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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big dreams make small

I need to say this… maybe I have dreamt too big in my previous post, that I am baking 4 types of cookies… but.. but…but…


I tried baking today, and it’s really really hard, coz my hands are short!!! really SHORTS!!  By splitting my Tender loving care for my cookies and little Princess, I find it really hard… I either end up having burned cookies, or some don’t know what shape in the end… :((((

My cookies don’t turn out as nice as previous, and I end up decided to cut down to only 2 cookies… Obviously be my Chocolate chip cookies, and also butter cookies…

I think I just have to make it smaller and for those others, you can come during Chinese New Year to my house, and you sure can savour those cookies (if you don’t mind some of it bit burned)  :((


  1. Cynthia, you really should take care of yourself,dear.
    Breanna needs her mother to be healthy ,right?
    Take care of yourself please.

  2. Time out Cynthia. You sounded so stressed out now... CNY is around the corner and you cant afford to be burnt out at this time of the year.. chill ok? *hugs*

    u come to my house.. i jaga princess, u bake from here :D i have nice oven.. never utilise :P

  3. better focus on less product than do inferior quality stuff right..

  4. Really ah? Can go to your hse and eat ah? yum yum

  5. Eh, betul ke ni? Can go your house to eat them? LOL... I wan, I wan... *HUGS* I kno CNy can be very stressful. I'll pray that everything turns out all right for you, Cynderella... :-D

    I can't wait for CNY... can't wait for it to be over, that is. i always hated CNY!!! Dan jialart wan... hates it so much! *hugs* take it easy, and take care, okay? You can't fall sick... princess needs you. =D

    @Merryn... oyyy....u jaga princess so that you can makan those cookies ah? Mana aci ni! you play cheat!

  6. Dear Cnythia,i know you business must be thriving this coming CNY,,, ok must take yourself too ma, like Shakira said, Your BB needs a healthy mom too,right?

  7. It is ok to dream BIG. That is the 1st step to success. Dun stress out...take it easy. and all the best in your cookies making. ^_^

  8. Baby 1 - 3 years old is the most difficult time to care. So spend more time with Breanna ya! Take care!

  9. Remember your big rocks first :-). Take care, Cynthia :-)

  10. It's not easy to bake in bulk..
    if want.. must 'kap fun' with ppl.. do together.. then won't be so sien and tired..

  11. u poor thing! i totally understand coz i used to bake for business too. now i just cant!

    the other mummies are right. princess needs a healthy mummy, so take care okdokes?


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