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Thursday, January 21, 2010

All the way from Taipei

My best friend, Ben went to Taipei for holiday before the New Year (basically, he spends his New Year in Taipei).. All thanks to Air Asia flying there now, and I can tel you… I can see more and more of my friends going Taipei for holiday!

Of course, I am surely in his mind to bring back goodies for me.. and see what he got for me…

DSC00935 For Princess…. Australian Product sold in Taipei…

DSC00934 Lychee Liqour


Black Pepper Eggs (very nice)

Thanks Ben for such lovely gifts…

So, the next visit, don’t forget us again hoh… :D


  1. Nice gifts all the way from Taiwan. Lychee liquor & black pepper eggs, very interesting, never try it b4.

  2. The KwaiFeh liqour very nice de. I drink add with 100+ :p

  3. A lot of ppl going to Taiwan lately. My SIL also just went. Also spent New Year there... prob they were in the same AirAsia flight as your friend :-) I love the eggs!! Very flavourful and delicious.

  4. Dont let my wife see this,she always pesters me to go taiwan,cos she had got a lot of friends, having studied there for 5 years.mmmmmmmmmm still wont let her come here ,sorry hahahahah

  5. @Cynderella... can share the black pepper egg bo? LOl...

  6. Yeah...because of Air Asia, a lot of ppl travelling to taiwan. hehehe

  7. Ah! The egg, is it call "tit dan"? Last few days when i was at Bangsar Shopping Centre, i saw at concourse area got selling that. I tried once, not really like it. :P


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