journey home, and even got home, I just carry her car seat into the house while she still sleeping!  That’s how tired was she… muahhaha….

To all the bloggers who won the Toy R Us vouchers.. congratulation to you too!!! 

Before we leave the venue, at the exit, we were given a goodie bag which contains some notepad, a tin of Friso Gold 3, pen, magazine holder..

10 months old (17 Dec to 16 Jan)1 Till next year… we hope we can meet again.. :D

And before I sign off this post, I want to show you how good is the ‘stickers’ given to us on that day, and now it’s being utilise in this way..

DSCN6045 It’s now being used in our room door! muhahaha.. isn’t it useful?

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